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Hello all! Anonymity Blaize here, superhero of craftiness and general geekery. You can just call me Blaize if you want. In an attempt to organise this blog somewhat, this is a quick intro and linkspam post. 

Blogger (mostly just cross-posts of my craft stuff)
My Etsy Shop (US$ based, but now you can view in your own currency)
My Folksy shop (UK£ based)
My Ebay store (I hardly ever use this one)
My designs at (more to come soon!)

If there's anything you see here on my blog that isn't available in any of my shops (or not available in the specific one you would like to buy from), then please feel free to leave a comment here (anon commenting is on, so you don't need to be a LiveJournal user), or tweet me, or send up smoke signals or something, and I'll make it available for you asap. Same goes for custom orders - get in touch whichever way is easiest for you and I'll endeavour to make your perfect piece of geeky craft!

All About Me
I am an unabashed geek and media-junkie, currently living in Scotland. I've also lived in Missouri and so have a slightly muddled mid-transatlantic view of the world, and an odd accent. You can check out my fandoms in my profile, but I am currently mostly obsessed with Star Trek, Leverage, Doctor Who, things that are Joss Whedon adjacent, and Inception. I like almost all kinds of music, but listen mostly to things in the area of rock, pop and hip-hop. My favourite musicians are Tori Amos and David Bowie. I regress into a 16 year old girl when it comes to Take That. I can't stand Guns n Roses. My favourite films of all time are The Princess Bride, Citizen Kane, Chinatown, and Clue. Steven Spielberg annoys me intensely. And never get me started on why the Watchmen movie was a crime against the graphic novel, or I'll rant for quite some time. I love modern art, and am massively obsessed with Roy Lichtenstein. I am a girl gamer, but not a very good one. I have a degree in Film & TV History. I like pie. I eat my steak medium rare. My two favourite places in the world are a pub called The Ship Inn in Elie, and Walt Disney World in Florida. The best cold I ever caught was a result of kissing in the rain by the Kelvin river.

 Things you might be looking for: Craft tutorial posts (more coming soon), Cross Stitch of Doom 1: Peter Petrelli, Cross Stitch of Doom 2: The Enterprise, Cross Stitch of Doom 3: Serenity

If you're just here for the crafty stuff and want to avoid my random fandom flailing, then just keep an eye on my crafts tag, or follow me at blogger where it's just the crafts posts.

All crafts posts are open, and very little here is friends-locked ETA 2011: all personal stuff is f-locked and some fandom stuff is too, but I'm pretty open to friending, and if you'd like me to friend you back leave a comment here!




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