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Me, At Some Nebulous Time In The Past: I become aware of an actor called Channing Tatum. He was quite good in Stop Loss, but he was awful in GI Joe. Admittedly, everyone and everything was awful in GI Joe.* But the salient fact is that I form an opinion on Channing Tatum, and that opinion is that he has a stupid face.


Me, A Few Months Ago: I go see Haywire and enjoy it tremendously. I have lots to say on the subject of how much I like Gina Carano, and it turns out I really enjoyed watching Channing Tatum's stupid face get punched by a hot girl. Later when reading more about Haywire, I find out that Channing Tatum and his stupid face are making another film with Soderberg about his actual facts past as a stripper, featuring a whole bunch of hot actors. I am both confused and intrigued. I put the matter from my mind.


Me, Three Weeks Ago: Channing Tatum still has a stupid face. I am looking for something to watch and the Eagle is available on the anytime+ and lots of people on my flist wrote fic about that movie, so I'm sure I can put up with Channing Tatum's stupid face for the length of the movie.


Me, Three Weeks Minus the Length of the Movie Ago: Channing Tatum's face remains stupid and it's a bit weird being a Scottish person watching a movie about the Romans being generally terrified of my ancestors, but I really liked that. Maybe I should hunt down some of that fic, and be less judgemental of Channing Tatum and his stupid face in the future...


Me, Two Weeks Ago: “Channing Tatum and his stupid face were in a stupid dance movie? I love stupid dance movies! Maybe I should check that out...”


Me, One Week and Three Days Ago: My friend lends me Step Up.** I watch Step Up. It was a stupid dance movie in all the best ways. And it would appear that while his face is quite stupid, the rest of Channing Tatum moves in ways very pleasing to the eye. Suddenly the whole stripper thing makes a great deal of sense.


Me, Less Than A Week Ago: I go see 21 Jump Street. I laugh considerably more than I expected. And I find, that somehow, inexplicably, I have totally become a Channing Tatum fangirl despite his stupid face.


Me, Last Night: *Find all the Channing Tatum tumblrs!* I <3 his stupid faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!


It is a very odd life, this fangirl thing.


*I'm still going to see the GI Joe sequel though. Because I am a glutton for punishment, and they’ve added the Rock and Adrienne Palicki to the cast. I am easily swayed by the most random of things.

**By my friend I mean the internet.

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