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I have no idea why I've been so reluctant to post about this, as I've been inwardly flailing for quite some time now. I guess I'm just not very good at bragging when I really have something to brag about. Anyway, enough faffing about...

The upshot is that my Forbrydelsen cross stitch pattern is going to be in The Killing Handbook: Forbrydelsen Forever!

It's exciting enough that one of my patterns is going to be in a book, but it was all made even more fabulous by the fact that Emma Kennedy is writing the book (and I loooooooove her) and Emma Kennedy emailing me was enough to have me flailing around like a mad thing. Then she said this on twitter and I just about keeled over from too much squee.


As if that wasn't awesomesauce enough, Emma Kennedy, glorious human being that she is, showed my Sarah Lund cross stitch to the wonderful Sofie Grabol who plays her, and let me know that she "absolutely adore[s] it."

And then, blog-reader, I died of over fan-girling. I am typing this from beyond the grave. I am on the astral plane of people who like liking things, with my ghostly arms permanently stuck in Kermit-like wibblyness and my voice about three octaves higher than usual.

I think I may have perhaps slightly given the impression of how excited and chuffed I was. So here ends my not-so humblebrag. If you're a fan of the original-strength Danish version of the Killing think about buying the book when it's out on November 15th!


And in unrelated news about actually related persons, my mother is still the coolest Mum ever, and I clearly got my awesome from her. Not only did she send me this handmade Tatooine collage as my birthday card, but she has just started art school. I'm still having trouble imagining Mama Blaize as a fresher, but I'm ridiculously proud of her.


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I saw Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake tonight. Spoiler: IT WAS AWESOME. I am so full of flaily capslocky joy.

It was so beautiful. It lived up to what I expected it to be and yet somehow was also nothing like what I expected. I'm going to need to see it again at some point, but for now I will make do with ordering the DVD.There was just so much detail, and so much going on on stage, that I'm sure there's a million things I didn't get. And so much nuance in the choreography. Ooh, I could wibble about this for quite some time. SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

(And I have not even begun to flail about the hotness yet. Humina.)

Instead, minor picspam:




(I was at no point slightly distracted because of [ profile] cobweb_diamond 's amazing ballet AU. Nu huh. Did not happen. Total denial.)

ETA: I just googled Richard Winsor, the guy I saw as the Swan. I very nearly broke my brain.
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I love a train journey up the east coast of Scotland.

And I love the Hipstamatic app.

So please forgive me if I get a wee bit artsy on you...

more pics )

Even more pictures, and full size versions of these ones, here.


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