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Hello internets! I still exist, I just fell into a bit of a funk and went back to lurking. Life is still full of weirdness, but I really shouldn't be letting that spoil my fandom fun times. Where are my Lurkers United support group? I need y'all to help prod me into participating more! Anyway, here is some stuff I have brief belated thoughts on:
First picture of Bane: SHOULDERS. UNF. That is all.
Doctor Who 'The Doctor's Wife': Perfect episode of TV is perfect. I laughed. I wept. She was everything I wanted her to be and a million things I would never have thought of. I love her SO MUCH. HEARTS IN MY EYES!
Community 'A Fistful of Paintballs' and 'For a Few Paintballs More': Damn you show, why are you so ridiculously awesome? Because even by my standards of hyperbole and everything-being-the-best-thing-ever (see above) I am running out of ways to describe how fabulous this show is and how much I adore it. I spent most of both episodes squealing with delight. "Pop WHAT?" Troy is the absolute bestest evah.
Hawaii Five-O: WHAT? Let me go on the record as saying I hate cliffhanger finales. I want at least a modicum of closure in a finale. I'm fine with unanswered questions and teases for next season, but that was not a finale, that was a bunch of stuff thrown at my telly box that may or may not be resolved in a badass manner in four bloody months. Let's hope for the former. And more Jenna please, I like her muchly. Also, Read more... )
Attack the Block: Fantastic movie. Chavs versus aliens. That is all you need to know. Go see it.
Random celebrity encounters in my social circle: The other week I saw Jason Donovan shopping on my local high street. I was giddy, mostly because my first proper "grown-up" concert when I was about 11 was seeing him (either him or Kylie Minogue, they were the same year but I can't remember which came first). But then I was crestfallen as I was totally trumped by my nearest and dearest - a friend who works in the wine industry is having lunch with Francis Ford Coppola to discuss selling the produce of the Coppola vineyard, and filming of The Dark Knight Rises is happening outside my brother's office. I am made mostly of jealousy right now. But don't worry, I have instructed my bro to take pics of anything interesting that happens and/or kidnap me a Tom Hardy, whichever is most convenient, and he's a very good brother so he'll try his best, I'm sure!
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Firstly, my thoughts go out to everyone affected by the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan and the Pacific basin. I hope that all my flisties in the region, and all your loved ones, are safe and sound. I haven't seen a fandom auction and/or help resource go up yet but I'm sure there will be something soon. Right now the only helpful links I can think to post are Google's People Finder and the Red Cross Blog.

ETA: That link is for the UK arm of the Red Cross, try the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies site.

Son of ETA: Fandom is awesome - hie thee hence to [ profile] help_japan 

This sentence is an abrupt-change-of-tone buffer.

So, today's crafty post. I had this floor lamp that I loved very much, but some of the panels had been damaged over the years, so I decided to cut all the panels out, replace the ones that were too badly ripped and salvage the ones that weren't. Maybe I'd add some small embellishments, I thought. Then it turned into an epic stencil project that took up all my crafts-for-me time throughout January and February. And then I discovered that it's really hard to take pictures of an item that is itself a source of light. Especially since when the lamp is off (or I tried to use the camera flash) you can't actually see any of the designs - it just looks like panels of plain paper. So this post has taken quite a while to get organised!

Because it's for me, it's a bit messy in places and I tried some techniques that I won't try again. But I actually quite like how it turned out, overall. I'm definitely going to try to use some of these ideas again for smaller table lamps I can sell, but that'll require quite a lot of research and planning!

The biggest problem I had with taking photos was the difference between the Bat signal panels and the other ones. With the naked eye there isn't as big a contrast as there are in these pics.


Loads more pics under the cut! )
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In an attempt to reclaim my blogging mojo, here be a whole bunch of recent(ish) custom order crafts that I haven't posted yet.

Things like this:


And this:

100211 3
And many more!
More crafty stuff... )

And I'm featured in a new treasury over at etsy, which you can check out over here!

Real Life continues to be composed mainly of stress and grumpiness, but  the internet has been bringing me much joy of late (mainly in the form of Misha Collins and the fact that I've given in and dived head first into Hawaii five-o fandom) and I'm off to see the Trocks tonight so I am a very happy bunny today.
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Lots of my favourite shows are back!

I have thoughts on them!

These thoughts are mainly of the flaily variety! And include an overabundance of gifs!

White Collar's back! Spoilers for White Collar 2.10 )

My feelings about Community can (as per usual) be mainly summed up in gif form. Spoilers for Community 2.12 )

And Being Human (the real one) is back too! Hurrah! Spoilers for Being Human 3.01 )
And as to all the Batman news - I am unsure of what I think. It's all a tumbly mix of "yay Tom Hardy with lots of muscles" but also "erm, whitewashing again, Nolan?" and a confused blend of "yay an interesting actress playing Selina" with a side dish of "please don't make her a prostitute / full on psychotic / dead / all of the above." It could all turn out bloody brilliantly (despite certain misgivings Nolan films always end up winning me over) or this could be an absolute disaster, so I'm trying to put off thinking about it. At least until the inevitable photos surface of Tom Hardy and Christian Bale play fighting on set. Then I'll just die of fangirl-joy.
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Oh, stencils. I love you so. Stencils are so simple and soothing compared to the disaster-crafts I have been attempting lately. Although I did, of course, have to set myself a  new challenge - I wanted to make stencils with no floating pieces I'd have to wrangle so I had to put more thought than I usually do into the planning and photoshop stages. It took some finnicking about with, but I think ultimately it made making the stencil itself easier and I think it makes the image stand out a bit more. Definitely something to keep looking at.

Anyhow, here's my Batmobile bag!
More pics... )
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Since news of Tom Hardy's involvement in the third Batman movie broke, a lot of people have been bemoaning Nolan's propensity to hire the same actors over and over. Personally, I like that he does (hey, I'm a fan of Joss Whedon and Orson Welles and Christopher Guest - I am very, very used to this by now).  Also, Tom Hardy. So I'm obviously pleased. But it made me think about why actors would want to work with Nolan again and again.

Let us compare and contrast [emphasis mine].

Tom Hardy on his experience on RockNRolla (in his own inimitable style):

“Its funny I spend a lot of time on this one having to prove that I can actually act and arguing my point to do my job i dnt think they trust that if left to my own devises I will turn in a performance that will be worthy but they seem to think I think 2 much and make things 2 complic8d. There are a lot of big tough men and macho shit going on here. I wonder if it is my issues with my own courage and inability to find a languague with the tough guys that is the problem, but I cant lie to myself if I think theres a waft of the turd in the air? Everybody can be so nice til you raise your hand and ask… why? So do I let the boys intimidate me put me off my game or do I intimid8 them a little when I flag up questions or disagree with the swaggering bravado or a distinct lack of intelligent thought instinct and my disdain of manipulation and courage must Me speak my fears else they consume me. For I am a gay cowboy and the token oddball on this movie my place in the pack is a runt amongst these fighting men”

“See I just don’t suffer fools gladly..Which is really dangerous territory I have to toe the line sometimes and know when my ego wants to make the call Shame I really need to learn in this game:- to punch the clock and smile be gr8ful it’s hard when you have been spoiled as I have and tastd riches which aren’t about exposure name and the paycheck and when it cld b done better we sometimes have to bite our tongue x X”


Chris Nolan on working with actors:

"I've been fortunate enough to work with great casts on all my films. Particularly with a lot of the smaller characters, the supporting characters, a great actor will come in with a whole take on it and they'll literally give what's on the page some kind of life that you hadn't foreseen."

"I had to do an enormous amount of re-writing based on my conversations with Leo about Cobb. All of which I think was very productive for the movie, very essential to the movie"

"I learned that I had to trust Leo and his assessments of his character Cobb's truths."

Source: pages 13-15 of Inception: The Shooting Script 

Now, I found RockNRolla an entertaining watch (It is, however, not actually a movie. It is a string of scenes, put together in something resembling an order, some of which are fantastic, some of which are utterly pointless. And ultimately it seems to be all prologue for a sequel that is unlikely to ever exist.), and I liked Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes far more than I expected to. But this just goes to show why I adore Nolan's films and merely enjoy Ritchie's. It isn't enough for a director to have great visual flair, they've got to be able to connect with their actors, so that I can connect with their characters. If you're going to pay actors millions of dollars per film, the least you can do is allow them to actually act for their money.
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Ages ago I promised I'd post a tutorial about how to make a "bleached out" t-shirt design. And here it (finally!) is.

So, without any further ado, how did I go from finding this pumpkin carving, to making this t-shirt? And how can you make your own?

batman-pumpkin-carving  batman3

Tutorial -with many pictures- behind the cut )
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So for Christmas I decided that all the small humans in my life needed their own superhero t-shirts. For the wee-est ones they're obviously more presents for the parents, but those over the age of four had quite the grasp on which symbols went with which superheroes. Indoctrinate the next generation of geeks early, I say!

All the designs were done with homemade stencils, and a combination of discharging dye for the pale bits, and fabric paint and pens. I was asked a while back to do a tutorial on making stencil designs and discharging dye which I'm in the process of getting together. The more people who prod me about, the quicker I'll get it done!

So, without further ado, I present my mini-heroes.


Individual pics behind the cut... )
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Why do things become automatically cuter when they're made for small people? It's a mystery to me. But a cute one!

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Have been on quite the T-shirt making binge of late. Pictures of Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy, Batman and Doctor Who inspired craftyness await you after the cut.


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