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Having another very weird week.

Today is Day 365 of my tenement building's renovation hell. A renovation hell that was supposed to take six months. They are currently claiming it will be finished in June but I refuse to believe anything they say anymore. I'm trying to stay upbeat about it all but sometimes I just feel like murdering all the builders. Le sigh.

And then the fact that my geeky lamp went halfway around the internet and back was awesome and also a bit strange in that I am now completely insecure about the next craft project, the next blog post, the next whatever, and have retreated from the internet somewhat. Which is a bizarre response to people being really nice. I am messed up in the head.

In lighter news, this may be of interest to any other fans of the Wire and/or Victoriana out there. ETA: That site's servers are clearly having their arses handed to them after so many people have linked to it. Here's a gawker article about it, and my favourite page under the cut.

Mr Moreland and Mr McNulty on the hunt. )

And in even lighter news, kittens make me happy, so, here, have some kittens:


And, finally:

Don't forget - bidding ends on the [ profile] help_japan  auctions on Thursday the 31st. And, if I do say so myself, both of my offerings are still a total bargain right now! Have a look around - there's loads of amazing stuff on offer. Also, my fellow Inception fen should check out [info]knowmydark's post here because I am far too lazy to compile something similar right now!
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Happy Thanksgiving to my US flisties! I hope you all have a lovely day.

Screenprinting continues to be the craft of the devil. I have completely messed up another attempt at it. Although, at least it's a completely different mistake to the one I made last time. So that's progress. Or something.

So I've gone back to doing a whole bunch of stencil stuff, which I should have ready to start posting tomorrow. Stencils have become the comfort food of my crafting time. They are reassuring and reliable and I know how to course correct when it all goes a little bit wrong. Screenprinting appears to have no margin for error. Evil craft technique. Bah.

Still having a few internet issues now and then, but I can see pictures again, which is nice.

On a completely random tangent, how ridiculously amazing is Community? I am totally late to this revelation, but it made for a really fun week of just barreling through all the episodes. And even though I had heard about everyone going crazy over the paintball episode, it was still even more awesome than I had anticipated. It's like the bastard love child of Arrested Development and Spaced. A sexy, funny bastard love child at that.

I am having problems right now picking which Community icons I want to add. (Although this has been made easier by noticing my userpic limit went up from 35 to 40 at some point in time. When did that happen? Why did that happen? I like it though, so I'm not complaining!)

And seriously, how amazing is Community? It is this amazing:
(Woo hoo! I made photobucket work for me again. Hurrah.)
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Progress: Still slow, but moving at least.

Sanity: Hanging in there.

Times stabbed self with needle this week: Only twice.

Times flung across the room in despair: Just the once.

Profanities uttered whilst cross stitching: All of them. Many times.

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I think it's fair to say that I have seriously lost momentum with this project. Progress is sloooooo-ooooow. I will not list the things I blame for this, for fear of sounding like a broken record. But one of the best things about this blog is that I can look back at previous large cross stitch projects and know that I always do this. It flies along really fast and easy, and then it gets hard and I start anthropomorphizing colours and threads and getting into arguments with things inanimate, and then somehow, somewhere, I find my sanity and reach the home stretch and it starts getting easier. And then when I finish, I love the project and seem to forget the moments where I nearly tore it apart. So hopefully that third stage will kick in soon. And at least this time I have outside influences to blame rather than just shrieking about how pale colours are evil.

Here's how Serenity looks today:


And here's a close up where you can actually tell that I've started putting in some of the darker colours:


And while I'm here, my TLDR bag got featured in a green and purple themed treasury over at etsy. I'd always encourage y'all to check these kind of things out cos there are so many amazing crafters and artists on etsy (so much better than me!) and you never know what you might find over there!
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Aaarrgh. It's been just over a month since I last posted on Serenity's progress. And there's not actually been that much.

It would seem that no matter how much I love the subject, or feel like I'm enjoying the project, there will always be a point where one of my cross stitches of doom just starts to annoy me and makes me want to be violent toward it. I am currently blaming my sore shoulder issues and the new shiny fandom of distraction for my lack of progress, but it won't be long until I start taking it out on Serenity herself and fling her across the room in despair.

Bloody hell, I'm a melodramatic cross stitcher, aren't I? Shall shut up now...

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After my first foray into two-tone stencils I decided to try something a little more complicated. Which then turned out to be a great deal more complicated. I never learn, apparently.

I decided I needed a t-shirt with the Enterprise sweeping majestically across it, as you do. The first hurdle came when I discovered that photoshop won't print a large image over multiple pages without a fight. (Thank goodness I'm related to a graphic designer.) Once that was dealt with this, of course, resulted in a very large and very delicate stencil, which, of course, the cat wanted to attack. So once I had rescued the stencil from furry, clawy doom it would all be plain sailing, right? Wrong. Grey fabric paint seems to be an endangered species, so I had to mix that colour myself. And matching the second stencil up proved to be quite annoying. (To the extent that it became a stencil made of five separate, overlapping pieces.) And I hurt my arm by holding it too tense to try and get perfect lines. And... And.. I'll stop moaning now.

In the end, as ever, it turned out really quite pretty. It would seem that I have some sort of ridiculous need to hate a project whilst actually doing it, in order for it to turn out well. I'm not sure that's a good thing. But my Enterprise t-shirt is beautiful and I love her! So nyeh.


click for more pics! )Many more photos here (I went even more snap-happy than usual with this one!)

If anyone would like me to do a tutorial on this sort of thing (like I did for "bleached-out" t-shirt designs) please let me know and I'd be happy to oblige!
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It's been a bit of an odd week for me, and so all my crafting plans have been somewhat randomised.

My plans to cross stitch Ripley wearing the power-loader thingy from Aliens have been rather waylaid by my inability to find a high enough quality picture from that scene. Not only do I need a picture of just the right moment, but it also needs to be a pretty huge photo in order for me to make some changes to it so that it'll work all pixelated. My google-fu has failed me so far. I may have to resort to making my own screencaps from the DVD. I think I know how to do that. Eeep. The delay has made me move forward on my plans to cross-stitch Serenity though, which I've been meaning to do ever since I started the Enterprise one.

On the plus side, I saw Flight of the Conchords on Saturday and they were fantastic. More thoughts and pics of my homemade Conchords t-shirt (I could not help myself!) soon!

In the meantime, these two Watchmen badges came out quite nice. I think I need to adjust the colours in the Rorschach one (the purple and the orange both need to be browner) and maybe the smiley would look better if it were a stitch or two bigger so it goes right over the edges of the badge. Or maybe I just need to align it a little better the next time I put one in the badge making machine!

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Once I've done some ironing and setting, another session of picture taking, and had my weekly fight with photoshop I'll have a bunch of t-shirts and a few other bits and pieces to post.

I mean to have all this done by Thursday so knowing my scheduling I'll probably have a post ready in a fortnight or something equally ridiculous!

Big pile o' t-shirts!

pile o tees
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So for Christmas I decided that all the small humans in my life needed their own superhero t-shirts. For the wee-est ones they're obviously more presents for the parents, but those over the age of four had quite the grasp on which symbols went with which superheroes. Indoctrinate the next generation of geeks early, I say!

All the designs were done with homemade stencils, and a combination of discharging dye for the pale bits, and fabric paint and pens. I was asked a while back to do a tutorial on making stencil designs and discharging dye which I'm in the process of getting together. The more people who prod me about, the quicker I'll get it done!

So, without further ado, I present my mini-heroes.


Individual pics behind the cut... )
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Nearly there... Oh so nearly there....

Brain melty...

eyes squigly....

I clearly am not good at the end game of large cross stitch projects. Will attempt to borrow a better camera for pictures when it's finished as these just aren't coming out well at all. Both nacelles are done though, so I should focus on the happy that is that.

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I used to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this old blogging malarkey, but now I'm getting to quite enjoy it. Mostly because every time I start to post an Enterprise update I feel like I haven't done much of late, but then I check my last post on the subject and see just how much more is filled in. It's quite encouraging. But I still think the last few weeks of any large project is my achilles' heel. The beginning is just so much more fun. Shapes appearing as if from nowhere seems so much more satisfying than filling in the details. However, I am allowing myself to add dark colours now and I've made my feelings on pale colours pretty plain by now (I know, why on earth would I think an almost entirely pale design wouldn't drive me mad? I am a fool to myself, that's why.).

Excitingness of the week comes courtesy of having completely completed the port nacelle. I took out all the guidelines there since I don't need them anymore and I'm rather pleased with how it looks.

Picture time!

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Oh sweet baby Jeebus, when will this be done? Even the darker colours are failing me now. They're as fickle, knotty and prone to snapping at the most inopportune moments as the gorram pinks. Pah.

I'm doing that moaning thing again, aren't I?

But I have my new icon for furiousness and this makes me happy again. Does that mean I ought to change it for a happy one? But then that would make me sad... It's a confusing circle of illogicalness.

Soon I should have some other finished projects to post instead of just using this as a form of accountability to keep going.  Some involve no cross stitching. And some have no pale colours whatsoever and therefore are of the good. Unlike dear, sweet Peter....

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Few words today.

Pink = still evil. Lilac = a pain in the arse.

This project has me in a headlock. But I trundle on.




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