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Good grief. I haven't been round these parts much lately. Did I miss anything good? (I did manage to see that Tom Hardy is approximately the width of two Tom Hardys now, which is pleasing.) As per usual I have a back log of random crafts I haven't posted yet and memes I meant to take part in, but for now I just wanna link a youtube vid and be on my way.

It should not be possible to make Eddie Izzard even funnier, but with the aid of lego someone has managed it:

(Direct link in case youtube embedding goes wonky.) And check out the other lego animations of Eddie Izzard bits too!
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The lovely Jane Espenson linked to this predictive tweet generator last night and it is bloody hilarious. I spent about half an hour just hitting 'get your next tweet' over and over. Here are some of my favourite pieces of nonsense it came up with:

"I am a drunken shambles. But I can survive winter. We call it is far too early on, leaving the Hobbit!"

"Posted some films when special effects mostly meant crashing actual cars into Pepe Le Pew?"

"I am contemplating the most massive hug. Huzzah! I did I have fallen over myself there. Shame."

"I am walking away from me. Attempting to have got a sound? If a fabulous night and emotional."

"Things I feel like derring-do. That 'do is awesome. More cross stitch this oughta be simple."

"Poppleton is very nearly 3am here. I have the side old craft project: a massively massive military."

"Police manhunt currently stomping through the police are shivering. Hot ginger beer with bonus enthusiasm!"
This one is clearly predicting a future episode of Hawaii Five-0:

"I am going to get so many 'splosions! BTW this show. It's cuckoo-bananas-amazeballs."
This one is just the most brilliant thing ever:
"Just watched the internet. Don't want to be nice. Just no. You are fashion choices other than I may have."
I think "You are fashion choices other than I may have" should be my new catchphrase. And then there's this:
"Got featured in real life. This show is kinda weird. I'm utterly bemused now."
Yup. Utterly bemused just about covers it.
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Having another very weird week.

Today is Day 365 of my tenement building's renovation hell. A renovation hell that was supposed to take six months. They are currently claiming it will be finished in June but I refuse to believe anything they say anymore. I'm trying to stay upbeat about it all but sometimes I just feel like murdering all the builders. Le sigh.

And then the fact that my geeky lamp went halfway around the internet and back was awesome and also a bit strange in that I am now completely insecure about the next craft project, the next blog post, the next whatever, and have retreated from the internet somewhat. Which is a bizarre response to people being really nice. I am messed up in the head.

In lighter news, this may be of interest to any other fans of the Wire and/or Victoriana out there. ETA: That site's servers are clearly having their arses handed to them after so many people have linked to it. Here's a gawker article about it, and my favourite page under the cut.

Mr Moreland and Mr McNulty on the hunt. )

And in even lighter news, kittens make me happy, so, here, have some kittens:


And, finally:

Don't forget - bidding ends on the [ profile] help_japan  auctions on Thursday the 31st. And, if I do say so myself, both of my offerings are still a total bargain right now! Have a look around - there's loads of amazing stuff on offer. Also, my fellow Inception fen should check out [info]knowmydark's post here because I am far too lazy to compile something similar right now!
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So, More Joy day seems as good a time as any to commit myself to participating in Pay It Forward 2011:

I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must in turn post this and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status. *The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011.

I'll mail to anywhere, just leave a comment and I'll contact you for an address. Anon commenting is on, so if you aren't an LJ user give me a twitter name or some other way of getting in touch. I won't chase anyone to pass it on, but it doesn't have to be much, and I'm sure icons or banners or fic are in the spirit of things if you're not a crafter. And if you know someone who needs some extra joy in their life, feel free to comment and nominate someone else to receive a free wee something or other! And here's my disclaimer now - I give no guarantees of when I will find the time to do this, but I promise it will be done this year!

ETA: Between here and fb I've got five people now. Thanks for getting involved!


And if you want to help spread joy to those who aren't seeing much of it at the moment, please consider donating whatever you can afford to the Australian flood relief appeal. ETA: Or help out at [ profile] qldfloodauction


And on a totally unrelated note (apart from the fact that it gives me much joy) Richard Ayoade is directing an episode of Community. Am dead. Am dead from awesome and joy and the fact that I am running out of appropriate gifs of joy for Community news. Yaaaaay! *runs around with flaily Kermit arms*


Spread some joy today, my dear flist!
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The real world continues to give me grief. This week's crafting experiments have been unmitigated disasters. (T-shirt transfer paper didn't work so well and t-shirt transfer paste is of the devil.) I am now moving on to trying screen printing, which for some reason I am very scared of. (I think it's because all the instructions are so convoluted. I'm sure it'll be like poker - when you explain the rules of poker to someone it sounds like gibberish, but if you just play and explain as you go it all starts to make sense.)

But I am not moaning today. No siree.

Today the internet decided to be full of awesomesauce so that I would not be filled with despair.

Tom Hardy and Chris Pine Together At Last )

Chris Pine - are you trying to kill me dead from hotness?

Because you might succeed )

Martin Freeman is Bilbo Baggins. Richard Armitage is Thorin Oakenshield. Aidan Turner is Kili. Am I allowed to get excited now? Is this film really going to happen?

Also, Buffy cast doing awkward family photos. The one of Nic Brendon staring unfocusedly into the distance will never be unfunny.

And finally. Best. Gif. Ever. )
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I have been meaning to make this for nearly a year now and had just never gotten around to it. But since I'm in my annual "I hate my latest cross stitch project" phase and progress on Serenity has slowed to a near standstill, I thought a less arduous project might be a good idea. And it was!

A little back story first. If you're not following Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on Twitter, then you're missing out on a great deal of hilarity. Like the time last year when they had an interesting discussion about fan fiction wrote Hot Fuzz slash about their own characters.  (See, Simon Pegg's rpf mpreg ramble makes much more sense when you realize he has form in this area.) One particular tweet of Edgar's made me smile, and so I had to take him at his word and hand stitch it:

edgar 006

More pics of handstitched tweetery... )
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I want to fire this week. I want to disown this week. I want to dump this week in a tank of evil mutated sea bass. I want to remove this week's heart with a rusty spoon. I want to build a time machine, go back in time, and kill this week's grandfather. I want to fight this week to the pain. (Its ears it'll keep, and I'll tell you why. So that every shriek of every child at seeing this week's hideousness will be its to cherish. Every babe that weeps at its approach, every woman who cries out, "Dear God, what is that thing?" will echo in this week's perfect ears. That is what "to the pain" means. It means I leave this week in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever.)

Does this perhaps begin to hint at the fact that this week has not been a fun week?

The world at large is being very depressing right now, and my own life is just full of little annoyances adding up to major headaches. I cannot escape building work. There are builders outside. There are builders inside. The dirt is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE, people. No kitchen for four days makes Ms Blaize go something, something. (And it'll be five days before they're actually done.) And mopping the hall every night for four days is also with the crazy-making (although we have concluded that it's way less hassle than giving a cat a bath). I will be spending most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday actually, literally cleaning ALL THE THINGS, but right now that is an exciting, happy weekend to look forward to. I may well be losing my marbles here. I am so behind on every single thing I was meant to get done this week. Grr argh.

Also, some bastards have stolen [ profile] rooferrocks's magnificent Wireopoly idea. I like hers better.

On the brighter side of life, James Franco continues to be fascinating to me:

And Tom Hardy now has his own tag at ONTD. I may never need to visit the mainpage ever again.

(Side note: James Franco and Tom Hardy NEED to make a movie together, yes/yes? The promotional interviews alone would be the most randomly hilarious things ever.)

Right, the last time I was grumpy and in charge of a keyboard and a photobucket account I made a Tom Hardy picspam post and it made me happier, so I'm gonna try that again. (See, any old excuse...) Please picspam me mucho in the comments - it will make me less likely to post more emo nonsense "woe-is-me" pity party type stuff!
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And I've seen some random-ass stuff on Twitter. But this takes the cake, the biscuit, and all the cookies.

(Apologies for crappy screencapping, I was in a hurry.)

It all starts out innocuously enough:








Then the madness begins.

RPF MPREG? On MY internets? )
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Oooh, lookit! I've managed to go a whole four posts without mentioning that which stole my brain!

Today's crafty offerings are a little strange for me, in that they're not inspired by any specific fandom, but instead come from my general obsession with these here interwebs, and, well, my general obsessiveness.

Picture 131     hyperbole3

By the way, I'm still working on the two-tone stencil tutorial I promised to do ages ago - it should be up soon (if your definition of "soon" is fairly flexible). ETA: Up now!

More pics under the cut... )

Also, if you liked the Gaga cover I linked to yesterday, then be sure to check out their Justin Timberlake one too - it's even more nerdily awesome!

ETA: TLDR t-shirt and bag both listed at etsy now.
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Mister Blaize links me to the best stuff.

Reggie Watts - F*ck Sh*t Stack (It's basically every hiphop joke Flight of the Conchords ever made and then some, all in one pretty catchy song)

And then this piece of joy - Lady Gaga's Bad Romance on a Korg Monotron and Kaossilator.

If it weren't for the exsistence of Elbow's version of Independent Woman (now with bonus kittens) that would be the best cover version ever. By the time they got to the "walk, walk, fashion baby" bit I was nearly dying with laughter.

ETA: OH MY GODS. There's also a Justin Timberlake medley, and it's even better than the Gaga cover. It has a theremin! And a keytar! And a Yorkshireman singing "look at them 'ips"! Actually am dying from the funny now...
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Misha Collins is trolling Sarah Palin on twitter. To say that I love the internets would be something of an understatement at this juncture.
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So, finally, my thoughts on the movie that has taken occupation of my brain. (That's Inception, just in case you hadn't noticed.) Took me a while to muster all my thoughts, and I'm sure to have missed plenty of stuff. This is gonna be hella long and rambles all over the place, so I'm sorry for that. My adoration for and obsession with this film though, not going to apologise for that.

(I am however going to acknowledge that my thoughts have been influenced by the many amazing reaction posts I've read on my flist, so if I've stolen your awesome insight it's only cause it was so awesome!)

Here Be Spoilers And Gratuitous PicSpam )
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I have craft related stuff to do, and craft related stuff to post, but instead I am mostly on the internet being an Inception fangirl. The spoiler-free version of my reaction goes thusly: ohmygod, ohmygod, so cool, ohmygod, sweetmotherofhottness, ohmygod, ohmygod, wtfbbq you cannot end it like that, ohmygod you ended it like that, I love you Nolan and your twisted mind of wonder. A spoilery and slightly more coherant post is on my to do list. Probably after I've seen it again.

Also, I love you internets, you are made of awesome and hilarity:

very minor spoilers )

And there was Arthur/Eames fic up within 4 days of the movie being out. Bravo internets, bravo.

And one last unrelated pic spam to the tune of my yearly moan "fml, why am I not at comic con?"

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In case anyone's missed this...

Hot men, innuendo, and gentlemanly magnanimous behaviour. What's not to love?

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The rage of Friday has subsided and instead I will choose to focus on how much love I have in my heart for Charlie Brooker, Derren Brown and, of course, Mr Stephen Fry. And bizarrely, Janet Street Porter. That is all.

ETA: And Dave Gorman too.

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A sequel to this post.

Were I to inform you that it is my opinion that you are in possession of a body which is exceptionally pleasing, what is the likelihood you would hold it against me?

I have found a deficiency in my personal wireless communications device. It appears it lacks the combination of numbers necessary to contact you.

Are you in possession of any dried, sugar-coated grapes? As this is apparently not the case, how would a date suit you?

If indeed one’s physical appearance were capable of instigating the death of an individual, you would be capable of complete annihilation of a species.

Is it possible that you have substantial training in interior decorating? This room appears to have become significantly more aesthetically pleasing since you entered it.

Is it possible that you have inadvertently drifted off your projected course? This seems likely, given that 'heaven' does not appear to be anywhere in the vicinity.

You are the primary stimulus which causes males of the species to release endorphins and experience sexual desire.

It would be convenient if a fireman were present as, to the eyes of most of the species, you appear to be ‘smoking’.

Aside from attracting all the males in the vicinity to you with your exceptional physical appearance, what do you do for a living?

I wish to request you accompany me to my quarters. Would the answer I receive be consistent with the answer you give for this question?

Hyperbolically speaking, I state metaphorically that you are to me as a student is to a textbook: you are capable of solving all my problems.

Would you find my choice of phrasing grammatically offensive, should I choose to conclude this sentence with a proposition?

Do you subscribe to the concept of predestined affection based on initial visual perception, or shall I walk by again?

Would you consent to placing yourself upon my seated form, such that we may engage in discussion regarding whatever topic may come to our attention?

Were you harmed on your descent from a questionably defined superlative afterlife?

Pardon me, but I wish to ascertain if you hold a clerical position at the Academy book repository for I am, indeed, "checking you out," as it were.

You bear some resemblance to a law enforcement issue ticket, as you are both associated with ‘fine’.

Did the tectonic plates beneath the crust of this planet just shift and overlap so as to cause vibrations to reach the surface or are you just exceedingly attractive?

Do you have any Vulcan genomes in you? ....Would you like to?

Because of your exceptionally 'dazzling' physical appearance, I seem to have temporarily lost my sense of sight. It is only logical you provide me with your name and number – strictly for insurance reasons.

And bonus!Trek/Flight of the Conchords crossover macro joy:

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I spotted some genius hilarity over at [ profile] st_xi_kink  and felt the need to collate and share.

Minor Star Trek XI spoilers )

ETA: Sequel now here


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