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Have finally got around to getting some better pictures of my Peter cross stitch. The facts and figures of how and what, but no answer to why, can be found here, and his entire saga of creation is detailed earlier in this blog. And so, without further ado, onto some pics of this bastard beauty.

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Six months ago I, in a fit of madness, decided to turn Tim Sale's painting of Peter Petreli from Heroes into a cross stitched piece. To make the nearly 30cm by 30cm piece I used over 118 metres of thread in 29 different colours, and stitched 29,925 stitches. It probably took somewhere in the region of 300 hours to finish.

It seems somewhat anticlimactic posting this now that a whole month has passed since it was completed. But post I shall. The delay is due to me wanting better pictures of the completed project, but this will have to do for now and I shall edit to add other photos as and when they appear.

And so, without further ado...

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

About a hundred stitches to go. Really excited to get this finished. Doing a little dance of near-completion right now. (As I'm still sitting typing as I 'dance' it's more like a wiggle.)

And oh my word badge-makers are so much fun, y'all. The postman arrived yesterday just after lunchtime and I only meant to check that everything was there and working then two hours later I was surrounded by piles of badge pieces and a mound of ones I had made. It's the ke-dunk noise it makes as you pull the handle down, it's frakking addictive. Every image I have ever thought would look cool on a badge will soon be on a badge. I'll have badges on my bags, my clothes, my blog, everywhere! I will make everyone I know sick of badges. I'm even making the word badge look weird now. I'll shut up about badges.

Peter picture time!

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About 300 Spartans stitches to go now. Considering this began with tens of thousands to do, that's quite a small number. Even discovering a few secret agent pale pinks and beiges cannot dampen the optimism.

As long as it's finished before Christmas it will have taken less than six months to do. Which still sounds insane in my head, but having never done any crafty project this big and involved it's been an interesting learning experience at least. Onwards!

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The insanity of single stitches of different colours miles from any of their brethren drove me to doing some areas of black which should have been left until last. But I think it saved me from yet another round of whingeing and moaning. And look at the face! And the emo quiff that I love in all its stupid-hair glory! These could well be the reasons I wanted to stitch this monstrosity in the first place. I may still hate this project but it's rapidly nearing being done and that light at the end of the tunnel I demanded so many months ago is finally shining away, leaving me with a snarky love-hate relationship from a bad romcom. Aw well, it's better than nothing!

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How did I not notice that this project would be a marathon? I am a fool to myself.

But it inches ever closer to being done and that's something. Also real (fictional) Peter is being less annoying of late and therefore I can feel fonder. And flashback to emo bangs next episode so clearly the world wants me upbeat about flying Petrelliness. I get crabby, I get calm, I get frustrated, I get enervated. It's some sort of circle of stitchery.

The colours are much improved in this pic, but we're back to squint photography yet again, I'm afraid. Up, down, happy, sad.  It's a conspiracy, I tells ya.

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Was somewhat upbeat about this project over the weekend. Then the grump descended. One day I shall finish this. And then I will sell the bastard because I never want to see him again. I think the fact that I want to climb into my telly and punch actual (well, fictional) Peter in the face for being more stupid than Mohinder (which I didn't think was even possible) is not helping my level of affection for this.

Also, the lighting of this photo has gone mad and I'm not entirely sure why. Sorry about that!

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I return, ashamed of how little I've done on this piece lately. Admittedly I did have a big family get together (short version: lots o' booze, awesome food, fabulous time had by all) and my final exam ever (short version: yay to questions on Citizen Kane and auteur theory, yay to questions on allegory in science fiction, boo to narrowing the choice of British films upon which I can do a spot of textual analysis to a pathetic list of four. Bad question, bad! /End not-so-short version). So, when the going gets busy, the busy abandon their Petrellis, apparently.

It seems like the less I have to do on this project, the harder it gets. And the finishing line never actually seems to get any closer. Is this normal, crafty peoples? Cos it seems somewhat counter-intuitive to me. Or maybe I'm just cranky.

Messy picture ahoy!

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Have had a few days off this project, due to trying to do some real work and also working on a birthday pressie piece which I shalln't post til it has been gifted. But this is how Peter was looking when I abandoned him last week.

Now that I've had some time to step away the grumpyness is definitely fading. And the nearness of completion is a wonderful prospect. And that he finally appears to have an actual human face. That's quite nice. Although before I took this break I uncovered a hidden sleeper cell of pinks but no time was wasted in routing them. No mercy for pale colours. Grrrrrrr.... Perhaps I need some sort of craft project haka, to intimidate the threads and bend them to my will.

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There may be some cautious optimism creeping in to this project. Perhaps.

The coattails are almost done and looking pretty good. And the sky isn't annoying me as much as it previously did. Maybe it seems to be blending better now that more of Peter himself is getting done. I'm getting left with more and more solitary stitches of colour, but it's not aggravating me in the way I had assumed it would. Possibly because the end is definitely in sight. Tiny and hazy and very much in the distance, but definitely in sight.

Wow, that was verging on being positive. But my shoulder hurts so I'll just go moan in real life about that instead. Should balance out to about normal levels of grump.

Another slightly squint pic today. Sorry!

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Oh sweet baby Jeebus, when will this be done? Even the darker colours are failing me now. They're as fickle, knotty and prone to snapping at the most inopportune moments as the gorram pinks. Pah.

I'm doing that moaning thing again, aren't I?

But I have my new icon for furiousness and this makes me happy again. Does that mean I ought to change it for a happy one? But then that would make me sad... It's a confusing circle of illogicalness.

Soon I should have some other finished projects to post instead of just using this as a form of accountability to keep going.  Some involve no cross stitching. And some have no pale colours whatsoever and therefore are of the good. Unlike dear, sweet Peter....

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The sky, save for a few lone stitches here and there, is finished. Pale colours are still of the devil. They even seem to break and knot more than the dark colours - although that might just be a self fulfilling prophecy due to the rage. The end draws ever nearer but I'm still just pushing on because quitting would depress me more. Hopefully I'll hit a swing of that happy and productive feeling again soon. There is one spark of pride however - check out the bottom left hand corner for my very own little Heroes easter-egg. Apologies for the squint pic today.

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Several pics of the cross stitch of doom's slow progress while I've been away await you after the cut...

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Does it say something about my psyche that I am infinitely more comfortable with the dark colours? They're so much more pleasant to work with. This, amongst other reasons, is why I'm saving black til last. Generally the whole flying coat tails bit is much more fun to do than the sky, which gladly is almost completely done.

Bit of a messy pic today but I blame the pastels. It's become a standard response now.

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Seem to be having some sort of crazy love-hate sensation with this project, and luckily for me today definitely has a love vibe about it.

The coalition of pastel type things are still bastards, but I've come to love them in a kind of lovable grumpy old uncle way. They're the Saul Mother-Frakking Tigh of colours. And seeing that I may at some point in the not too distant future actually finish this gorram thing gives me a good feeling. Might take a whole bunch of guidelines out soon. Which is nice. Got several fully finished 20x20s and the top left corner is totally done now. And that solitary pink down the bottom is on the last row so all edges have been reached. Many milestones. Huzzah!

Today's photo's a bit messy with random threads but here it is:

And Saturday's pic goes a little something like this:

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Few words today.

Pink = still evil. Lilac = a pain in the arse.

This project has me in a headlock. But I trundle on.



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Pink is fighting back. In sneaky, annoying, making-me-hold-too-many-numbers-in-my-head-at-once type ways. Got quite a few stray bits here and there sorted (take that solitary beige interlopers!) and a large chunk of top right grey is holding off the frustrations of bottom left pink.  And I'm quite glad to see his other arm emerging from the chaos. I also find myself not only wishing that I'd printed the pattern larger, but that I'd also checked out the symbols chosen. Deciphering how many arrows pointing up are in amongst all the arrows pointing left is decidedly more complicated than it sounds. Or maybe that's just a symptom of the minor meltdown I'm having over this. I don't think I've ever so enjoyed being entirely aggravated. Or maybe it's just that despite the aggravation I can still see progress and that's the encouraging and enjoyable thing. Hmmm. Maybe I just like being angry at inanimate objects?

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I think this may be breaking my brain. Apologies if nothing I say makes any sense. (Or hasn't for some time)

Pale grey and I hit rocky ground fairly quickly. So I've reached something of a detente with the coalition of pinks - I agree not to attack them for their lack of diversity in shading, and they agree to be available on the pattern in nice big chunks as opposed to one stitch here and one stitch there, here a stitch, there a stitch, everywhere a stitch, stitch....

Ahem. There's also a lot of thread abandoning going on. Every time a section begins to make me want to stab myself in the eye with my needle I've taken to just leaving it hanging and moving on to a happier place. Not entirely sure what will happen when all that is left is annoying bits, but as a plan it's working for me right now.

Since the weekend I've found myself worrying slightly about the colours that my cross stitch program chose. Particularly after putting two different blues on his face. But here's a comparison of the original image and the pattern representation of what it should look like. And that calms me down somewhat. For now.
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Lots of good floaty coat progress has been achieved. Greens and blue and greys are my friends. They're not mean and confusing like pinks and beige.

But how will I fare with pale grey? Will it be too close to beige for my tiny mind to handle? Am I even halfway done? When will this be finished? Do you need my jumper, Bowie? Tune in soon to find out. Same Bat time, same Bat channel. Or something.

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Beige is evil and it must be stopped. And when you're hunting around to put in one beige stitch every 20 or 30 rows in the midst of various pale and medium pinks (I'm still very angry at pink, not least because of its suspiciously close relationship to beige) then a new level of evil must be named. Super-evil? Uber evil? Evil Max? Evil V: The Final Frontier? Beige isn't even an actual colour. It's an absence of colour. Pah.

Anyway. Isn't it interesting that I manage to update more regularly when I shouldn't be internetting but instead finishing an essay? Hmmm. Funny that.

And, specially for Roofer, here's some Flight of the Conchords, giving good corporate.


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