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Hello all! Anonymity Blaize here, superhero of craftiness and general geekery. You can just call me Blaize if you want. In an attempt to organise this blog somewhat, this is a quick intro and linkspam post. 

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If there's anything you see here on my blog that isn't available in any of my shops (or not available in the specific one you would like to buy from), then please feel free to leave a comment here (anon commenting is on, so you don't need to be a LiveJournal user), or tweet me, or send up smoke signals or something, and I'll make it available for you asap. Same goes for custom orders - get in touch whichever way is easiest for you and I'll endeavour to make your perfect piece of geeky craft!

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 Things you might be looking for: Craft tutorial posts (more coming soon), Cross Stitch of Doom 1: Peter Petrelli, Cross Stitch of Doom 2: The Enterprise, Cross Stitch of Doom 3: Serenity

If you're just here for the crafty stuff and want to avoid my random fandom flailing, then just keep an eye on my crafts tag, or follow me at blogger where it's just the crafts posts.

All crafts posts are open, and very little here is friends-locked ETA 2011: all personal stuff is f-locked and some fandom stuff is too, but I'm pretty open to friending, and if you'd like me to friend you back leave a comment here!

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Hello all! I have been terribly bad at the old eljay of late as things have been very busy busy in the real world, but thankfully in a good and exciting way, which makes for a nice change! I'm a bit more active these days over on tumblr and twitter so if you wanna come find me there, please do!

I'm off for family holiday shenanigans in foreign climes, but I'll be back in the new year with lots of exciting craft projects!

In the meantime, have a picture of superheroes celebrating Christmas!


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It's a picspammy kinda day today methinks, and I think hugs & kisses is the kinda theme everyone could do with at the moment. Happy thoughts to all my flisties!


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I have no idea why I've been so reluctant to post about this, as I've been inwardly flailing for quite some time now. I guess I'm just not very good at bragging when I really have something to brag about. Anyway, enough faffing about...

The upshot is that my Forbrydelsen cross stitch pattern is going to be in The Killing Handbook: Forbrydelsen Forever!

It's exciting enough that one of my patterns is going to be in a book, but it was all made even more fabulous by the fact that Emma Kennedy is writing the book (and I loooooooove her) and Emma Kennedy emailing me was enough to have me flailing around like a mad thing. Then she said this on twitter and I just about keeled over from too much squee.


As if that wasn't awesomesauce enough, Emma Kennedy, glorious human being that she is, showed my Sarah Lund cross stitch to the wonderful Sofie Grabol who plays her, and let me know that she "absolutely adore[s] it."

And then, blog-reader, I died of over fan-girling. I am typing this from beyond the grave. I am on the astral plane of people who like liking things, with my ghostly arms permanently stuck in Kermit-like wibblyness and my voice about three octaves higher than usual.

I think I may have perhaps slightly given the impression of how excited and chuffed I was. So here ends my not-so humblebrag. If you're a fan of the original-strength Danish version of the Killing think about buying the book when it's out on November 15th!


And in unrelated news about actually related persons, my mother is still the coolest Mum ever, and I clearly got my awesome from her. Not only did she send me this handmade Tatooine collage as my birthday card, but she has just started art school. I'm still having trouble imagining Mama Blaize as a fresher, but I'm ridiculously proud of her.


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So I made a Ron Swanson cross stitch to go with my Leslie Knope one! And now I can check one thing off my things-to-post list. Hurrah!

And if anyone wants the pattern just let me know!  Here's the pattern... )
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My attempt to be a more outgoing person on the internet hit a rough patch and I backslid into lurkerdom again. I'm annoyed at myself for letting my social anxiety infect my online life, but I'm even more annoyed by how much stuff is old news now that I never got around to commenting on. Avengers, TDKR, the Olympics, the Paralympics, Brave, Leverage, Doctor Who, the fact that I find myself swept along with a great swathe of fandom into having feelings about freaking Teen Wolf - these are all topics I'd usually be sharing my opinions on, but it all feels like it's far too late now. Internet time is like dog years or something.

But I'm determined to keep trying to kick this lurking habit. So here's a very organized attempt at shaming myself into doing a whole bunch of stuff I've been putting off out of some weirdly misplaced stage fright.

Things I need to post here:
  • Exciting stuff about my Forbrydelsen cross stitch
  • Ron Swanson cross stitch & the pattern if anyone wants it
  • SHIELD and Hawkeye t-shirts
  • Batman sweatshirt
  • Community cross stitches and their patterns
  • Start on the 100 things posts (approximately eleven million years after averyone else finished theirs)
  • Mama Blaize's latest piece of awesomeness
  • Tardis t-shirt
  • The t-shirts I call my "internet menagerie"
  • Post another picspam (I think next up on the schedule should be "James Macavoy inexplicably climbs things" or possibly a picspam of hugging, I forget which. Or may just end up doing another smoking picspam, or one of hot wet men, beacause apparently I have about a bajillion pics waiting around for sequels to those!)
  • Start commenting on people's journals again (I miss you all and am so sorry I've not been saying anything!)
  • The armour hoodie I am working on just now that will probably be finished by the time I have posted all these darn things!
Things I need to do elsewhere on the interets:
  • Put some stuff in my tumblr queue that isn't just reblogs
  • List some cross stitch patterns on etsy, and put up a listing for custom cross stitch patterns and custom cross stitching
  • Actually tweet instead of just lurking
  • Update places I keep forgetting about like blogger and facebook
  • Finish some more t-shirts designs and upload them to cafe press
  • Make a hairdresser's appointment so I don't have to phone the salon
  • Work out what service you need to use if you need to get an old paper driving license updated to a photocard, but you also need to change your name and your address at the same time
  • Catch up on replying to comments and messages
Extra bonus bullet point that is a side effect of both these lists:
  • Take decent pictures of things that are finished but as yet are sadly unphotographed and shared
They are actually longer lists than I had anticipated. Oh well. I have publicly admitted my failings as a denizen of fandom and the internet at large and can only endeavour to do better in the future! Onwards! Excelsior! Have a gorgeous gif as an apology for all this moaning!


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Hello all! Am not dead, merely busy. Sorry for not being around more, this should change soon. Here, have a sequel picspam by way of apology!


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While I was on my unexpected blogging hiatus I found myself in need of a craft project to keep me from going stir crazy. I had worked on a nearly completed pattern of the lovely Sarah Lund's face, from the original (and vastly superior) Danish version of the Killing, but there was something not quite ready about it. And then I had a sudden epiphany - I'd designed a Sarah Lund pattern that did not include the iconic wooly jumper! And that clearly wasn't right. But my attempts to actually render that amazing garment in cross stitch looked so weird that I gave it up, until it occured to me that the pattern of the jumper would make a fantastic border. And so that's what I did!
Here are the crafty stats: the design is 8x10 inches on 14ct aida, with 7452 stitches made up of 5 different colours of thread, and the project took me a little over two weeks. And here's how she turned out!

sarah lund 15

More pics... )
More photos here, including the in progress pics I took along the way and never actually posted. And if anyone wants to stitch this themselves, just let me know and I'll add the pattern to this post.  I won't be putting this pattern online - see here for reasons and details on where you can find the pattern.
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Hello all! I had a few weeks where I couldn't do much interetting due to boring reasons and then I went and discovered I'd gotten some sort blogging stage fright. It's all a bit odd. So I'm easing myself back into the swing of things with a picspam because that cures all ills. Going to catch up with replying to comments and posting the stuff I've been making lately over the next few days.

So without further ado, here's some* rather gorgeous people wearing some lovely hats. Enjoy.

*By some I mean 68 pics and gifs. Proceed with caution!


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I am going to give my thoughts on the Avengers time to percolate until it's out in the US and I can't perpetrate accidental spoilers. But I think it's fair to say that the capslock of squee will be out in force for that entry. I'm off to see it again tonight in fact. It's that good. But I'll shut up now.

Instead, I'll post a little piece of Thor and Loki craftage that I made ages ago and kept forgetting to post until now. I think this is officially Geek Lamp 3: <Insert terrible Asgardian pun here.>

thor4_e thor5_e

More pics... )
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So, I totally failed to post these pics of my finished Leslie Knope cross stitch on Friday, but here I am now. I am still suffering from cultural over stimulus (otherwise known as the curse of "too many awesome things") and I don't think I'm going to calm down any time soon seeing as I'm already bouncing off the walls from the excitement of seeing the Avengers tomorrow. I am beyond giddy.

But I'll try to keep calm long enough to share Leslie with the world. I can't remember right now how big the stitched design is but the frame is an A4 one to give you some context. There's just the four colours of thread and she took a little over 3 weeks to stitch. If anyone wants the pattern just let me know and I'll edit it in. There should be a Ron Swanson piece to go with it sometime soon I hope! (If my current levels of squee don't cause me to spontaneously combust!) (This post has too many exclamation points!!!11!!!eleventy!!)

So here she is! (!!!)

vote knope 1

More pics... )

And here's a handy slideshow of her progression from pattern to finished. (Or you can just check out the flickr album or look back through this project's tag.)

Edited to add pattern - under the cut... )
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A few years ago Mister Blaize and I made a decision to get those nifty Cineworld unlimited cards. It's turned out to be a very smart decision financially, considering how many movies we go see. But it does occasionally lead to crazypants decisions like going to the cinema three times in the space of a week, the same week as we also went to see a Cirque du Soleil show. So my brain entirely melted from cultural over stimulus and I had to hide with a duvet over my head.

They were four very different experiences though, and I feel like I ought to be able to write a post on each one, but my blogging-fu has weakened due to lack of use of late, so the 100 things challenge is a very well timed bandwagon for me to jump upon. I think I'm going to do 100 things that I get ridiculously overenthusiastic about, and break it down into tens - 10 songs, 10 books , 10 movies etc. etc. Join me, won't you?

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So, some brief thoughts on my week of too many things, as a warm up exercise.

Cirque's Alegria was as stunning as Cirque shows always are. Especially a pair of female contortionists who were so flipping bendy I sometimes was confused about what body part was where. On the cinema front, Headhunters was totally not what I was expecting, in a totally good way. It's a Norwegian thriller co-starring that dude who plays Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones with that name I can't spell and can't be arsed to google right now. If you like a good art-crime/chase movie then see it if you can. Battleship on the other hand, I'd avoid like the plague. It makes the Transformer movies look like masterpieces. It really is as bad as the reviews are saying. I love me some Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgaard and it wasn't even worth it for them. Rihanna (Riannha? Rhianna? Another name I can't be done with spell checking.) was the best thing about this movie, and put in a performance actually resembling a human being, unlike any one else, which was really weird. Also, this a movie about ships that doesn't actually understand how water works which is beyond distracting. I went in with low expectations and was still disappointed, that is how bad this film is. I suffered, you shouldn't have to. And then at the other end of the spectrum was Cabin in the Woods - probably the most fun I've had in the cinema in a good long while. It wasn't as scary as I'd expected (I went in pretty blind, which is how I'd recommend seeing it - the less you know the more fun it is, I would imagine) but it more than made up for it in demented creativeness and a joyful reveling in horror movie tropes and cliches. I'll shut up about it now lest I end up in spoiler territory. Though I will add that I now reeeeeeally want Hollywood to wake up and cast Fran Kranz in more things. Although I do think that of a lot of Whedon alums.

I've been lax in posting pics of my Leslie Knope cross stitch, but I have managed to stick to taking the pictures every day. So here's a huge clump of them all in one. Should have her all finished and framed and ready to post tomorrow, which feels very appropriate with Parks & Rec being back tonight. I'm very excited - it's the first time since I started watching Parks that it and Community have been on at the same time. So I'll probably have another overload from awesome - It's terrible; I'm turning into some Victorian lady with the vapours. At this rate I'll explode by the time the Avengers have assembled! Anyway, here's some Leslie pics: Lots of pics under the cut... )

And finally, in this post of ill-fitting-together things, the Magic Mike trailer. I am simultaneously mocking it and also thinking it looks awesome. And I can already anticipate how absolutely ridiculous its fandom will be.

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Me, At Some Nebulous Time In The Past: I become aware of an actor called Channing Tatum. He was quite good in Stop Loss, but he was awful in GI Joe. Admittedly, everyone and everything was awful in GI Joe.* But the salient fact is that I form an opinion on Channing Tatum, and that opinion is that he has a stupid face.


Me, A Few Months Ago: I go see Haywire and enjoy it tremendously. I have lots to say on the subject of how much I like Gina Carano, and it turns out I really enjoyed watching Channing Tatum's stupid face get punched by a hot girl. Later when reading more about Haywire, I find out that Channing Tatum and his stupid face are making another film with Soderberg about his actual facts past as a stripper, featuring a whole bunch of hot actors. I am both confused and intrigued. I put the matter from my mind.


Me, Three Weeks Ago: Channing Tatum still has a stupid face. I am looking for something to watch and the Eagle is available on the anytime+ and lots of people on my flist wrote fic about that movie, so I'm sure I can put up with Channing Tatum's stupid face for the length of the movie.


Me, Three Weeks Minus the Length of the Movie Ago: Channing Tatum's face remains stupid and it's a bit weird being a Scottish person watching a movie about the Romans being generally terrified of my ancestors, but I really liked that. Maybe I should hunt down some of that fic, and be less judgemental of Channing Tatum and his stupid face in the future...


Me, Two Weeks Ago: “Channing Tatum and his stupid face were in a stupid dance movie? I love stupid dance movies! Maybe I should check that out...”


Me, One Week and Three Days Ago: My friend lends me Step Up.** I watch Step Up. It was a stupid dance movie in all the best ways. And it would appear that while his face is quite stupid, the rest of Channing Tatum moves in ways very pleasing to the eye. Suddenly the whole stripper thing makes a great deal of sense.


Me, Less Than A Week Ago: I go see 21 Jump Street. I laugh considerably more than I expected. And I find, that somehow, inexplicably, I have totally become a Channing Tatum fangirl despite his stupid face.


Me, Last Night: *Find all the Channing Tatum tumblrs!* I <3 his stupid faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!


It is a very odd life, this fangirl thing.


*I'm still going to see the GI Joe sequel though. Because I am a glutton for punishment, and they’ve added the Rock and Adrienne Palicki to the cast. I am easily swayed by the most random of things.

**By my friend I mean the internet.

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Scotland appears to have skipped spring entirely and jumped straight into summer. It's very confusing, but quite nice. The sunlight seems to have lifted my mood, but I still haven't got back into the swing of this regular posting malarky.

Saw the Hunger Games this week and thought it was amazing. I totally ugly-sobbed my way through the bit that seems to be making everyone cry. Jennifer Lawrence put in an incredible performance and I'm looking forward to watching her career go from strength to strength. And I am loving Woody Harrelson's career resurgence. I haven't read the books and given the massive pile of stuff I want to read that I haven't got to yet, I don't think I'll manage to get round to them for quite a while. Since that means I can't dive into the Hunger Games fandom without the risk of getting spoiled, can anyone answer a few questions I've got?

Under a cut to protect anyone who's not seen the film yet...Read more... )

My Leslie Knope cross stitch is coming on in leaps and bounds. And I've been pretty disciplined about taking a picture every day which I'm quite chuffed about as I intend to do that with all my projects and never normally manage any better than a pic every few days. So here's how she's looking... under another cut... )
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Hoorah! Hurray! And most definitely cool, cool, cool. I have missed it so much.

So it seems appropriate to post a little thing I made myself a while back, which was inspired by this moment;

I added this to my favourite grey hoodie:

time hoodie 2

Some more pics under the cut... )


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Hello, internets. I went into lurker mode for a bit there. I tend to do that when I'm a bit stressed out. Sorry if anyone's been expecting comments or anything from me, but I'm getting back in the swing of it now. I've still got a backlog of crafty stuff I need to post, and I really need to go on a new icon hunt at some point soon (I needs me some parks & rec and avengers icons stat!), but I'm going to ease myself back into the whole actually-participating-in-fandom thing by showing y'all the new cross stitch project I've been working on while I've been grumpy and brooding offline.

So, when I'm done I should have something like this:

leslie knope chart preview

Here's what I've done so far under the cut... )

It's moving on pretty quickly, but I wish I'd started this much sooner so I could use it as evidence of Leslie Knope's awesomeness that I would cross stitch her so I could persuade everyone to vote for Leslie in [ profile] f_march_madness. But instead I'll just leave this here and hope you'll take it to heart!

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Reposting this pic as the Twitter joke trial reached the High Court appeal today. It's utterly baffling to me that this nonsense has got this far without someone doing anything remotely sensible. If you have no idea why I made a cross stitch of a criminal and "clearly menacing" tweet, you can read more about this Orwellian nightmare  here and here.


And on a lighter note, here, have a stitched Star Trek coaster.
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Everyone's seen Kristen Bell having the world's most adorable emotional breakdown, yes?

Well, if you haven't...

And in honour of that adorableness, have a picspam of cute people and cute things. Cos we can always do with some cuteness.

No apologies for teeth-melting sweetness under the cut )

P.S. I will get around to all those picspams of hottness I promised at some point soon!

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It's chaos and mayhem in casa Blaize at the moment, but the good kind - lots of redecorating and reorganizing, and in some cases just plain organizing of things that were never actually organized in the first place. And we have a new car, which facilitates lots of organizing but is also scary because I haven't driven in about eight years and need to relearn. But more importantly a car means a trip to Hobbycraft and buying supplies for the next few ridiculous craft projects, which is very exciting!

But until those crazy crafts are completed, have a post with some bags. These are a few of the pay it forward gifts I made last year, and there's some more stuff to come just as soon as I work through the backlog of unposted crafts!

blue3 stars3


More pics under the cut... )

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So, lessons learnt since posting my Inception cross stitch o' doom:

1.) I need to learn to pick better preview images of crafts projects - the number of people who commented to say they initially thought it was just a print of the poster or something implies to me that some people might have scrolled on by never noticing it was made of cross stitch. Which is oddly complimentary but simultaneously frustrating!

2.) Apparently I'm a really fast cross stitcher. This is a revelation given that I was the worst and the slowest at everything in home ec classes at school. I totally Britta'ed that subject. Just a late bloomer when it came to crafts and such, I suppose.

3.) If I don't pay attention I will type "thabks" rather than "thanks" every single time. Every. Single. Damn. Time.

4.) Cross stitch pattern programs are evil. Why does each program need its own file type thus making all of them incompatible with each other? Because they are bastards, that's why. I kinda knew this already but reason #5 made me face this again...

5.) At least two people out there are foolhardy brave enough to want to try this for themselves, which is always very exciting to me. So exciting that I don't even mind doing battle with technology to get something shareable! So here, have a pattern. Do with it as you will, but credit or a link back here would be appreciated, and I'd love to see the results if anyone does stitch it!

Click for the pattern! )


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