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2012-01-11 03:30 pm

The Dream Is Real. And Made of Cross Stitch.

It's finally time for me to unveil my completed Inception cross stitch! I am terribly excited about showing this off, and I hope other people like it as much as I do!

I began thinking about this project around this time last year, but didn't start stitching until towards the end of June. It took me a long time before I was happy with any of the umpty jillion patterns I tried and discarded. I noodled around with several screengrabs and whatnot of the hotel corridor fight for quite sometime before settling on doing the Arthur poster image, mainly because it had a wider range of colours than using a scene directly from the movie. I was finished the actual stitching part by the middle of November so it would seem that I keep taking around five months to do one of these cross stitches o' doom, regardless of the size of the project. (For reference, Arthur is over twice the size and contains over three times the number of stitches as my stitched Serenity, and almost double the stitches of the Enterprise one.)

At no point did I get frustrated with this project, which is a novelty to me. Not even a minor pout or kerfuffle. I can't decide if that's the reason this has been my favourite project so far, or if it is genuinely the best thing I've made. I've certainly never stitched better. The stitches and the tension are much more uniform across the piece than I've ever achieved in the past.

Here come the stats! The stitched design measures 22cm by 29cm. It contains 31,108 stitches from 25 different colours of thread. I used nearly 150 metres of those threads, and almost 50 meters of that is the very dark navy that dominates the piece.

So. Yeah. This happened.

Many more pics, and larger ones too, can be found here.

(BTW, does this count as fanart? I mean, I know it does, but could I post it to inception comms as fanart? And if so, which ones should I post it to? I am excited to show it off, but confused as to where it would be welcome. I am a bear of very little brain sometimes.)

Right, now I'm off to check my totem so I know I didn't make this beauty in a dream...

ETA: Pattern now available here.

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2012-01-10 02:45 pm

Geeky peeps bring me geeky gifts!

Look at me, posting two days in a row. It's shocking, I know. And I will probably post tomorrow as well, because my Arthur cross stitch is framed and looking lovely and i can't wait to share him with the interwebs!

But first, I wanted to share a few Christmas pressies I got, because they are awesome and need to to be shown off!

Further proof of my mama's geekdom )

And in yet more I-am-so-showing-off news, the super (soo-pa-paa!) [ profile] rooferrocks (roo-fa-faa!) made me my very own Tardis journal just like River Song's. And it is wonderful! Lookit!


More pics... )

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2012-01-09 04:34 pm

Ooooh, windows 7 is considerably better than I had anticipated....

As I transfer pictures and patterns and other random files to my shiny new computer I've discovered loads of stuff that I've made and not yet posted any pics of. So working through the backlog should keep me busy for a while, which is quite nice - I was worried I'd have nothing interesting to post until I'd finished any of the umpty-billion half completed and then abandoned craft projects I have cluttering up the place!

So to start out the year, here's the gift I sent for the [ profile] ontd_startrek secret santa.


A few more pics... )

And under the cut - the wonderous gifts I received from [ profile] silviasmurf

Yet more pics... )

And to keep up the Star Trek theme, I was asked if I would share my Star Fleet insignia cross stitch patterns, so if you want to stitch any of these...

all star trek badges

...then a pattern lies under the cut!

The cut has a pattern... )
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2012-01-04 10:07 pm

Tak a cup o kindness yet

Well, I have survived 2011, so huzzah. 2012 really has to be an improvement I think. Although, the scary (but sometimes hilariously named) storms we've been having have at least proven that the work that has thus far been completed on our building have definitely returned us to water-proof and draft-proof status. Which has been beyond brilliant. No floods or freezes in my home this winter! So positivity is my watchword for 2012. Either "positivity" or "bloody hell there are too many awesome movies I wanna see". One or the other shall be my watchword for 2012.

Christmas was lovely if a bit busy. I don't think we'll try to do three cities in the space of a week this year. Certainly not by train anyhow. But I saw most of the family, ate a lot of great food, and got some fantastic gifts, a few of which I'll share in my next post. But for today I would just like to show off how marvelously chill I can be when I try my very best.

I received this gift from my sis-in-law:

pressie of doom

And I succeeded in not murderising a single person present. Yay, me! \o/

I was marvelously pleased with my zen-like exterior. I shall even be a grateful and un-wasteful person and use these products. Can you wear glitter body gel ironically? I'm certainly going to try.

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2011-12-24 10:01 pm

Merry Happy!


Merry Christmas/Happy Santa Day/A Joyous Solstice-applicable-in-your-hemisphere Celebration to you and yours from me, Troy and Abed. Actual updates will follow at some point, but I'm enjoying my holidays and hoping to have loads of time to wallow in the interwebs soon. Hope you're all well!
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2011-12-07 04:10 pm

Response to stress and cold - boys being hot

I appear to have some sort of home delivery curse. We had a sofa take nearly 3 months to turn up. Food delivery folk need to call us for directions every time we order, because google maps doesn't know our street exists, most sat nav systems direct deliveries up the lane, which is only a means of access to our building on foot, and some ordinance survey maps have our street name spelt wrong (oddly, this never confuses postmen or courier services). And now the new laptop I have ordered isn't coming on the day it was meant to be delivered for a totally unknown reason because the message they left asked me to call them back on a phone number that is not actually a valid phone number. And no one else seems to have any record of my order. Aaaaargh.

So I'm falling back on my old coping mechanism - a random picspam of hot boys.

Hello, boys )

Yum. That made me feel much better.

ETA: *pets LJ on the head* Poor LJ. Maybe one day some overenthusiastic fangirls will take down Putin just to make you stable once more.

ETA2: Apologies for momentary cut failage! *hits html with hammers*
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2011-12-07 03:12 pm

Response to stress and cold - boys being hot

I appear to have some sort of home delivery curse. We had a sofa take nearly 3 months to turn up. Food delivery folk need to call us for directions every time we order, because google maps doesn't know our street exists, most sat nav systems direct deliveries up the lane, which is only a means of access to our building on foot, and some ordinance survey maps have our street name spelt wrong (oddly, this never confuses postmen or courier services). And now the new laptop I have ordered isn't coming on the day it was meant to be delivered for a totally unknown reason because the message they left asked me to call them back on a phone number that is not actually a valid phone number. And no one else seems to have any record of my order. Aaaaargh.

So I'm falling back on my old coping mechanism - a random picspam of hot boys.

Hello, boys )

Yum. That made me feel much better.

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2011-12-01 05:09 pm
Entry tags:

How can it possibly be December already?

I am having issues with the linear progression of time. It is all moving far faster than it ought to, I'm sure.

So, it's already that time of year to remind anyone who might be thinking of buying something from my etsy shop that the last posting dates before Christmas are -
UK: Wed 14th December (Parcelforce options available at extra cost until Tue 20th December)
Western Europe: Mon 12th December
Eastern Europe, USA and Canada: Fri 9th December
Everywhere Else: Mon 5th December

In other crafting news, Arthur is finally finished and is quite possibly the best thing I have ever stitched in my life. But you're not getting any pics until I'm happy with the framing, which currently, I am not. I want it to look its best before I unveil it to the world! Well, here's a sneaky peak of the unsightly back side of for now!

Click for pic! )

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2011-11-15 02:26 pm

Did'ya miss me?

Hello internet world! I have returned! Our phone line went all wonky again and RL has been well busy and made of stress of late. But everything is tentatively fixed and I'm back again. Did I miss anything good?

I've picked a very weird day to get back into the habit of posting. Community is/isn't/is-in-danger-of-being cancelled and there is definitely/definitely-not a Doctor Who movie actually-happening/not-happening/in-development-with-no-one-attached/in-development-with-David-Yates. It's like Schrödinger's news day. I am confused. Someone hold me. Or perhaps tell me not to rely on tumblr for information.

I've been moving a bunch of pics into a new photobucket account to stymie those dastardly hotlinkers from guzzling up my bandwidth allowance, but it does mean I've broken a lot of my own links. I think I've got most of them fixed on lj and I'm going to get around to doing the same on dw as soon as I can, but if I've missed anything please let me know. Don't want to deny anyone their picspams!

Speaking of picspammage, here's some pics of how the Inception cross stitch is coming along.

Very nearly finnished now! )Very nearly finnished now! )

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2011-10-19 04:41 pm

Terrifying Space Monkeys! Or perhaps just cross stitch patterns

Anyone remember when I made this lovely cross stitch o' doom?

serenity framed 1

Well, some crazy brave soul was interested in making one of their own, so here's the pattern for it.

Read more... )

As always, feel free to do whatever you want with it, but credit or a link back here would be very much appreciated. And I'd love to see the results if anyone does stitch it!

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2011-10-18 02:45 pm

There should be a special hell for hotlinking

For the first time ever I've managed to exceed my bandwidth allowance with photobucket so all my fandom picspams are useless until Friday (I think that's the day my account rolls over to a new month) and I haven't replied yet to any comments on the last one because I feel like I have to reply with pics to picspam comments. It's my own stupid rule but for some reason I feel like I have to abide by it! I'd be quite pleased with myself if it weren't for the fact that I haven't actually used all that bandwidth by just sharing my flaily joy - quite a lot of it seems to have been used up thanks to people hotlinking images. Is there any way to prevent that sort of thing happening? I think I'm most affronted by how messy that "bandwidth exceeded" image makes everything look. Harrumph. I can't really justify buying a pro photobucket account for my fandom stuff when I already pay for a flickr account for my crafts stuff. At least that means all the crafts posts look ok. I'm going to move my moodtheme pics somewhere else so that they're not part of the problem but I'm not sure they really use all that much bandwidth. Oh dear, this is very much a first world problem and I shall shut up about it now!

So since I can't picspam at the moment, have some video links of things you've probably seen already instead!

Trailer for the new Muppet movie

Chris Pine vs Tom Hardy in the This Means War trailer

The trailer for Steve McQueen's Shame, starring Michael Fassbender

Avengers Trailer (I may or may not have made some really high pitched squealing noises while I was watching this over and over.)

Mini movie of Agent Coulson being ridiculously badass - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer
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2011-10-11 02:08 pm

O that I were a glove upon that hand...

As I sit awaiting the delivery of a magical sofa (It somehow managed to disappear from a depot on the day it was supposed to be delivered nearly a month ago, and it has led them on a merry chase since. I suspect it is related to the Simpsons' couch.) I couldn't think of a better way to spend my time than, yup, you've guessed it, picspamming.

Today's theme is the rather self-explanatory "Sexy People Who Are Wearing Gloves In a Sexy Manner."

Warning for those on slow connections - over 60 pics this time (not very many of them gifs). And one or two pics that may be NSFW depending on the liberalness of your employer.



pics, pics, pics... )
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2011-10-10 05:15 pm

I cannot for the life of me think of an interesting title for this post. This will have to do.

That whole posting-more-often thing is not going so terribly well. Should be able to spend more time sashaying my way around the internet a bit more when the building work from hell is finally done, which should apparently, allegedly, possibly be quite soon or sometime approximating soon-ish. Or something.

Not helping with the making-time-to-do-more-than-lurk problem may be the fact that I saw Drive the other day (which was amazeballs and may get it's own reaction post) and now may have fallen into a deep well of Ryan Gosling tumblrs. Why did no one point out this man to me sooner? I expected more from my fangirl-enabling flist! But, hey, better late than never, and just in time to find a bazillion pics to add to my semi-completed picspams too. Hurrah!

Anyhow, the Inception cross stitch is still ongoing, and coming out rather nicely. Have finally worked out my issues with pale colours - it turns out to be a rather simple issue, basically it's easier to see errors in the pale coloured stitches whereas your eyes just see the dark stitches as plain blocks of colour and you don't notice if the tension's a bit wonky or the stitch isn't lined up perfectly. But armed with this knowledge I'm now attacking the pale portions a little differently, which may end up making a world of difference. That probably only I will notice. I'm a fool to myself when it comes to the ol' cross stitch! Some pics under the cut of how Arthur's shaping up:

Pics, pics, pics... )
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2011-09-30 01:37 pm

Champagne makes my head fuzzy. But in a good way.

Have returned from my family get-together. It was beyond fabulous. The usual good food, good booze, good company combo with additional aunties and uncles and added drunken dancing and general hilarity.

And brilliantly, after posting about my own amazing childhood birthday parties, my mother turned up with this as her birthday cake.


Mama Blaize for the win!

A pic of the menu from her birthday dinner (complete with wine pairings! I am so spoilt!) under the cut so you can be jealous of our gluttony.

om nom noms )

I've missed most of the Delicious debacle while I was away, but it doesn't look pretty. I'm going to give things a few days to settle down and then look into Pinboard as that seems to be where everyone is migrating.

Then, as if I didn't already have enough fandom stuff stealing all my attention and freetime, I got into Pottermore this week. I'm RookQueen63 - let me know your name there if you'd like me to friend you. I'm a Hufflepuff (yay!) and my wand is rowan with unicorn core, 14 1/2 inches, slightly swishy. This stuff makes me more excited than a grown adult really ought to be. The site itself is pretty cool - the artwork is gorgeous and I love the way you interact with it, but if it can't handle the number of people on it at the moment, what's it going to be like when it opens fully?

And finally, some more pics of my Inception cross stitch under the cut. Eight out of sixteen pages of the pattern are complete now! But it's more like 3/4 of the way done. And I've still not reached a stage of rage yet! It's clearly a magical cross stitch project.

stitchy stitch stitch )

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2011-09-23 11:58 pm

The Geekiness Is Encoded In My DNA

Off to spend the weekend with my family as it’s my Mum’s birthday. One of those big important round number birthdays. So I thought I’d tell you a little bit about Mama Blaize and how she made me who I am, perhaps somewhat inadvertently.

My Mum probably wouldn’t self identify as a geek, or a nerd, or a fangirl. But I think she is, and she certainly knows how to raise one. She once asked me to define what a geek was, and I still haven’t answered that question. She asks me very difficult questions sometimes. But since that conversation I’ve found myself musing on where my own geekitude came from.

I think it all started in the late 80s with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Mum had told me stories about going to her student union at university to watch the original Star Trek and so was really excited about the new show. BBC2 used to have a regular sci fi slot one weeknight at 6pm, and ST:TNG must have been shown there as I vividly remember having to be ready in my Brownie uniform before it started, so that we could leave the house immediately after the programme finished and just make it in time. Watching ST:TNG with my Mum every week seems to have set several patterns in my life – the idea of appointment television, the idea of organizing other events around watching a show, me having crushes on fictional characters (yes, I fancied Wesley Crusher, but hey, I was about 10, and like several other childhood/teen crushes it has gone full circle from being cool, then embarrassing, and then cool again. Life is odd like that.), it was even my earliest memory of the pain of a season finale cliffhanger (Locutus of Borg messed with my head but set me in good stead to cope with writers doing terrible things to characters I loved).

We watched Quantum Leap together too, and later we watched the X Files. Even through my stroppy teens (and looking back, I was just every stereotype of the whiny teenage girl, I have no idea how my mother didn’t strangle me) I enjoyed our sci fi telly bonding time. I have no memories of what my father or brother were up to during those hours glued to the telly, I just remember it being about me and my Mum. And it wasn’t just about hanging out and mindlessly watching some tv. My Mum often used TV shows to help explain things going on in my own life or the world around me – I have a slightly awkward memory from around puberty of a storyline on Neighbours being used in a discussion about these strange new feelings about boys. My mother even named me after a character from a TV show in the 70s, so me, my Mum, and telly has literally been a lifelong relationship. And the sci fi shows in particular were ones that caused me to ask questions or prompted discussions, and even expand my vocabulary – I remember one episode of the X Files that swapped the usual “The Truth Is Out There” tagline for “Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate” and I had no idea what the latter two words meant, but my Mum did, and so new things were learned that day. I think she definitely instilled in me a love of learning new things even before the love of sci fi was formed.

The point at which the X Files kinda stopped being as interesting as it once was (in my opinion) handily coincided with me turning 18 and leaving home. But the rise of the DVD boxset has somewhat kept this tradition of shared telly going in my mind. I may not get to sit down every week and watch a show with my Mum, but I can make sure she gets to see the shows that I’m finding the most exciting, and it’s so much fun for me when I phone home to find out that my Mum and Dad have marathoned half a season of something I bought for them. And recently watching all of Sirens over the course of two evenings while visiting my parents was like a warm comforting blanket of good entertainment and good company.

And it wasn’t just tv watching that set me up for my life of geekdom. My childhood was full of encouragement to develop my creativity and imagination. My Mum threw the best kids’ birthday parties in the world. They were always meticulously themed and every time she made the theme-appropriate birthday cake herself. The two I remember most clearly are my Jem birthday party, complete with a keytar cake (I have a photo of that somewhere. I can’t for the life of me find it now, but if I do I’ll be sure to post it!), and the time she completely outdid herself for my little brother’s 5th birthday. Like most boys in the early 90s he was a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, and his birthday was a Turtle fan’s dream – all the kids got cardboard turtle shells to wear, and their faces painted green and a bandana eyemask. Mum was dressed up as Splinter and I was drafted in to be April, and the cake looked like a pizza with all its marzipan pizza toppings. Even I, the roped-in-against-her-will big sister, had a great time! The childhood birthday parties are definitely a starting point for my interest in arts and crafts, and my Mum was also a massive enabler of other geeky pursuits – I wouldn’t be who I am today without her taking me to concerts and to the theatre as a child, and then acting as an unpaid and unthanked taxi service while I went to plays and musicals and gigs as a teenager.

So maybe all of these things can finally prompt me to answer that question – “what, exactly, defines a geek?”

A geek is someone who cares about something, who watches every episode or reads every book, and is not merely a passive consumer of that work, but an active participant, be that through asking questions of their mother, or chatting about it on the internet til the wee hours of the morning. A geek is someone who loves something unashamedly, who’ll laugh, cry, and ask really difficult questions. A geek is passionate, completist, sometimes argumentative, often funny. Myself, my husband, my father, my brother, and my mother, we’re all geeks. Not all in the same way, and not all about the same stuff (with the exceptions of Firefly, great cuts of beef, and the collective noun for hedgehogs – an array, dontchaknow – we all agree keenly about them) but we’re a geeky family indeed, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you, Mum, and Happy Birthday!

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2011-09-14 04:10 pm

Et tu, oven?

It really shouldn't be possible for so many things to break in such a short space of time. And it definitely DEFINITELY shouldn't be possible for two ovens to break in the same way in the space of two years. And yet in such a short space of time I had forgotten just how many meals we eat rely on having a working oven. Well, more frying and boiling and grilling and microwaving recipes shall be learned or rediscovered over the next few days!

In happier news, I found this article very interesting - I think of it as "fandom: older than you think." (Also, more back-up for the argument that girls are not "ruining" fandom; we bloody started it in the first place.)

In related, but depressing, news - Internet troll jailed for 18 weeks.

And in crafting news, I've been featured in some more etsy treasuries, which you can see here, and my Inception cross stitch continues to trundle on apace. Click for cross stitch pics! (Try saying that ten times fast) )

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2011-09-12 03:48 pm

A Picspam of Oral Fixation

Technologies throughout my home are failing and breaking and generally causing me irritation, but for once my computer and the internet are robust, so what's my usual cure for woe?


You could argue that the smoking picspam is already a picspam of oral fixation, but I'm fine with any excuse for yet another theme or subcategory of picspammage. Any excuse at all!

So, here's a picspam that ended up becoming mainly a James McAvoy and Tom Hardy picspam, with some other lovely people sandwiched in between, and a rather lovely preponderance of toothpicks and bottles. (Warning: over 100 pieces of yumminess in this post, many of them gifs.) Enjoy!


Click for pics! )

I'm working my way through the picspams you want to see, so next up will be "Sexy People Who Are Wearing Leather Gloves In a Sexy Manner." Feel free to comment spam me with any of your faves for that or any other themed picspam!
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2011-09-02 04:51 pm

Geek Lamp 2: Electric Boogaloo

After I made my own geekiest lamp in all of geekdom a friend of mine (the very friend who lent me his Enterprise D blueprints) commissioned me to make him a table lamp with an Enterprise design. Took me ages to find a lamp I could customise and then ages again to actually decide which bit of the ship to put on it, but I really like what I ended up with, so maybe all that time was worth it! Here's how it turned out:
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2011-09-01 04:33 pm

September? Already? Really?

Some updates on the state of me!

Building stress: Still stressful, but inching towards completion every day, so my state of mind is distinctly better than it was. Given that the work was meant to be completed in October last year it would be quite good for my emotional well-being if it was finished before October of this year, however.

Telly stuff: Caught up on Leverage in a massive splurge and it was glorious! I don't feel like the show ever dipped in quality or anything, but this season has been really fantastic. They've made me cry at three separate episodes this year and I don't think Leverage has ever made me cry before. All the Parker and Hardison stuff is making me flail around like a flaily thing, as has the Nate and Sophie stuff but for different reasons, and Eliot is still the most adorable killing machine ever. And everyone wants to hug Hardison all the time. As well they should.


Went to see a screening of the first episode of series 2 of The Killing (the Danish version, not the AMC remake) and a Q&A with Sofie Gråbøl and Piv Bernth hosted by Emma Kennedy. It was, unsurprisingly, amazeballs. Going to be a very annoying wait until November for more episodes. Sofie Gråbøl is so ridiculously gorgeous in person, and very funny. And Emma Kennedy is every bit the Forbrydelsen fangirl that she seemed on twitter (the pronunciation was explained to the audience as "Ferb-noise of person puking-son".). And in series two Sarah Lund has a new jumper. It's very exciting.

Cross stitch o' doom progress: Also very exciting. So exciting in fact that I'm putting the pics under a cut from now on until it's done. Which might still be ages away, but it's coming along very nicely. Am still rather suspicious about that.

Pics of progress... )
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2011-08-24 02:37 pm

Wet and Wonderful

Well this was certainly a FABULOUS plan of procrastination through picture finding. Thank you to all who enabled this terrible behaviour encouraged this fantastic use of my time.

Warning to those with a slow connection - there are approx 80 pics and gifs in this picspam.

And so without further ado, I present:


Yum yum yum )

And now I am dead from hottness. Yet again. Le sigh.