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I've been trying to make this widget work so that I can post dynamic versions of etsy treasuries, but I don't think LJ will let you do embed script type thingies, will it? Anyhow, here's another treasury in a boring clicky pic version for now!

purple geek treasury

And a quick recommendation for anyone who needs some help making photos look clean and professional (I know I certainly do!). Try FotoFuze - they call themselves "the better photo generator and dimension amplifier" and I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. But it does this... )
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I am currently an organizational disaster zone. While there are many reasons for this, I am mostly blaming Inception fandom. Yes, still.

So, here's some things wot I made.

Picture 005               Picture 011

More pics under the cut )

Both of these are going up in my shop later this week (yes, I know I said that last week and still haven't listed everything, but I really am determined to get sorted this week!). Please feel free to tell me to shut up about things I'm selling if it starts getting annoying!

ETA : Live Long and Prosper T-shirt now listed here, and the Doctor Who bag is here.
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The majority of the available processing power in my brain remains beholden to Inception. Apparently this movie is the world's most resilient parasite. I've now seen it twice and a fairly epic reaction post essay is percolating in my brain, but this is not that post yet. This post is the crafty stuff I would have posted last week if Nolan hadn't stolen my brain space.

Previews (Yes, I am still obsessed with the Hipstamatic app, yes, I bought all the additional lenses and films.):

Picture 227  Picture 221

More pics under the cut )ETA: Marv t-shirt and Rassilon bag now listed at etsy.
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I have a terrible tendency to pick up a few extra t-shirts that grab my fancy whenever I'm getting something for a custom order. So a couple of weeks ago I rounded up all the random shirts piling up around my craft room and decided to come up with something simple but cool to actually use them for.

And thus this happened:


Twenty-three (!!) individual photos under the cut.
Read more... )

As always, there are more photos at my Flickr album here. And since I'm being particularly shameless today I'll point out that most of these t-shirts will be available to buy from my etsy shop here. Custom orders are always appreciated - if you want something uniquely geeky to you, I'm happy to make it!
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More shopping bags to post! This time I present a cross stitched Tardis, an official Eddie Izzard bag gets tarted up,  and I am slightly inspired by the lettering from Death Note.

A wee preview:


Read more... )

Bowser Bag

Feb. 11th, 2010 03:05 pm
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Below the cut are many pictures of a Mario-themed market bag, and some recently made Mario badges that haven't hit the blog yet.

So, what did this get turned into?


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D'oh! Oh well, tomorrow is another day and perhaps all my picture uploading issues will magically fix themselves.

To be going on with however I have a thing of magnificence to share. My [ profile] ontd_startrek Secret Santa present is a GQMFing Spock Monkey, made by [ profile] hurricanine , and it is a thing of beauty. Thank you so much.

Pics of my Spock Monkey and the present that I sent await after the cut... )
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Some pictures of homemade shopping bags, with Doctor Who and Flight of the Conchords related embellishments, await you after the cut.

Down with plastic bags... )


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