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That whole posting-more-often thing is not going so terribly well. Should be able to spend more time sashaying my way around the internet a bit more when the building work from hell is finally done, which should apparently, allegedly, possibly be quite soon or sometime approximating soon-ish. Or something.

Not helping with the making-time-to-do-more-than-lurk problem may be the fact that I saw Drive the other day (which was amazeballs and may get it's own reaction post) and now may have fallen into a deep well of Ryan Gosling tumblrs. Why did no one point out this man to me sooner? I expected more from my fangirl-enabling flist! But, hey, better late than never, and just in time to find a bazillion pics to add to my semi-completed picspams too. Hurrah!

Anyhow, the Inception cross stitch is still ongoing, and coming out rather nicely. Have finally worked out my issues with pale colours - it turns out to be a rather simple issue, basically it's easier to see errors in the pale coloured stitches whereas your eyes just see the dark stitches as plain blocks of colour and you don't notice if the tension's a bit wonky or the stitch isn't lined up perfectly. But armed with this knowledge I'm now attacking the pale portions a little differently, which may end up making a world of difference. That probably only I will notice. I'm a fool to myself when it comes to the ol' cross stitch! Some pics under the cut of how Arthur's shaping up:




Date: 2011-10-10 06:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OK I really, really need to see Drive. Everyone is talking about it, I can't hold out any more. I think people are slooowly catching up to the fangirling of Ryan Gosling. It's like James McAvoy and Fassy; hardly anyone talked about 'em and then BAM they're everywhere! ;)

The cross stitch is looking so good, I'm totally blown away by it (and want it ::grabby hands::)! Speaking of stitching I found this absolutely amazing Ron Swanson cross stitch the other day that I *really* want to make. Unfortunately I've never really done stitching--any advice (particularly on how to make her photo into a pattern)? Here's a pic. <3

Date: 2011-10-14 04:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, Drive is totally worth seeing if you haven't in the time it has taken me to actually reply! I guess I've just been slightly blindsided by not having really paid Ryan Gosling any attention until now - usually I'm the one going "yeah, he's totally awesome, you need to see this and this and this now" and am sad to be so behind the curve! God, now I realize I'm just a total hipster when it comes to hot, talented actors. Dammit.

That piece is really cool but it's not cross stitch so I can offer no helpful advice! It looks like hand embroidery to me and as a cross stitcher who relies on nice neat squares I am intimidated and in awe of it. I think with that kind of stuff you need to just freehand it or draw your design onto fabric and then stitch over that. It looks awesome but scary to me! Ravelry or might have some tutorials or something.

But that does make me think - I guess Parks & Rec is totally just as good as everyone keeps saying if people are making fancrafts, and I should get on watching it, yeah?


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