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Right, 2011 is officially a bastard. Onto other news...

Don't worry, I have not forgotten about making stuff for Pay It Forward 2011 - [ profile] sorrynotsorry and [ profile] dahliablueI will be in touch soon, I promise. My etsy shop seems to have a rhythm of nothing-for-ages and then umpty-million-things-at-once and I clearly need to learn better time management skills!

More etsy treasuries here. One of Glasgow based sellers, and one of Firefly/Serenity items.

Handwriting meme!
Pic under the cut... )

Crafts! Some random geeky bags!
3 pics under the cut... )
Which reminds me - has [ profile] ontd_startrek stopped doing Make it Sew posts? Cos I haven't seen one in ages and I've made loads of Trekkie things lately which I really feel like showing off.

Meant to make a post of reactions to things I have seen lately, but as per bloody usual I don't really have the time, so here, have the quick versions:

Fast & Furious 5 - Fast cars, check. Inappropriate sexual tension, check. Fantastic stunts, check. Vin Diesel's sexy voice being all growly and sexy, check. Vin Diesel punching people, check. The Rock punching people, check. 'Splosions, check. Heist-y banter, check. Actual physics of the world totally not adhered to, check. So basically, if you like this franchise, this'll be your favourite one. Also, stay for the credits for a "we totally know we're making a sixth one" scene which gave me much happiness.

Thor - Made me giggle like a loon for most of its running time. Unexpected [character's name redacted for spoilers] was unexpected, but also awesome. Hewsworth was fantastic and hella hot. Idris Elba was ridic badass (and also sporting a sexy growly voice. I seem to have a thing.) And again, stay right to the very end of the credits for a little Avengers tease. I am excite.

Doctor Who - Dear Steven Moffat, please stop trying to break my brain. Love, Me.

Community - Baby episode was fabulous, but my dear deities, the "clip show" episode was quite possibly the most glorious thing an American sitcom has ever produced. I though I was actually going to hyperventilate at one point I was laughing so hard.


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In an attempt to reclaim my blogging mojo, here be a whole bunch of recent(ish) custom order crafts that I haven't posted yet.

Things like this:


And this:

100211 3
And many more!
More crafty stuff... )

And I'm featured in a new treasury over at etsy, which you can check out over here!

Real Life continues to be composed mainly of stress and grumpiness, but  the internet has been bringing me much joy of late (mainly in the form of Misha Collins and the fact that I've given in and dived head first into Hawaii five-o fandom) and I'm off to see the Trocks tonight so I am a very happy bunny today.
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It's a good thing I don't make actual New Year's Resolutions otherwise I'd be feeling pretty bad about that whole "I'm going to post more in 2011" thing...

I may use this journal as an outlet for moaning about why the real world is mean and isn't letting me play on the internet enough at some point soon, but for now I am being a happy bunny because I got my [ profile] ontd_startrek Secret Santa present from [ profile] carma_bee at the weekend and it is awesome and made me much cheerier.

secret santa 2

A plushy Adipose! Isn't he just the cutest thing? When I've got my work space reorganized I'm going to sit him on top of my computer monitor with my Spock monkey I got from last year's Secret Santa. I love Trek fandom. Y'all are amazeballs.

And here's the gift that I made:


More pics )

In unrelated business, I've started posting the etsy treasuries I get featured in over on my blogger blog as I can't use script type widgets on LJ (or at least I haven't worked out how to yet). I'll link to them every so often so go have a look at some more awesome geeker crafts by me and by other people here!

And finally, it is awesome that NBC sell a Troy and Abed in the Morning mug. It is awesome that it only costs $12. It is unawesome that it would cost $24 to ship to the UK. I really don't think I can justify spending $36 on one mug. Boooo. (BTW the short version of my reaction to the latest Community episode involves a lot of high pitched squealing, hearts in my eyes and me hugging my telly because it was just that awesome.)
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I've been trying to make this widget work so that I can post dynamic versions of etsy treasuries, but I don't think LJ will let you do embed script type thingies, will it? Anyhow, here's another treasury in a boring clicky pic version for now!

purple geek treasury

And a quick recommendation for anyone who needs some help making photos look clean and professional (I know I certainly do!). Try FotoFuze - they call themselves "the better photo generator and dimension amplifier" and I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. But it does this... )
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Some Battlestar Galactica stuff today in what I think is part three of the eleventy billion things I meant to post long before now!

Ever since I first had the idea to do dictionary definition t-shirts I wanted to do this one. But as it has almost twice as many characters as the Star Trek "doctor" one, and that took me hours upon hours to do by hand, I never quite got round to doing a handmade version. As it was, even getting that amount of text to fit clearly in a 10" by 10" design was quite the kerfuffle. But finally I can present to you my "frak" definition t-shirt, now available at

You can see the other designs I have up at cafepress here. I've made more sales than I expected to so far and I'm thinking it might be worth looking into paying for a premium shop. Also, I'm surprised that the Princess Bride one is outselling the Star Trek one by a factor of three to one. But clearly I know nothing - I can never predict what what will get a good reaction when it comes to my own stuff!

And now, another etsy treasury...
some BSG crafts )

And finally, there's still a few spots open to participate in Pay It Forward 2011 and get something handmade from me! Don't miss out!  ETA: Got five people now!
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I got featured in a few more treasuries on Etsy over Christmas and New Year and I thought I should share two of them with you. So much amazing stuff there - I keep having to remind myself that I'm there to sell stuff, not to buy!

So, there's a Mario treasury here:

treasury mario

(Take a gander at Hooby Groovy's whole range of cases and accessories - they are all just as fabulous as that Goomba iphone case.)

And a Star Trek one here:

treasury star trek

(OMG those cushions. I want those cushions so much. Please check out Yellow Bug Boutique and marvel at her work. I want to buy ALL THE THINGS!)
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The evil of last week managed to invade Monday and Tuesday of this week too, but finally I am free and things are looking up. I am determined to stay positive and work my way through my truly random to do list as best I can. (It includes such diverse entries as "make definition of frak t-shirt" but also "clean kitchen walls". Good times.)

One item on my to do list that I did manage to get done earlier this week was to sign up for the [ profile] ontd_startrek annual Secret Santa. Last year I got an amazing Spock Monkey (who sits above my computer monitor to this day) so I'm pretty excited about it. My brain's already buzzing with ideas about what I'm going to make, but I'll try to make myself wait til I know who I'm a Santa for before going too crazy!

And I got featured in another treasury over at etsy, which cheered me no end. My Marv t-shirt is in rather nice company - I particularly like the Ctrl Alt Del cushions and the SNES controller soap. If they're still available in a few weeks I think I may know how I'm starting my Christmas shopping. Click the pic to head over to etsy and check out these fine people's work!

treasury grey geek

PS Caught up on Supernatural - Cas + air quotes is now my OTP. Also, "a more profound bond". *dead from giggles*
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I think it's fair to say that I have seriously lost momentum with this project. Progress is sloooooo-ooooow. I will not list the things I blame for this, for fear of sounding like a broken record. But one of the best things about this blog is that I can look back at previous large cross stitch projects and know that I always do this. It flies along really fast and easy, and then it gets hard and I start anthropomorphizing colours and threads and getting into arguments with things inanimate, and then somehow, somewhere, I find my sanity and reach the home stretch and it starts getting easier. And then when I finish, I love the project and seem to forget the moments where I nearly tore it apart. So hopefully that third stage will kick in soon. And at least this time I have outside influences to blame rather than just shrieking about how pale colours are evil.

Here's how Serenity looks today:


And here's a close up where you can actually tell that I've started putting in some of the darker colours:


And while I'm here, my TLDR bag got featured in a green and purple themed treasury over at etsy. I'd always encourage y'all to check these kind of things out cos there are so many amazing crafters and artists on etsy (so much better than me!) and you never know what you might find over there!
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Check it out here.

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Got featured in my very first treasury over at Etsy. It's exciting!

Go check it out here and have a good browse - there are so many amazing geeky crafts going on over at Etsy right now.


And while we're at it, I'd also like to reccomend that you check out Ory B's amazing Red Shirt mini Munnys.

Sold a pair of the phaser pants last week, and they turned out much nicer than my own ones. Quick Pic! )


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