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Hello all! I had a few weeks where I couldn't do much interetting due to boring reasons and then I went and discovered I'd gotten some sort blogging stage fright. It's all a bit odd. So I'm easing myself back into the swing of things with a picspam because that cures all ills. Going to catch up with replying to comments and posting the stuff I've been making lately over the next few days.

So without further ado, here's some* rather gorgeous people wearing some lovely hats. Enjoy.

*By some I mean 68 pics and gifs. Proceed with caution!


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I appear to have some sort of home delivery curse. We had a sofa take nearly 3 months to turn up. Food delivery folk need to call us for directions every time we order, because google maps doesn't know our street exists, most sat nav systems direct deliveries up the lane, which is only a means of access to our building on foot, and some ordinance survey maps have our street name spelt wrong (oddly, this never confuses postmen or courier services). And now the new laptop I have ordered isn't coming on the day it was meant to be delivered for a totally unknown reason because the message they left asked me to call them back on a phone number that is not actually a valid phone number. And no one else seems to have any record of my order. Aaaaargh.

So I'm falling back on my old coping mechanism - a random picspam of hot boys.

Hello, boys )

Yum. That made me feel much better.

ETA: *pets LJ on the head* Poor LJ. Maybe one day some overenthusiastic fangirls will take down Putin just to make you stable once more.

ETA2: Apologies for momentary cut failage! *hits html with hammers*
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Technologies throughout my home are failing and breaking and generally causing me irritation, but for once my computer and the internet are robust, so what's my usual cure for woe?


You could argue that the smoking picspam is already a picspam of oral fixation, but I'm fine with any excuse for yet another theme or subcategory of picspammage. Any excuse at all!

So, here's a picspam that ended up becoming mainly a James McAvoy and Tom Hardy picspam, with some other lovely people sandwiched in between, and a rather lovely preponderance of toothpicks and bottles. (Warning: over 100 pieces of yumminess in this post, many of them gifs.) Enjoy!


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I'm working my way through the picspams you want to see, so next up will be "Sexy People Who Are Wearing Leather Gloves In a Sexy Manner." Feel free to comment spam me with any of your faves for that or any other themed picspam!
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Well this was certainly a FABULOUS plan of procrastination through picture finding. Thank you to all who enabled this terrible behaviour encouraged this fantastic use of my time.

Warning to those with a slow connection - there are approx 80 pics and gifs in this picspam.

And so without further ado, I present:


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And now I am dead from hottness. Yet again. Le sigh.
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I keep trying to write a post about X-Men First Class and I just keep deleting the whole thing and starting again. It's bizarre - part of me wants to write serious meta about STUFF and THOUGHTS, and then part of me just wants to flail around typing incoherent rubbish about my FEELINGS and LUSTS. So instead, here, have a picspam about hats. IDK, it made sense in my head.

Hats. I bloody love hats. I have a lot of hats and I love them all. Everyone should wear more hats. Everyone would wear more hats if I were in charge. And attractive men should definitely wear hats.

Like so:


Lots of pics of Fassbender in hats with guest appearances from other people in hats... )
Despite having spent what feels like most of the week on youtube I still have not watched all of the Fassbender/McAvoy interviews in existence. It's a tragedy. I am slowly working my way through this amazing link post. I will have watched them all eventually. Oh. yes.
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Weird week.

Bad Things:

1. I have a pile of roof in my back garden and not much roof on my roof.

2. It keeps threatening to snow and I don't trust the tarpaulin to keep us all dry.

3. I want to kill all the builders.

Good things:

1. I have actual bidders for my [ profile] help_japan  offers here and here. Woo hoo! I was genuinely worried no-one would want to bid on my stuff. Go see if there's anything you want to bid on!

2. So, that whole "I should cross post my craft stuff to comms" thing. I should have been doing that forever ago. I got two pages worth of comments on my geeky lamp once I'd replied to them all! I've never gotten more than a dozen comments before let alone that many. It's awesome. Although I have now turned into a comment-whore who constantly checks her inbox. Oh well!

3. I seem to not be alone with the whole "accidental fandom" relationship with Hawaii Five-0. Therefore I must picspam.

Many, many pics of pretty... )

Yeah, so, that happened. And this ended up on my shower door.


I am still new to these waters so please feel free to comment-picspam me into catching up!
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Feeling a bit blue today. The obvious solution - trawl tumblr and google images looking at pretty things and then make a picspam. Hurrah!

pretty people post )

Feel free to picspam me as you see fit!
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For some reason I don't really understand, I have some sort of post-craft-project-completion ennui. It all feels very anti-climactic to have finished my Serenity cross stitch, and I got a bit down after posting it. I am weird.

So, here's my default antidote for feeling like I have nothing to add to the internet but yet more moaning: an absolutely random pic spam of hot people who make me smile.

Random hot people being hot... )

Please share some stuff in the comments that makes you happy  -  pictures, gifs, vids, whatever!
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Random post is random and has bullet points.

· My Serenity cross stitch is FINISHED! Hallelujah. Shall have it all prettified and posted tomorrow probably. Such a weight off my shoulders. (Although I am, of course, now bereft of things to do with my hands and am plotting my next project.)

· Screen printing attempt number one was an absolute disaster of monstrous proportions. But I'm trying again. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, however, I'm getting stuff organised to put some of my dictionary definition t-shirts on cafepress at some point this week.

· After Friday's post, I wanted to add some more linkspam on the #twitterjoketrial - Charlie Brooker does what he does best (that'd be misanthropic hyperbole and reductio ad absurdum in the face of idiocy), and here's an idea of how the whole thing could have been avoided (bonus points for random Gary Oldman as the Police).

· New Take That album is out and I love it so. Has a very Scissor Sisters meets Muse vibe about it, which I heartily approve of. SOS and Kidz seem to be my favourite tracks so far. I think it'll make for a fantastic tour. Roll on June!

· Oh sweet baby Jesus waiting for a palfrey: This Means War is going to knock me over with hottness. I have a terrible weakness for pretty boys getting beat up on screen. Yum.
· And finally, a t-shirt I didn't want to post until it had been gifted:

Edited umpteen million times because the LJ cut hates me.


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