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Technologies throughout my home are failing and breaking and generally causing me irritation, but for once my computer and the internet are robust, so what's my usual cure for woe?


You could argue that the smoking picspam is already a picspam of oral fixation, but I'm fine with any excuse for yet another theme or subcategory of picspammage. Any excuse at all!

So, here's a picspam that ended up becoming mainly a James McAvoy and Tom Hardy picspam, with some other lovely people sandwiched in between, and a rather lovely preponderance of toothpicks and bottles. (Warning: over 100 pieces of yumminess in this post, many of them gifs.) Enjoy!


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I'm working my way through the picspams you want to see, so next up will be "Sexy People Who Are Wearing Leather Gloves In a Sexy Manner." Feel free to comment spam me with any of your faves for that or any other themed picspam!
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Forget the cast of Glee appearing on the Simpsons, THIS is much more relevant to my interests:

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Saw Flight of the Conchords live about a month ago (almost exactly a month ago in fact) and for some reason it's taken me this long to post about it properly. I fail at prompt internet-usage. Anyway. It was, unsurprisingly, a hilarious and highly entertaining evening. The boys were looking particularly yummy, and the songs sounded fantastic. Many more instruments on stage than I had expected (and some that didn't get used - they don't follow their own set list much from what I can tell. I'm pretty sure we got an unplanned rendition of Albi, and Jemaine was constantly mouthing song titles at Bret, who either would nod or look at him like he was a madman.)

Highlights of the gig:
  • Heckler: “Where’s Mel?” Jermaine: “She’s fictional. So she’s hanging out with Bart Simpson and... Taggart." (cue huge cheer from the crowd as Scottish crowds do when you mention anything remotely Scottish.)
  • Three new songs. Three! (Fave moment: "I said, 'I don't have any I.D. on me / Who even carries I.D. in 1353?!' / 'I maketh not the rules,' quoth he.")
  • Jenny! Woo! I love that song.
  • Sparkly jumpsuits.
  • Tiny piano!
  • The New Zealand orchestra. His name is Matt. He does odd jobs (but not strange tasks).
  • Three part audience singalong to Epileptic Dogs.
  • Many other things that have fallen out of my brain at this moment in time.
Ever-so-slight disappointments of the evening:
  • No Bus Driver's Song. Denied yet again.
  • No keytar. (But there were instruments up there I could not identify for the life of me.)
My cheeks hurt from laughing by the end of the night. And the crowd was on fine form. Not too much random heckling. Found a few good youtube clips of the show - so here's kilt towels and a very different version of Sugalumps.

And of course I had to go in a homemade Conchords t-shirt. Who would I be if I didn't? This was my first attempt at a two-tone print. It required two stencils, which didn't end up matching as precisely as required, so it was a slightly aggravating process. I think I ended up making t-shirt!Jemaine look far grumpier than he did in the original photo. But it's something I'm going to keep experimenting with.


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And even more pics here if you're interested.
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It's been a bit of an odd week for me, and so all my crafting plans have been somewhat randomised.

My plans to cross stitch Ripley wearing the power-loader thingy from Aliens have been rather waylaid by my inability to find a high enough quality picture from that scene. Not only do I need a picture of just the right moment, but it also needs to be a pretty huge photo in order for me to make some changes to it so that it'll work all pixelated. My google-fu has failed me so far. I may have to resort to making my own screencaps from the DVD. I think I know how to do that. Eeep. The delay has made me move forward on my plans to cross-stitch Serenity though, which I've been meaning to do ever since I started the Enterprise one.

On the plus side, I saw Flight of the Conchords on Saturday and they were fantastic. More thoughts and pics of my homemade Conchords t-shirt (I could not help myself!) soon!

In the meantime, these two Watchmen badges came out quite nice. I think I need to adjust the colours in the Rorschach one (the purple and the orange both need to be browner) and maybe the smiley would look better if it were a stitch or two bigger so it goes right over the edges of the badge. Or maybe I just need to align it a little better the next time I put one in the badge making machine!

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So it's been a very Flight of the Conchords-y few weeks for me. (This is never a bad thing.)

Last week I got tickets to see them on their European tour (fourth row -woot!). This means I have until mid May to make a Mel-style homemade Conchords t-shirt. I have too many ideas! Must narrow down the choices.....

And then I finished this housewarming gift for some friends:

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Some pictures of homemade shopping bags, with Doctor Who and Flight of the Conchords related embellishments, await you after the cut.

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Beige is evil and it must be stopped. And when you're hunting around to put in one beige stitch every 20 or 30 rows in the midst of various pale and medium pinks (I'm still very angry at pink, not least because of its suspiciously close relationship to beige) then a new level of evil must be named. Super-evil? Uber evil? Evil Max? Evil V: The Final Frontier? Beige isn't even an actual colour. It's an absence of colour. Pah.

Anyway. Isn't it interesting that I manage to update more regularly when I shouldn't be internetting but instead finishing an essay? Hmmm. Funny that.

And, specially for Roofer, here's some Flight of the Conchords, giving good corporate.


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