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Hello all! Am not dead, merely busy. Sorry for not being around more, this should change soon. Here, have a sequel picspam by way of apology!


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Hello all! I had a few weeks where I couldn't do much interetting due to boring reasons and then I went and discovered I'd gotten some sort blogging stage fright. It's all a bit odd. So I'm easing myself back into the swing of things with a picspam because that cures all ills. Going to catch up with replying to comments and posting the stuff I've been making lately over the next few days.

So without further ado, here's some* rather gorgeous people wearing some lovely hats. Enjoy.

*By some I mean 68 pics and gifs. Proceed with caution!


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For the first time ever I've managed to exceed my bandwidth allowance with photobucket so all my fandom picspams are useless until Friday (I think that's the day my account rolls over to a new month) and I haven't replied yet to any comments on the last one because I feel like I have to reply with pics to picspam comments. It's my own stupid rule but for some reason I feel like I have to abide by it! I'd be quite pleased with myself if it weren't for the fact that I haven't actually used all that bandwidth by just sharing my flaily joy - quite a lot of it seems to have been used up thanks to people hotlinking images. Is there any way to prevent that sort of thing happening? I think I'm most affronted by how messy that "bandwidth exceeded" image makes everything look. Harrumph. I can't really justify buying a pro photobucket account for my fandom stuff when I already pay for a flickr account for my crafts stuff. At least that means all the crafts posts look ok. I'm going to move my moodtheme pics somewhere else so that they're not part of the problem but I'm not sure they really use all that much bandwidth. Oh dear, this is very much a first world problem and I shall shut up about it now!

So since I can't picspam at the moment, have some video links of things you've probably seen already instead!

Trailer for the new Muppet movie

Chris Pine vs Tom Hardy in the This Means War trailer

The trailer for Steve McQueen's Shame, starring Michael Fassbender

Avengers Trailer (I may or may not have made some really high pitched squealing noises while I was watching this over and over.)

Mini movie of Agent Coulson being ridiculously badass - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer
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Technologies throughout my home are failing and breaking and generally causing me irritation, but for once my computer and the internet are robust, so what's my usual cure for woe?


You could argue that the smoking picspam is already a picspam of oral fixation, but I'm fine with any excuse for yet another theme or subcategory of picspammage. Any excuse at all!

So, here's a picspam that ended up becoming mainly a James McAvoy and Tom Hardy picspam, with some other lovely people sandwiched in between, and a rather lovely preponderance of toothpicks and bottles. (Warning: over 100 pieces of yumminess in this post, many of them gifs.) Enjoy!


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I'm working my way through the picspams you want to see, so next up will be "Sexy People Who Are Wearing Leather Gloves In a Sexy Manner." Feel free to comment spam me with any of your faves for that or any other themed picspam!
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For some reason I don't really understand, I have some sort of post-craft-project-completion ennui. It all feels very anti-climactic to have finished my Serenity cross stitch, and I got a bit down after posting it. I am weird.

So, here's my default antidote for feeling like I have nothing to add to the internet but yet more moaning: an absolutely random pic spam of hot people who make me smile.

Random hot people being hot... )

Please share some stuff in the comments that makes you happy  -  pictures, gifs, vids, whatever!
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Random post is random and has bullet points.

· My Serenity cross stitch is FINISHED! Hallelujah. Shall have it all prettified and posted tomorrow probably. Such a weight off my shoulders. (Although I am, of course, now bereft of things to do with my hands and am plotting my next project.)

· Screen printing attempt number one was an absolute disaster of monstrous proportions. But I'm trying again. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, however, I'm getting stuff organised to put some of my dictionary definition t-shirts on cafepress at some point this week.

· After Friday's post, I wanted to add some more linkspam on the #twitterjoketrial - Charlie Brooker does what he does best (that'd be misanthropic hyperbole and reductio ad absurdum in the face of idiocy), and here's an idea of how the whole thing could have been avoided (bonus points for random Gary Oldman as the Police).

· New Take That album is out and I love it so. Has a very Scissor Sisters meets Muse vibe about it, which I heartily approve of. SOS and Kidz seem to be my favourite tracks so far. I think it'll make for a fantastic tour. Roll on June!

· Oh sweet baby Jesus waiting for a palfrey: This Means War is going to knock me over with hottness. I have a terrible weakness for pretty boys getting beat up on screen. Yum.
· And finally, a t-shirt I didn't want to post until it had been gifted:

Edited umpteen million times because the LJ cut hates me.
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The real world continues to give me grief. This week's crafting experiments have been unmitigated disasters. (T-shirt transfer paper didn't work so well and t-shirt transfer paste is of the devil.) I am now moving on to trying screen printing, which for some reason I am very scared of. (I think it's because all the instructions are so convoluted. I'm sure it'll be like poker - when you explain the rules of poker to someone it sounds like gibberish, but if you just play and explain as you go it all starts to make sense.)

But I am not moaning today. No siree.

Today the internet decided to be full of awesomesauce so that I would not be filled with despair.

Tom Hardy and Chris Pine Together At Last )

Chris Pine - are you trying to kill me dead from hotness?

Because you might succeed )

Martin Freeman is Bilbo Baggins. Richard Armitage is Thorin Oakenshield. Aidan Turner is Kili. Am I allowed to get excited now? Is this film really going to happen?

Also, Buffy cast doing awkward family photos. The one of Nic Brendon staring unfocusedly into the distance will never be unfunny.

And finally. Best. Gif. Ever. )


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