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I may have made a few too many cross stitched Star Trek badges here. I didn't mean to fill a whole sheet of cross stitch fabric with them, but somehow I did. I'd just add another one every so often when I was between projects, and then somehow I ended up with twenty of them (these are just the ones that came out best!). A worrying number of my projects lately have felt somewhat involuntary. I am possessed by some strange spirit of craftiness. Weird.

Anyway, have some Star Trek insignia. They're all on 58mm (2 1/4") badges. And if anyone wants a pattern for any of these just ask!

all star trek badges

Ridiculous number of individual pics behind the cut... )

Still not caught up on the interwebs and/or my own life yet, but I feel like I'm getting closer now. Just got to concentrate on getting one thing done at a time!

ETA Here's the pattern! (Click to get a larger size at my flickr page if neccesary)
star trek insignia pattern
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Totally forgot to add these to my earlier post. Time to go into hiding now until I can watch it tomorrow.

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It's been a bit of an odd week for me, and so all my crafting plans have been somewhat randomised.

My plans to cross stitch Ripley wearing the power-loader thingy from Aliens have been rather waylaid by my inability to find a high enough quality picture from that scene. Not only do I need a picture of just the right moment, but it also needs to be a pretty huge photo in order for me to make some changes to it so that it'll work all pixelated. My google-fu has failed me so far. I may have to resort to making my own screencaps from the DVD. I think I know how to do that. Eeep. The delay has made me move forward on my plans to cross-stitch Serenity though, which I've been meaning to do ever since I started the Enterprise one.

On the plus side, I saw Flight of the Conchords on Saturday and they were fantastic. More thoughts and pics of my homemade Conchords t-shirt (I could not help myself!) soon!

In the meantime, these two Watchmen badges came out quite nice. I think I need to adjust the colours in the Rorschach one (the purple and the orange both need to be browner) and maybe the smiley would look better if it were a stitch or two bigger so it goes right over the edges of the badge. Or maybe I just need to align it a little better the next time I put one in the badge making machine!


Bowser Bag

Feb. 11th, 2010 03:05 pm
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Below the cut are many pictures of a Mario-themed market bag, and some recently made Mario badges that haven't hit the blog yet.

So, what did this get turned into?


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D'oh! Oh well, tomorrow is another day and perhaps all my picture uploading issues will magically fix themselves.

To be going on with however I have a thing of magnificence to share. My [ profile] ontd_startrek Secret Santa present is a GQMFing Spock Monkey, made by [ profile] hurricanine , and it is a thing of beauty. Thank you so much.

Pics of my Spock Monkey and the present that I sent await after the cut... )
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And the winner is...

Drum roll please... )

More giveaways to follow soon!
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Do you fancy winning a custom cross stitched 1" badge of your choice? For absolutely free? Well, now's your chance!

Every comment left in this post between now and the end of August* counts as an entry. Anonymous commenting is enabled, but please leave a blog address or email address to identify yourself. It's one entry per username but you can double and/or triple your chances by also posting on the Anonymity Blaize Facebook wall, or you can tweet with the hashtag #BlaizeBadge.

To see more badges, have a look at these entries here, or the facebook gallery here.

More giveaways will follow this one!

*Entries count up until midnight GMT 31st. August.
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Yet more badges to show off. Have had a slightly distracting weekend* and didn't remember to take my daily photos of the enterprise cross stitch but shall update on its progress soon. This edition of badge madness features Pac Man, Batman, the Matrix, Star Wars and general internet geekery.

*My distractions this weekend included the Good (seeing Take That in concert twice, which was ridiculously exciting and included not just pretty men but also many acrobats and a giant mechanical elephant), the Bad (losing the internet for four days and our electricity for four hours) and the Ugly (I saw Take That at Hampden with 55,000 people, many of whom were very drunk and living down to all of Glasgow's stereotypes).

Many, many pics behind the cut )
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(Many) more of these after the cut...

Clicky )

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Warning: Umptymillion pictures of cross stitched badges below the cut, mostly Mario related but with a few random ones thrown in for good measure, including one non-cross-stitched one that somehow snuck its way in.
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Photos of the completed Petrelli cross stitch are on their way, honest. January and I have never been friends, but using this blog as a means of accountability worked through the making of the project, so I'm hoping saying that will work for getting Ms Procrastination here to actually post the gorram thing.

In the meantime... badgepalooza! You were warned that this would happen. Badgemaking is very moreish indeed.

A preview of just some of the many 25mm, 38mm and 58mm cross-stitched badges that await under the cut.

Click to see more... )
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

About a hundred stitches to go. Really excited to get this finished. Doing a little dance of near-completion right now. (As I'm still sitting typing as I 'dance' it's more like a wiggle.)

And oh my word badge-makers are so much fun, y'all. The postman arrived yesterday just after lunchtime and I only meant to check that everything was there and working then two hours later I was surrounded by piles of badge pieces and a mound of ones I had made. It's the ke-dunk noise it makes as you pull the handle down, it's frakking addictive. Every image I have ever thought would look cool on a badge will soon be on a badge. I'll have badges on my bags, my clothes, my blog, everywhere! I will make everyone I know sick of badges. I'm even making the word badge look weird now. I'll shut up about badges.

Peter picture time!


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