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So, lessons learnt since posting my Inception cross stitch o' doom:

1.) I need to learn to pick better preview images of crafts projects - the number of people who commented to say they initially thought it was just a print of the poster or something implies to me that some people might have scrolled on by never noticing it was made of cross stitch. Which is oddly complimentary but simultaneously frustrating!

2.) Apparently I'm a really fast cross stitcher. This is a revelation given that I was the worst and the slowest at everything in home ec classes at school. I totally Britta'ed that subject. Just a late bloomer when it came to crafts and such, I suppose.

3.) If I don't pay attention I will type "thabks" rather than "thanks" every single time. Every. Single. Damn. Time.

4.) Cross stitch pattern programs are evil. Why does each program need its own file type thus making all of them incompatible with each other? Because they are bastards, that's why. I kinda knew this already but reason #5 made me face this again...

5.) At least two people out there are foolhardy brave enough to want to try this for themselves, which is always very exciting to me. So exciting that I don't even mind doing battle with technology to get something shareable! So here, have a pattern. Do with it as you will, but credit or a link back here would be appreciated, and I'd love to see the results if anyone does stitch it!

Click for the pattern! )

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It's finally time for me to unveil my completed Inception cross stitch! I am terribly excited about showing this off, and I hope other people like it as much as I do!

I began thinking about this project around this time last year, but didn't start stitching until towards the end of June. It took me a long time before I was happy with any of the umpty jillion patterns I tried and discarded. I noodled around with several screengrabs and whatnot of the hotel corridor fight for quite sometime before settling on doing the Arthur poster image, mainly because it had a wider range of colours than using a scene directly from the movie. I was finished the actual stitching part by the middle of November so it would seem that I keep taking around five months to do one of these cross stitches o' doom, regardless of the size of the project. (For reference, Arthur is over twice the size and contains over three times the number of stitches as my stitched Serenity, and almost double the stitches of the Enterprise one.)

At no point did I get frustrated with this project, which is a novelty to me. Not even a minor pout or kerfuffle. I can't decide if that's the reason this has been my favourite project so far, or if it is genuinely the best thing I've made. I've certainly never stitched better. The stitches and the tension are much more uniform across the piece than I've ever achieved in the past.

Here come the stats! The stitched design measures 22cm by 29cm. It contains 31,108 stitches from 25 different colours of thread. I used nearly 150 metres of those threads, and almost 50 meters of that is the very dark navy that dominates the piece.

So. Yeah. This happened.

Many more pics, and larger ones too, can be found here.

(BTW, does this count as fanart? I mean, I know it does, but could I post it to inception comms as fanart? And if so, which ones should I post it to? I am excited to show it off, but confused as to where it would be welcome. I am a bear of very little brain sometimes.)

Right, now I'm off to check my totem so I know I didn't make this beauty in a dream...

ETA: Pattern now available here.

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Hello internet world! I have returned! Our phone line went all wonky again and RL has been well busy and made of stress of late. But everything is tentatively fixed and I'm back again. Did I miss anything good?

I've picked a very weird day to get back into the habit of posting. Community is/isn't/is-in-danger-of-being cancelled and there is definitely/definitely-not a Doctor Who movie actually-happening/not-happening/in-development-with-no-one-attached/in-development-with-David-Yates. It's like Schrödinger's news day. I am confused. Someone hold me. Or perhaps tell me not to rely on tumblr for information.

I've been moving a bunch of pics into a new photobucket account to stymie those dastardly hotlinkers from guzzling up my bandwidth allowance, but it does mean I've broken a lot of my own links. I think I've got most of them fixed on lj and I'm going to get around to doing the same on dw as soon as I can, but if I've missed anything please let me know. Don't want to deny anyone their picspams!

Speaking of picspammage, here's some pics of how the Inception cross stitch is coming along.

Very nearly finnished now! )Very nearly finnished now! )

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That whole posting-more-often thing is not going so terribly well. Should be able to spend more time sashaying my way around the internet a bit more when the building work from hell is finally done, which should apparently, allegedly, possibly be quite soon or sometime approximating soon-ish. Or something.

Not helping with the making-time-to-do-more-than-lurk problem may be the fact that I saw Drive the other day (which was amazeballs and may get it's own reaction post) and now may have fallen into a deep well of Ryan Gosling tumblrs. Why did no one point out this man to me sooner? I expected more from my fangirl-enabling flist! But, hey, better late than never, and just in time to find a bazillion pics to add to my semi-completed picspams too. Hurrah!

Anyhow, the Inception cross stitch is still ongoing, and coming out rather nicely. Have finally worked out my issues with pale colours - it turns out to be a rather simple issue, basically it's easier to see errors in the pale coloured stitches whereas your eyes just see the dark stitches as plain blocks of colour and you don't notice if the tension's a bit wonky or the stitch isn't lined up perfectly. But armed with this knowledge I'm now attacking the pale portions a little differently, which may end up making a world of difference. That probably only I will notice. I'm a fool to myself when it comes to the ol' cross stitch! Some pics under the cut of how Arthur's shaping up:

Pics, pics, pics... )
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Have returned from my family get-together. It was beyond fabulous. The usual good food, good booze, good company combo with additional aunties and uncles and added drunken dancing and general hilarity.

And brilliantly, after posting about my own amazing childhood birthday parties, my mother turned up with this as her birthday cake.


Mama Blaize for the win!

A pic of the menu from her birthday dinner (complete with wine pairings! I am so spoilt!) under the cut so you can be jealous of our gluttony.

om nom noms )

I've missed most of the Delicious debacle while I was away, but it doesn't look pretty. I'm going to give things a few days to settle down and then look into Pinboard as that seems to be where everyone is migrating.

Then, as if I didn't already have enough fandom stuff stealing all my attention and freetime, I got into Pottermore this week. I'm RookQueen63 - let me know your name there if you'd like me to friend you. I'm a Hufflepuff (yay!) and my wand is rowan with unicorn core, 14 1/2 inches, slightly swishy. This stuff makes me more excited than a grown adult really ought to be. The site itself is pretty cool - the artwork is gorgeous and I love the way you interact with it, but if it can't handle the number of people on it at the moment, what's it going to be like when it opens fully?

And finally, some more pics of my Inception cross stitch under the cut. Eight out of sixteen pages of the pattern are complete now! But it's more like 3/4 of the way done. And I've still not reached a stage of rage yet! It's clearly a magical cross stitch project.

stitchy stitch stitch )

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It really shouldn't be possible for so many things to break in such a short space of time. And it definitely DEFINITELY shouldn't be possible for two ovens to break in the same way in the space of two years. And yet in such a short space of time I had forgotten just how many meals we eat rely on having a working oven. Well, more frying and boiling and grilling and microwaving recipes shall be learned or rediscovered over the next few days!

In happier news, I found this article very interesting - I think of it as "fandom: older than you think." (Also, more back-up for the argument that girls are not "ruining" fandom; we bloody started it in the first place.)

In related, but depressing, news - Internet troll jailed for 18 weeks.

And in crafting news, I've been featured in some more etsy treasuries, which you can see here, and my Inception cross stitch continues to trundle on apace. Click for cross stitch pics! (Try saying that ten times fast) )

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Some updates on the state of me!

Building stress: Still stressful, but inching towards completion every day, so my state of mind is distinctly better than it was. Given that the work was meant to be completed in October last year it would be quite good for my emotional well-being if it was finished before October of this year, however.

Telly stuff: Caught up on Leverage in a massive splurge and it was glorious! I don't feel like the show ever dipped in quality or anything, but this season has been really fantastic. They've made me cry at three separate episodes this year and I don't think Leverage has ever made me cry before. All the Parker and Hardison stuff is making me flail around like a flaily thing, as has the Nate and Sophie stuff but for different reasons, and Eliot is still the most adorable killing machine ever. And everyone wants to hug Hardison all the time. As well they should.


Went to see a screening of the first episode of series 2 of The Killing (the Danish version, not the AMC remake) and a Q&A with Sofie Gråbøl and Piv Bernth hosted by Emma Kennedy. It was, unsurprisingly, amazeballs. Going to be a very annoying wait until November for more episodes. Sofie Gråbøl is so ridiculously gorgeous in person, and very funny. And Emma Kennedy is every bit the Forbrydelsen fangirl that she seemed on twitter (the pronunciation was explained to the audience as "Ferb-noise of person puking-son".). And in series two Sarah Lund has a new jumper. It's very exciting.

Cross stitch o' doom progress: Also very exciting. So exciting in fact that I'm putting the pics under a cut from now on until it's done. Which might still be ages away, but it's coming along very nicely. Am still rather suspicious about that.

Pics of progress... )
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Well this was certainly a FABULOUS plan of procrastination through picture finding. Thank you to all who enabled this terrible behaviour encouraged this fantastic use of my time.

Warning to those with a slow connection - there are approx 80 pics and gifs in this picspam.

And so without further ado, I present:


Yum yum yum )

And now I am dead from hottness. Yet again. Le sigh.


Aug. 8th, 2011 05:13 pm
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First of all, my thoughts are with all my London peeps - hope you're all safe and sound and un-looted. *hugs*

My own life is being a tad unfun at the moment. Were I able to look at it objectively, I'm sure I'd actually be quite impressed at the world for the varied and imaginative ways it has come up with to frustrate and upset me, but as it is I'm just generally grumpy. In order to spare you all the boredom of reading me moan about my life I'd usually just picspam my blues away but I've got about a bazillion (well, eight actually) half compiled picspams on the go and am unsure which one I should focus on with my time that I really ought to be spending doing more productive things. But as my flist are fantastic enablers of wasting time on the internet, I thought I'd ask you which you'd rather see. So here are some very random themes I have been contemplating.

[Poll #1768097]
Despite all my woe, my cross stitch seems to be going very well indeed. I am deeply suspicious of it. I'm sure it has some cunning plan to annoy me tucked up its sleeve...

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Oh, LJ. You poor beleaguered thing. It'd be nice if you could hold things together for longer than about 15 minutes at a time. Maybe this time it's back for the long haul. I feel uninformed and deprived of pretty things without my flist, it's a tragedy.

I'm trying to recreate as much of my flist as possible over on dreamwidth, if you're there and I haven't found you yet, please leave me a nudge in the right direction, or add me yourself - [personal profile] anonymityblaize. I think LJ will remain my primary internet home for the time being, but I want to be prepared to jump ship if that becomes necessary.

And I have dreamwidth codes if anyone needs them, just ask. Anon commenting should be on for this post if you're having trouble staying logged in.

I had thoughts on stuff that came out of comic con, but, other than some serious flailing over Community casting news, I seem to have forgotten it all since I could last make LJ bend to my will.

I also have thoughts on the news but given that there are many people on facebook and twitter saying things about Norway, Hackgate, Amy Winehouse, and/or Somalia that are making me want to get a bit punchy I'm going to keep those opinions to myself and hopefully avoid all fist fights, literal or otherwise.

Finally saw the final Harry Potter film, and cried through most of it, as I expected I would. On the whole I think it was fantastic - I just wish the early movies could have been less craptastic so that I could have a dvd marathon one day. I suppose at least they got all the casting right - those kids have grown up remarkably well. Neville was always my favourite in the books and I think I might have started a riot in the cinema if they had messed up Neville's BAMF moment, but instead they actually managed to make movie!Neville even more badass than book!Neville which was all kinds of fantastic for me. And dammit, Matthew Lewis, stop making me feel like a total perv. Most Triumphant Emergence From Puberty indeed. And Rickman was amazing, as always. And McGonagall! Oh, Dame Maggie you are a national treasure. Sorry, my thoughts are somewhat disconnected apparently. Short version - loved it, even though I have been deeply critical of the movies up until now.

And here's some more cross stitch progress. I am rather excited now that Arthur is mostly done, and you can even see most of the guy falling away behind him. And I've reached both the right and left hand edges now. It's moving on quite quickly. Hurrah!


One more pic from earlier in the week... )

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I am utterly bemused by the world right now. I can't seem to catch up in any area of my life and the news seems to be trying to break my brain on a semi-regular basis. And then I got infected with the dreaded summer lurgy which is the worst of all lurgys cos you can't just curl up under a duvet and hibernate while it's so hot out. And I managed to re-stress myself about the building work when I was going through old posts to wrangle tags (how do I let them get into such a mess?) and discovered that I had predicted the work would be done in May and wasn't that a terribly depressing thought that it'd take so long? And here we are in July and there is still no end in sight. (Although scaffolding is now down at the back and front of the building so I have my privacy back at least. Small mercies and all that.) Dear god, too many of those sentences started with "And". And I'm sure no-one wanted to read any of that self-pitying drivel. Felt good to get it off my chest though.

Also probably of no interest to anyone is the continuing adventure of my Inception cross stitch. But it's so incredibly useful to me to be able to look back through these posts and see how far it's come on in such a short space of time. Arthur appears to be the one part of my life not mocking me right now! So, spammed with images of his progress y'all shall be, whether you like it or not!

I'm thinking there are a few bits I may want to go back over at some point - maybe blend a few colours a little better, perhaps add some backstitching around Arthur to better define his arms from the background. But on the whole I'm really pleased with how this is shaping up.


Some more pics of my previous progress... )
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Yaay! My Inception cross stitch is coming on in leaps and bounds, as is only fitting. I need to take it out of the frame to get pictures now, which is encouraging. You can see a bit of Arthir's head now, and his gun, and I was very excited to realise I've already reached out to the left hand edge. I need to go order some more of the darkest blue thread though - I've already used nearly a whole skein of it, and I'll apparantly use nearly 60 metres of just that colour in the whole piece. Eeep. The angry-making stage of large cross stitch project procedings must be just around the corner...

Maybe this project will be different and I'll lov it the whole way through. Maybe.

Anyway, right now, it's awesome.


Here's how it looked over the weekend:

Intermediate pic under the cut... )

Zombie meme! Go look at your blog/journal. Find the last Fandom-related thing you posted. The characters in that post are now your team-mates in the Zombie Apocalypse. How fucked are you?

It depends on what you define as my last fandom post - if the smoking picspam counts then I have 23 handsome men and 2 beautiful women to keep me company, so I think we'd be fine as long as these aren't those newfangled fast moving zombies - so many smokers might get a bit wheezy. But if it has to be a post that specifically mentions characters and not actors, then this post has Bane, Doctor Who, Community, Hawaii Five-0 and Attack the Block. Between Steven McGarret, Troy and Abed, and a bunch of chavs I am totally fine, and that's without even counting on the Doctor to fix that whole pesky apocalyose deal.

And finally, anyone interested in the whole News of the World/Murdoch/News International hacking scandal should check out John Finnemore's blog for a link to the audio of his piece on last Friday's Now Show, and a transcript of the whole thing. It is a rousing bit of invective and I don't think we should let this sorry mess slip away without kicking up as much fuss as we all possibly can.
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I am so not close to catching up on anything, let alone the internet. All is chaos and I cannot even find a black sharpie in my flat. I own about six of them. I've found two brown ones, a purple one and a yellow one (yellow! why do yellow marker pens even exist?), but no black ones. Madness. I've got a bajillion things to get on with in the real world, and about four crafty projects I haven't even posted here yet, and yet I've somehow found time to compile about 70 pictures of hot men smoking for that picspam I am totally not doing. My priorities are a mess.

On the other hand, the Inception cross stitch is coming along quite nicely, so there's that.


Another intermediate pic beneath the cut )


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So, five days with minimal access to the internet seems to do weird things to my head. I am a data junkie, it's appalling. But now that BT have replaced a THIRD section of busted wiring hopefully our landline will hold it together for longer than a few months this time. And if O2 could find a way to persuade 3G signals to penetrate the apparently hefty walls of my building then I would actually be able to communicate with the outside world with all my stupid devices just like their bloody adverts claim. Anyway...

Just five days away has left me with a lot to catch up on, and a backlog of things to post, but on the upside I did get a lot of cross stitching done the past few days so you can actually see some bits of Arthur now. Hurrah!


Some pics of the days in between under the cut.

Clicky... )
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The weekend cannot come soon enough. I'm seeing the Pet Shop Boys and Take That on Friday and it's my birthday on Sunday.

I am going to be hella hungover on Monday. Huzzah!

Day 3 of the Inception cross stitch o' doom and it still looks like nothing recognizable. But it's fun so far, and it's moving along nicely.

inception day three

Some some stuff for your viewing pleasure!

White Collar season two gag reel. My, how I love to hear Matt Bomer swear. Yum. Also, this is so funny it made me cry. Although I was a tad tipsy at the time.

Trailer for A Dangerous Method. Oh. Dear. Lawd. Take my love for Cronenberg's "Viggo Mortensen Is My Muse Now" phase* AND throw Fassbender and psychoanalysis into the mix? Sold.

*Everyone go watch Eastern Promises NOW. It is 'MAZING.

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I have begun the Inception cross stitch of doom!

I am excited! But also terrified!

I am clearly an masochist. Look at the sheer ridiculousness of the sixteen (sixteen!) pages of the pattern.

inception pattern

And here's what I managed to stitch on the first day. I appear to have begun with the area underneath Arthur's crotch. Seems inappropriately appropriate.

inception day one 20 06 11


In utterly unrelated news I would like to tell you about my new hero: Greg from Glasgow Cineworld.

I went to see X-Men First Class again (still awesome, thoughts still percolating) and when I arrived at the screen I encountered a lone Cineworld employee throwing 31 (I kid you not, I counted them) teenagers out of a screening of Kung-Fu Panda 2. He gave them a magnificent speech about how they should be acting like the young adults they were and marched them from the building ignoring their whining and their attempts to throw each other under the bus so that they might be allowed to stay. Already impressed with this lone protector of cinema-going etiquette I wandered in to take my seat and was slightly perturbed by the large number of teens and unaccompanied kids already there. But I shouldn't have worried as ten minutes later while the adverts were playing, my hero strode into our screen and walked straight up to the large group of teens who had commandeered the entire back section. He was very polite to them and told them he didn't want to tar all teenagers with the same brush, but that he had just removed a large number of people from one screen for talking, using their phones and causing a mess, and he was perfectly prepared to do it again. That last bit was still polite but had a definite bite of threat to it. He then insisted on watching them turn their phones off, and wandered down to the front of the screen where a smaller, but still numerous group of quieter tweens/younger teens sat. He gave them the same speech, with the addition that he was sure they were going to be well behaved, but that it wouldn't be fair to talk to the older teens and not say the same things to them. He then moved to the centre of the screen and loudly introduced himself to the entire audience and explained that he intended for all customers to have a enjoyable cinema experience and would gladly throw anyone out who was spoiling it for others and we were to come out and ask for him to be sent to our screen if there were any problems.

What followed was one of my favourite cinema experiences in ages. The audience was noisy in the all the right ways (laughing at the funny bits, ooh-ing at the exciting bits, generally going mental for the cameo with the swearing bit) but not in any of the bad ways. Every now and again some kid or other would start talking or using their phone and within moments one of their friends would hiss at them to stop ("I'm nae getting chucked out cos of youse" was my favourite). Greg had essentially created a situation where the teenagers were policing each others' behaviour. And it was good. I think I love him.

(Also, as my eavesdropping on the way out showed me, even teenage lads from Glasgow think that Charles and Erik are very very gay for one another.)

Somewhat relatedly, I feel the need to make a picspam of Michael Fassbender wearing hats. I'm just warning you now. It could be epic.

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I've been dithering about with these patterns for ages and have decided to just ask my dear, wise f-list to help me decide.

So, remember when I wanted to cross stitch this but was afraid it would drive me insane? (And by the way, thanks for all your comments then, I have no clue why I never replied to a single one of them. My brain is clearly a shambolic place.)

Well, this design is likely to be less madness-inducing, and I think it might actually look even better.

I like dark colours! And blues, I like them much better than browns. And Arthur isn't a weird faceless blob because he has his arm in front of his face. So I think this could be a much better pattern for me. It'd still be pretty epic, and take a long time, and probably drive me up the walls (quite appropriate that) but not in quite the same manner as the first pattern. And I need another big-ass crazy project on the horizon. I feel odd without a work in progress I can be running away from!

Thoughts, anyone?
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Hello, December. You always sneak up on me - are you a ninja?


There is too much good telly in the world. When did that happen? How did that happen? There are two unwatched episodes of Chuck sitting on my sky+ box, which is insane. I love Chuck! But there are so many good things that need watching just now. I genuinely think that when I fall in love with a new tv show I am undergoing the exact same chemical reaction as actually falling in love. It's such a rush.

I'm probably not helping myself by rewatching Community right now, but it's just so addictive and it makes me so happy.


And last week's episode of Misfits BLEW. MY. MIND. If you are not watching it, then get on that right away. Damn. I kinda want to post spoilery stuff but I shall refrain for now 'cos I think only a few people on my flist watch. For shame. But have an unspoilery gif anyway.


Oh, Iwan. So adorbs.


I am cold. But I am still stunned at the way Britain just falls apart when it snows. The media act like it's some sort of unheard of occurrence every single time. Madness. But it is very pretty outside. Scaffolding looks a lot less ugly with a dusting of snow and icicles hanging off it.

On the underground the other day I witnessed a part of some stranger's snow related rant. But I wish I knew the whole story.


Have finally made some progress with the cafe press shops. (Has anyone else ever sold stuff through cafe press? Is it just me or is their system a little wonky? Or just convoluted. I keep clicking links and ending up somewhere totally different from where I expected to be.)

Previews of Star Trek, Inception and Princess Bride designs at )
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The real world continues to give me grief. This week's crafting experiments have been unmitigated disasters. (T-shirt transfer paper didn't work so well and t-shirt transfer paste is of the devil.) I am now moving on to trying screen printing, which for some reason I am very scared of. (I think it's because all the instructions are so convoluted. I'm sure it'll be like poker - when you explain the rules of poker to someone it sounds like gibberish, but if you just play and explain as you go it all starts to make sense.)

But I am not moaning today. No siree.

Today the internet decided to be full of awesomesauce so that I would not be filled with despair.

Tom Hardy and Chris Pine Together At Last )

Chris Pine - are you trying to kill me dead from hotness?

Because you might succeed )

Martin Freeman is Bilbo Baggins. Richard Armitage is Thorin Oakenshield. Aidan Turner is Kili. Am I allowed to get excited now? Is this film really going to happen?

Also, Buffy cast doing awkward family photos. The one of Nic Brendon staring unfocusedly into the distance will never be unfunny.

And finally. Best. Gif. Ever. )
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Since news of Tom Hardy's involvement in the third Batman movie broke, a lot of people have been bemoaning Nolan's propensity to hire the same actors over and over. Personally, I like that he does (hey, I'm a fan of Joss Whedon and Orson Welles and Christopher Guest - I am very, very used to this by now).  Also, Tom Hardy. So I'm obviously pleased. But it made me think about why actors would want to work with Nolan again and again.

Let us compare and contrast [emphasis mine].

Tom Hardy on his experience on RockNRolla (in his own inimitable style):

“Its funny I spend a lot of time on this one having to prove that I can actually act and arguing my point to do my job i dnt think they trust that if left to my own devises I will turn in a performance that will be worthy but they seem to think I think 2 much and make things 2 complic8d. There are a lot of big tough men and macho shit going on here. I wonder if it is my issues with my own courage and inability to find a languague with the tough guys that is the problem, but I cant lie to myself if I think theres a waft of the turd in the air? Everybody can be so nice til you raise your hand and ask… why? So do I let the boys intimidate me put me off my game or do I intimid8 them a little when I flag up questions or disagree with the swaggering bravado or a distinct lack of intelligent thought instinct and my disdain of manipulation and courage must Me speak my fears else they consume me. For I am a gay cowboy and the token oddball on this movie my place in the pack is a runt amongst these fighting men”

“See I just don’t suffer fools gladly..Which is really dangerous territory I have to toe the line sometimes and know when my ego wants to make the call Shame I really need to learn in this game:- to punch the clock and smile be gr8ful it’s hard when you have been spoiled as I have and tastd riches which aren’t about exposure name and the paycheck and when it cld b done better we sometimes have to bite our tongue x X”


Chris Nolan on working with actors:

"I've been fortunate enough to work with great casts on all my films. Particularly with a lot of the smaller characters, the supporting characters, a great actor will come in with a whole take on it and they'll literally give what's on the page some kind of life that you hadn't foreseen."

"I had to do an enormous amount of re-writing based on my conversations with Leo about Cobb. All of which I think was very productive for the movie, very essential to the movie"

"I learned that I had to trust Leo and his assessments of his character Cobb's truths."

Source: pages 13-15 of Inception: The Shooting Script 

Now, I found RockNRolla an entertaining watch (It is, however, not actually a movie. It is a string of scenes, put together in something resembling an order, some of which are fantastic, some of which are utterly pointless. And ultimately it seems to be all prologue for a sequel that is unlikely to ever exist.), and I liked Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes far more than I expected to. But this just goes to show why I adore Nolan's films and merely enjoy Ritchie's. It isn't enough for a director to have great visual flair, they've got to be able to connect with their actors, so that I can connect with their characters. If you're going to pay actors millions of dollars per film, the least you can do is allow them to actually act for their money.


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