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It's chaos and mayhem in casa Blaize at the moment, but the good kind - lots of redecorating and reorganizing, and in some cases just plain organizing of things that were never actually organized in the first place. And we have a new car, which facilitates lots of organizing but is also scary because I haven't driven in about eight years and need to relearn. But more importantly a car means a trip to Hobbycraft and buying supplies for the next few ridiculous craft projects, which is very exciting!

But until those crazy crafts are completed, have a post with some bags. These are a few of the pay it forward gifts I made last year, and there's some more stuff to come just as soon as I work through the backlog of unposted crafts!

blue3 stars3


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Yaay! Normal service should be resuming on my internets soon - apparently the phone line coming into our building was composed mainly of rust, so no wonder it's been acting like dial up for months. It wasn't fixed soon enough for me to join in the [ profile] ontd_startrek party post (boo!) but at least I can go back later and mine it for awesome gifs. Yaay!

And appropriately enough today's crafty post is (yet another) Trekkie thingamabob. It's probably an idea that would have worked better on a red t-shirt, but I had a red beach bag and I wanted to do this, so to hell with logic!

star trek red shirt bag 9 star trek red shirt bag 8

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Right, 2011 is officially a bastard. Onto other news...

Don't worry, I have not forgotten about making stuff for Pay It Forward 2011 - [ profile] sorrynotsorry and [ profile] dahliablueI will be in touch soon, I promise. My etsy shop seems to have a rhythm of nothing-for-ages and then umpty-million-things-at-once and I clearly need to learn better time management skills!

More etsy treasuries here. One of Glasgow based sellers, and one of Firefly/Serenity items.

Handwriting meme!
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Crafts! Some random geeky bags!
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Which reminds me - has [ profile] ontd_startrek stopped doing Make it Sew posts? Cos I haven't seen one in ages and I've made loads of Trekkie things lately which I really feel like showing off.

Meant to make a post of reactions to things I have seen lately, but as per bloody usual I don't really have the time, so here, have the quick versions:

Fast & Furious 5 - Fast cars, check. Inappropriate sexual tension, check. Fantastic stunts, check. Vin Diesel's sexy voice being all growly and sexy, check. Vin Diesel punching people, check. The Rock punching people, check. 'Splosions, check. Heist-y banter, check. Actual physics of the world totally not adhered to, check. So basically, if you like this franchise, this'll be your favourite one. Also, stay for the credits for a "we totally know we're making a sixth one" scene which gave me much happiness.

Thor - Made me giggle like a loon for most of its running time. Unexpected [character's name redacted for spoilers] was unexpected, but also awesome. Hewsworth was fantastic and hella hot. Idris Elba was ridic badass (and also sporting a sexy growly voice. I seem to have a thing.) And again, stay right to the very end of the credits for a little Avengers tease. I am excite.

Doctor Who - Dear Steven Moffat, please stop trying to break my brain. Love, Me.

Community - Baby episode was fabulous, but my dear deities, the "clip show" episode was quite possibly the most glorious thing an American sitcom has ever produced. I though I was actually going to hyperventilate at one point I was laughing so hard.


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It's a good thing I don't make actual New Year's Resolutions otherwise I'd be feeling pretty bad about that whole "I'm going to post more in 2011" thing...

I may use this journal as an outlet for moaning about why the real world is mean and isn't letting me play on the internet enough at some point soon, but for now I am being a happy bunny because I got my [ profile] ontd_startrek Secret Santa present from [ profile] carma_bee at the weekend and it is awesome and made me much cheerier.

secret santa 2

A plushy Adipose! Isn't he just the cutest thing? When I've got my work space reorganized I'm going to sit him on top of my computer monitor with my Spock monkey I got from last year's Secret Santa. I love Trek fandom. Y'all are amazeballs.

And here's the gift that I made:


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In unrelated business, I've started posting the etsy treasuries I get featured in over on my blogger blog as I can't use script type widgets on LJ (or at least I haven't worked out how to yet). I'll link to them every so often so go have a look at some more awesome geeker crafts by me and by other people here!

And finally, it is awesome that NBC sell a Troy and Abed in the Morning mug. It is awesome that it only costs $12. It is unawesome that it would cost $24 to ship to the UK. I really don't think I can justify spending $36 on one mug. Boooo. (BTW the short version of my reaction to the latest Community episode involves a lot of high pitched squealing, hearts in my eyes and me hugging my telly because it was just that awesome.)
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I've been trying to make this widget work so that I can post dynamic versions of etsy treasuries, but I don't think LJ will let you do embed script type thingies, will it? Anyhow, here's another treasury in a boring clicky pic version for now!

purple geek treasury

And a quick recommendation for anyone who needs some help making photos look clean and professional (I know I certainly do!). Try FotoFuze - they call themselves "the better photo generator and dimension amplifier" and I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. But it does this... )
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Or Things I Meant To Post Before Now, Part Two of Umpteen.

Working through my back log of things that couldn't be posted before Christmas, and first up is this wee back pack/tote bag. This was done with a combo of stencils for the stars and free hand painting for the swirls. There are three different colours of sparkly paint involved, but as per usual two of them look almost identical!

stars 5
Close up pics under the cut )

Also, January totally doesn't count towards the overall feeling of 2011, right? Because January is always a month of catching up and cleaning and cold and a to do list of doom and general miserableness, and this one's shaping up no different. But I can still look forward to the rest of the year being better, can't I? *crosses fingers*
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Hello, December. You always sneak up on me - are you a ninja?


There is too much good telly in the world. When did that happen? How did that happen? There are two unwatched episodes of Chuck sitting on my sky+ box, which is insane. I love Chuck! But there are so many good things that need watching just now. I genuinely think that when I fall in love with a new tv show I am undergoing the exact same chemical reaction as actually falling in love. It's such a rush.

I'm probably not helping myself by rewatching Community right now, but it's just so addictive and it makes me so happy.


And last week's episode of Misfits BLEW. MY. MIND. If you are not watching it, then get on that right away. Damn. I kinda want to post spoilery stuff but I shall refrain for now 'cos I think only a few people on my flist watch. For shame. But have an unspoilery gif anyway.


Oh, Iwan. So adorbs.


I am cold. But I am still stunned at the way Britain just falls apart when it snows. The media act like it's some sort of unheard of occurrence every single time. Madness. But it is very pretty outside. Scaffolding looks a lot less ugly with a dusting of snow and icicles hanging off it.

On the underground the other day I witnessed a part of some stranger's snow related rant. But I wish I knew the whole story.


Have finally made some progress with the cafe press shops. (Has anyone else ever sold stuff through cafe press? Is it just me or is their system a little wonky? Or just convoluted. I keep clicking links and ending up somewhere totally different from where I expected to be.)

Previews of Star Trek, Inception and Princess Bride designs at )
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Oh, stencils. You are still my happy place. (Let us not speak of my attempts at screenprinting.) And I will apparently never tire of making spaceship related crafts.

Three different versions of Serenity on a shopping bag, a drawstring bag, and a t-shirt await you under the cut.

a 003
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Oh, stencils. I love you so. Stencils are so simple and soothing compared to the disaster-crafts I have been attempting lately. Although I did, of course, have to set myself a  new challenge - I wanted to make stencils with no floating pieces I'd have to wrangle so I had to put more thought than I usually do into the planning and photoshop stages. It took some finnicking about with, but I think ultimately it made making the stencil itself easier and I think it makes the image stand out a bit more. Definitely something to keep looking at.

Anyhow, here's my Batmobile bag!
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Whilst doing some online housekeeping* I realized that I never blogged about this bag. (Or, if I did, I cannot currently find the post!) Which is quite odd as I rather liked it, even in the midst of actually making it, which is rare for me.

*Why is it so difficult to keep tags organized? How do they get so out of control? Are they sentient? Are they like gremlins, getting up to stuff behind my back in the middle of the night? And why oh why oh why do I not have a system where my tags are even remotely similar here and on Flickr?

Anyhow, here's a Buffy bag!


more pictures this-a-way )

ETA: This bag is now listed at both etsy and folksy (/end shameless plug)
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Oooh, lookit! I've managed to go a whole four posts without mentioning that which stole my brain!

Today's crafty offerings are a little strange for me, in that they're not inspired by any specific fandom, but instead come from my general obsession with these here interwebs, and, well, my general obsessiveness.

Picture 131     hyperbole3

By the way, I'm still working on the two-tone stencil tutorial I promised to do ages ago - it should be up soon (if your definition of "soon" is fairly flexible). ETA: Up now!

More pics under the cut... )

Also, if you liked the Gaga cover I linked to yesterday, then be sure to check out their Justin Timberlake one too - it's even more nerdily awesome!

ETA: TLDR t-shirt and bag both listed at etsy now.
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The majority of the available processing power in my brain remains beholden to Inception. Apparently this movie is the world's most resilient parasite. I've now seen it twice and a fairly epic reaction post essay is percolating in my brain, but this is not that post yet. This post is the crafty stuff I would have posted last week if Nolan hadn't stolen my brain space.

Previews (Yes, I am still obsessed with the Hipstamatic app, yes, I bought all the additional lenses and films.):

Picture 227  Picture 221

More pics under the cut )ETA: Marv t-shirt and Rassilon bag now listed at etsy.
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More shopping bags to post! This time I present a cross stitched Tardis, an official Eddie Izzard bag gets tarted up,  and I am slightly inspired by the lettering from Death Note.

A wee preview:


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Bowser Bag

Feb. 11th, 2010 03:05 pm
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Below the cut are many pictures of a Mario-themed market bag, and some recently made Mario badges that haven't hit the blog yet.

So, what did this get turned into?


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D'oh! Oh well, tomorrow is another day and perhaps all my picture uploading issues will magically fix themselves.

To be going on with however I have a thing of magnificence to share. My [ profile] ontd_startrek Secret Santa present is a GQMFing Spock Monkey, made by [ profile] hurricanine , and it is a thing of beauty. Thank you so much.

Pics of my Spock Monkey and the present that I sent await after the cut... )
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Some pictures of homemade shopping bags, with Doctor Who and Flight of the Conchords related embellishments, await you after the cut.

Down with plastic bags... )


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