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Hello, December. You always sneak up on me - are you a ninja?


There is too much good telly in the world. When did that happen? How did that happen? There are two unwatched episodes of Chuck sitting on my sky+ box, which is insane. I love Chuck! But there are so many good things that need watching just now. I genuinely think that when I fall in love with a new tv show I am undergoing the exact same chemical reaction as actually falling in love. It's such a rush.

I'm probably not helping myself by rewatching Community right now, but it's just so addictive and it makes me so happy.


And last week's episode of Misfits BLEW. MY. MIND. If you are not watching it, then get on that right away. Damn. I kinda want to post spoilery stuff but I shall refrain for now 'cos I think only a few people on my flist watch. For shame. But have an unspoilery gif anyway.


Oh, Iwan. So adorbs.


I am cold. But I am still stunned at the way Britain just falls apart when it snows. The media act like it's some sort of unheard of occurrence every single time. Madness. But it is very pretty outside. Scaffolding looks a lot less ugly with a dusting of snow and icicles hanging off it.

On the underground the other day I witnessed a part of some stranger's snow related rant. But I wish I knew the whole story.


Have finally made some progress with the cafe press shops. (Has anyone else ever sold stuff through cafe press? Is it just me or is their system a little wonky? Or just convoluted. I keep clicking links and ending up somewhere totally different from where I expected to be.)

Previews of Star Trek, Inception and Princess Bride designs at )
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This idea has definitively obsessed my brain! It even has its own tag and its own Flickr set now. That's a little bit odd.

But, this is quite possibly my favourite thing I've done in ages. It's probably quite daft, but it actually made me laugh out loud when I thought of it. It took forever and I'm never doing it like this again (next week I'm hoping to find time to try out four different methods of making these), but I really, really love it.

And see, Trek fandom! I have not abandoned you at all, despite Inception fandom wanting ALL OF MY BRAINSPACE!

Teasery teaser today, for I'm rather proud of this.

Clicky click click )

ETA : A professionally printed version of this t-shirt is now available at
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This idea could definitely get very addictive. But the way I'm doing it is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrryy time consuming*, and therefore clearly not a sensible thing to continue with in this manner, as I very much doubt people would pay $150 or something equally ridiculous for t-shirts like these. I'm looking into cafepress right now and am also going to experiment with t-shirt transfer stuff.

But for now, some words for Buffy and/or Princess Bride fans.

effulgent8    0 031

*I'm making these by hand with guidelines and fabric paint applied with a cocktail stick. On average it takes me about two minutes to do each letter. It's ridiculous.

Tomorrow I'll post my favourite of the bunch, even though it took me FOUR BLOODY DAYS. It was worth it though. ETA: Ta da!

Son of ETA: The effulgent t-shirt is now listed here!
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Well, I did indeed decide to add "darling" to my "specificity" t-shirt. (Of course I did, I have no idea why I thought I might not.)

I have also let my imagination run away with me on many other definition shirts, which I'll post over the next few days, once I'm done swearing at photoshop. (I seem to spend an inordinate amount of my time arguing with technology.)

So now this:


has this on the back:

0 019

More pics under the cut )

In completely unrelated news, there is a creeping creeper who creeps working on our building. He keeps choosing the oddest places on the scaffolding to stop for a break, and stares through the window while I am trying to work. If he does it again tomorrow there will be yelling and stroppy closing of curtains. Blech.

And also unrelatedly, why did no-one tell me how good Misfits was? I just mainlined the whole first series in two days. I think I may hate the E4 trailer people because it didn't look like the sort of thing I would like, but I was spectacularly wrong about that. It was fantastic, funny, twisted and really, really good. And it made me rant again about what a waste of potential Heroes was, because in just 6 episodes, Misfits managed to do right what Heroes couldn't manage in four years. But the upside of being late to this party is that I only have to wait a month or so for season two. Hurrah! Now to go hunt down Misfits fandom...
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Yeah, so. Inception has totally taken over my brain and invaded my crafting time. So this happened.

totems4   totems back

Loads of pics behind the cut )
I'm nearly done adding "darling" to the specificity t-shirt, along with another couple of definition shirts which I ought to post soon.
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And so it begins. I've started making Inception-inspired crafts. This may well end up being more of an epic obsession than Star Trek t-shirts. And since I'm not even over that obsession, I really shouldn't be adding another one. Anyway...

This was made, believe it or not, pretty much free hand. I had some guidelines on it in dressmakers' chalk, and then made it with fabric paint and a cocktail stick, because none of my brushes were fine enough to do the lettering properly.


More pics under the cut )

I can't believe that this is something I haven't thought to do before. I'm seriously considering putting the dictionary definition of "darling" on the back of the t-shirt. Should I?

I'm also going to expand this idea to some of my other fandoms. Only one I've definitely decided on so far is to do a Buffy-themed "effulgent" t-shirt. Give me some ideas for others!
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I have a terrible tendency to pick up a few extra t-shirts that grab my fancy whenever I'm getting something for a custom order. So a couple of weeks ago I rounded up all the random shirts piling up around my craft room and decided to come up with something simple but cool to actually use them for.

And thus this happened:


Twenty-three (!!) individual photos under the cut.
Read more... )

As always, there are more photos at my Flickr album here. And since I'm being particularly shameless today I'll point out that most of these t-shirts will be available to buy from my etsy shop here. Custom orders are always appreciated - if you want something uniquely geeky to you, I'm happy to make it!


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