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So I made a Ron Swanson cross stitch to go with my Leslie Knope one! And now I can check one thing off my things-to-post list. Hurrah!

And if anyone wants the pattern just let me know!  Here's the pattern... )
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So, I totally failed to post these pics of my finished Leslie Knope cross stitch on Friday, but here I am now. I am still suffering from cultural over stimulus (otherwise known as the curse of "too many awesome things") and I don't think I'm going to calm down any time soon seeing as I'm already bouncing off the walls from the excitement of seeing the Avengers tomorrow. I am beyond giddy.

But I'll try to keep calm long enough to share Leslie with the world. I can't remember right now how big the stitched design is but the frame is an A4 one to give you some context. There's just the four colours of thread and she took a little over 3 weeks to stitch. If anyone wants the pattern just let me know and I'll edit it in. There should be a Ron Swanson piece to go with it sometime soon I hope! (If my current levels of squee don't cause me to spontaneously combust!) (This post has too many exclamation points!!!11!!!eleventy!!)

So here she is! (!!!)

vote knope 1

More pics... )

And here's a handy slideshow of her progression from pattern to finished. (Or you can just check out the flickr album or look back through this project's tag.)

Edited to add pattern - under the cut... )
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So, lessons learnt since posting my Inception cross stitch o' doom:

1.) I need to learn to pick better preview images of crafts projects - the number of people who commented to say they initially thought it was just a print of the poster or something implies to me that some people might have scrolled on by never noticing it was made of cross stitch. Which is oddly complimentary but simultaneously frustrating!

2.) Apparently I'm a really fast cross stitcher. This is a revelation given that I was the worst and the slowest at everything in home ec classes at school. I totally Britta'ed that subject. Just a late bloomer when it came to crafts and such, I suppose.

3.) If I don't pay attention I will type "thabks" rather than "thanks" every single time. Every. Single. Damn. Time.

4.) Cross stitch pattern programs are evil. Why does each program need its own file type thus making all of them incompatible with each other? Because they are bastards, that's why. I kinda knew this already but reason #5 made me face this again...

5.) At least two people out there are foolhardy brave enough to want to try this for themselves, which is always very exciting to me. So exciting that I don't even mind doing battle with technology to get something shareable! So here, have a pattern. Do with it as you will, but credit or a link back here would be appreciated, and I'd love to see the results if anyone does stitch it!

Click for the pattern! )

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As I transfer pictures and patterns and other random files to my shiny new computer I've discovered loads of stuff that I've made and not yet posted any pics of. So working through the backlog should keep me busy for a while, which is quite nice - I was worried I'd have nothing interesting to post until I'd finished any of the umpty-billion half completed and then abandoned craft projects I have cluttering up the place!

So to start out the year, here's the gift I sent for the [ profile] ontd_startrek secret santa.


A few more pics... )

And under the cut - the wonderous gifts I received from [ profile] silviasmurf

Yet more pics... )

And to keep up the Star Trek theme, I was asked if I would share my Star Fleet insignia cross stitch patterns, so if you want to stitch any of these...

all star trek badges

...then a pattern lies under the cut!

The cut has a pattern... )
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Anyone remember when I made this lovely cross stitch o' doom?

serenity framed 1

Well, some crazy brave soul was interested in making one of their own, so here's the pattern for it.

Read more... )

As always, feel free to do whatever you want with it, but credit or a link back here would be very much appreciated. And I'd love to see the results if anyone does stitch it!

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I may have made a few too many cross stitched Star Trek badges here. I didn't mean to fill a whole sheet of cross stitch fabric with them, but somehow I did. I'd just add another one every so often when I was between projects, and then somehow I ended up with twenty of them (these are just the ones that came out best!). A worrying number of my projects lately have felt somewhat involuntary. I am possessed by some strange spirit of craftiness. Weird.

Anyway, have some Star Trek insignia. They're all on 58mm (2 1/4") badges. And if anyone wants a pattern for any of these just ask!

all star trek badges

Ridiculous number of individual pics behind the cut... )

Still not caught up on the interwebs and/or my own life yet, but I feel like I'm getting closer now. Just got to concentrate on getting one thing done at a time!

ETA Here's the pattern! (Click to get a larger size at my flickr page if neccesary)
star trek insignia pattern
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A few people seemed interested in stitching their own Powerpuff Girls piece so here's the pattern for it! I've changed a few wee details here and there since I stitched my own version to make it (I hope) even better.

If anyone would like me to post patterns for any of my other cross stitch pieces please let me know and I'll see what I can do! (I reserve the right to maybe be a bit precious about the giant cross stitches o' doom as they're very personal to me, but quite frankly I don't think anyone's mad enough to want to do them anyway.) Check out my Flickr tag for all my cross stitch stuff.

Feel free to do whatever you want with it, but credit or a link back here would be much appreciated. And if anyone does stitch this I'd love to see it!

So, if you wanna stitch this:

powerpuff girls 1

Click for the pattern! )


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