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So, I totally failed to post these pics of my finished Leslie Knope cross stitch on Friday, but here I am now. I am still suffering from cultural over stimulus (otherwise known as the curse of "too many awesome things") and I don't think I'm going to calm down any time soon seeing as I'm already bouncing off the walls from the excitement of seeing the Avengers tomorrow. I am beyond giddy.

But I'll try to keep calm long enough to share Leslie with the world. I can't remember right now how big the stitched design is but the frame is an A4 one to give you some context. There's just the four colours of thread and she took a little over 3 weeks to stitch. If anyone wants the pattern just let me know and I'll edit it in. There should be a Ron Swanson piece to go with it sometime soon I hope! (If my current levels of squee don't cause me to spontaneously combust!) (This post has too many exclamation points!!!11!!!eleventy!!)

So here she is! (!!!)

vote knope 1

More pics... )

And here's a handy slideshow of her progression from pattern to finished. (Or you can just check out the flickr album or look back through this project's tag.)

Edited to add pattern - under the cut... )
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Are you still alive, LJ? Cos I really need to take this opportunity to list things what are awesome, because IRL they are decidedly not right now. But I am determined to be full of positivity. Determined, I say!

Awesome Thing #1: Adam and Joe are back in the Big British Castle on my radio! Hurrah! This must be the only radio show in the world where I love the jingles just as much as the actual talking and stuff. Possibly more than the actual talking and stuff.

Awesome Thing #2: Spiral is back on my telly box! Wooooo! Spiral is pretty much what would happen if someone smushed together The Wire and Prime Suspect and then made it in France. Which I'm pretty sure is exactly what they did.

Miniature Awesome Thing #3: I am getting my very disorganized life back in order one tiny thing at a time. Like having all my cross stitching threads carefully ordered. This is a massive victory in a sea of chaos.


Awesome Thing #4: Awesome people [ profile] epicycles and [ profile] akisilver who won my services in the [ profile] help_japan auctions. They are wonderful and I am hopefully making wonderful things for them. Huzzah!

Awesome Accidental Thing #5: I completely-and-utterly-by-accident and totally-not-on-purpose downloaded and mainlined the rest of Hawaii Five-0 but somehow have managed to save the most recent one to tide me over until next week for a new one.  My snobbish telly stance is slipping and I'm just giving in to the fabulously stupid wonderfulness. Joy.

Awesome Thing #6: The Pet Shop Boys are supporting Take That on tour this summer. I repeat, the motherfucking PET SHOP BOYS are bloody well SUPPORTING Take That on tour. I am going to see the Pet Shop Boys AND Take That in one evening. I am dead. Dead from the awesome and also dead from the bizarreness that the Pet Shop Boys are supporting anyone let alone a band at least a decade their junior. But it is going to be awesome. AWESOME!

The word awesome is starting to look weird now. I think I should stop.
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Weird week.

Bad Things:

1. I have a pile of roof in my back garden and not much roof on my roof.

2. It keeps threatening to snow and I don't trust the tarpaulin to keep us all dry.

3. I want to kill all the builders.

Good things:

1. I have actual bidders for my [ profile] help_japan  offers here and here. Woo hoo! I was genuinely worried no-one would want to bid on my stuff. Go see if there's anything you want to bid on!

2. So, that whole "I should cross post my craft stuff to comms" thing. I should have been doing that forever ago. I got two pages worth of comments on my geeky lamp once I'd replied to them all! I've never gotten more than a dozen comments before let alone that many. It's awesome. Although I have now turned into a comment-whore who constantly checks her inbox. Oh well!

3. I seem to not be alone with the whole "accidental fandom" relationship with Hawaii Five-0. Therefore I must picspam.

Many, many pics of pretty... )

Yeah, so, that happened. And this ended up on my shower door.


I am still new to these waters so please feel free to comment-picspam me into catching up!
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So, More Joy day seems as good a time as any to commit myself to participating in Pay It Forward 2011:

I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must in turn post this and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status. *The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011.

I'll mail to anywhere, just leave a comment and I'll contact you for an address. Anon commenting is on, so if you aren't an LJ user give me a twitter name or some other way of getting in touch. I won't chase anyone to pass it on, but it doesn't have to be much, and I'm sure icons or banners or fic are in the spirit of things if you're not a crafter. And if you know someone who needs some extra joy in their life, feel free to comment and nominate someone else to receive a free wee something or other! And here's my disclaimer now - I give no guarantees of when I will find the time to do this, but I promise it will be done this year!

ETA: Between here and fb I've got five people now. Thanks for getting involved!


And if you want to help spread joy to those who aren't seeing much of it at the moment, please consider donating whatever you can afford to the Australian flood relief appeal. ETA: Or help out at [ profile] qldfloodauction


And on a totally unrelated note (apart from the fact that it gives me much joy) Richard Ayoade is directing an episode of Community. Am dead. Am dead from awesome and joy and the fact that I am running out of appropriate gifs of joy for Community news. Yaaaaay! *runs around with flaily Kermit arms*


Spread some joy today, my dear flist!
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So, Take That tickets go on sale on Friday. Expect me to be dead from stress at about 9.15am when all the ticket websites are broken and I don't even know if I successfully purchased anything. That's the usual pattern. Apparently they'll run from £55 - £85 (85 quid is 135 US dollars). I love me my Take That but it would seem that I don't love them enough to spend £85 on a few hours' entertainment. Which made me wonder for whom I would be willing to pay that much for one ticket.

The only answer I have is a supergroup consisting of David Bowie, Tori Amos, Johnny Marr, Jonny Greenwood, Kim Deal and some sort of zombie John Bonham.

Does that make me really stingy?

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The real world continues to give me grief. This week's crafting experiments have been unmitigated disasters. (T-shirt transfer paper didn't work so well and t-shirt transfer paste is of the devil.) I am now moving on to trying screen printing, which for some reason I am very scared of. (I think it's because all the instructions are so convoluted. I'm sure it'll be like poker - when you explain the rules of poker to someone it sounds like gibberish, but if you just play and explain as you go it all starts to make sense.)

But I am not moaning today. No siree.

Today the internet decided to be full of awesomesauce so that I would not be filled with despair.

Tom Hardy and Chris Pine Together At Last )

Chris Pine - are you trying to kill me dead from hotness?

Because you might succeed )

Martin Freeman is Bilbo Baggins. Richard Armitage is Thorin Oakenshield. Aidan Turner is Kili. Am I allowed to get excited now? Is this film really going to happen?

Also, Buffy cast doing awkward family photos. The one of Nic Brendon staring unfocusedly into the distance will never be unfunny.

And finally. Best. Gif. Ever. )


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