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Hello internet world! I have returned! Our phone line went all wonky again and RL has been well busy and made of stress of late. But everything is tentatively fixed and I'm back again. Did I miss anything good?

I've picked a very weird day to get back into the habit of posting. Community is/isn't/is-in-danger-of-being cancelled and there is definitely/definitely-not a Doctor Who movie actually-happening/not-happening/in-development-with-no-one-attached/in-development-with-David-Yates. It's like Schrödinger's news day. I am confused. Someone hold me. Or perhaps tell me not to rely on tumblr for information.

I've been moving a bunch of pics into a new photobucket account to stymie those dastardly hotlinkers from guzzling up my bandwidth allowance, but it does mean I've broken a lot of my own links. I think I've got most of them fixed on lj and I'm going to get around to doing the same on dw as soon as I can, but if I've missed anything please let me know. Don't want to deny anyone their picspams!

Speaking of picspammage, here's some pics of how the Inception cross stitch is coming along.

Very nearly finnished now! )Very nearly finnished now! )

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That whole posting-more-often thing is not going so terribly well. Should be able to spend more time sashaying my way around the internet a bit more when the building work from hell is finally done, which should apparently, allegedly, possibly be quite soon or sometime approximating soon-ish. Or something.

Not helping with the making-time-to-do-more-than-lurk problem may be the fact that I saw Drive the other day (which was amazeballs and may get it's own reaction post) and now may have fallen into a deep well of Ryan Gosling tumblrs. Why did no one point out this man to me sooner? I expected more from my fangirl-enabling flist! But, hey, better late than never, and just in time to find a bazillion pics to add to my semi-completed picspams too. Hurrah!

Anyhow, the Inception cross stitch is still ongoing, and coming out rather nicely. Have finally worked out my issues with pale colours - it turns out to be a rather simple issue, basically it's easier to see errors in the pale coloured stitches whereas your eyes just see the dark stitches as plain blocks of colour and you don't notice if the tension's a bit wonky or the stitch isn't lined up perfectly. But armed with this knowledge I'm now attacking the pale portions a little differently, which may end up making a world of difference. That probably only I will notice. I'm a fool to myself when it comes to the ol' cross stitch! Some pics under the cut of how Arthur's shaping up:

Pics, pics, pics... )
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Have returned from my family get-together. It was beyond fabulous. The usual good food, good booze, good company combo with additional aunties and uncles and added drunken dancing and general hilarity.

And brilliantly, after posting about my own amazing childhood birthday parties, my mother turned up with this as her birthday cake.


Mama Blaize for the win!

A pic of the menu from her birthday dinner (complete with wine pairings! I am so spoilt!) under the cut so you can be jealous of our gluttony.

om nom noms )

I've missed most of the Delicious debacle while I was away, but it doesn't look pretty. I'm going to give things a few days to settle down and then look into Pinboard as that seems to be where everyone is migrating.

Then, as if I didn't already have enough fandom stuff stealing all my attention and freetime, I got into Pottermore this week. I'm RookQueen63 - let me know your name there if you'd like me to friend you. I'm a Hufflepuff (yay!) and my wand is rowan with unicorn core, 14 1/2 inches, slightly swishy. This stuff makes me more excited than a grown adult really ought to be. The site itself is pretty cool - the artwork is gorgeous and I love the way you interact with it, but if it can't handle the number of people on it at the moment, what's it going to be like when it opens fully?

And finally, some more pics of my Inception cross stitch under the cut. Eight out of sixteen pages of the pattern are complete now! But it's more like 3/4 of the way done. And I've still not reached a stage of rage yet! It's clearly a magical cross stitch project.

stitchy stitch stitch )

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It really shouldn't be possible for so many things to break in such a short space of time. And it definitely DEFINITELY shouldn't be possible for two ovens to break in the same way in the space of two years. And yet in such a short space of time I had forgotten just how many meals we eat rely on having a working oven. Well, more frying and boiling and grilling and microwaving recipes shall be learned or rediscovered over the next few days!

In happier news, I found this article very interesting - I think of it as "fandom: older than you think." (Also, more back-up for the argument that girls are not "ruining" fandom; we bloody started it in the first place.)

In related, but depressing, news - Internet troll jailed for 18 weeks.

And in crafting news, I've been featured in some more etsy treasuries, which you can see here, and my Inception cross stitch continues to trundle on apace. Click for cross stitch pics! (Try saying that ten times fast) )

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Some updates on the state of me!

Building stress: Still stressful, but inching towards completion every day, so my state of mind is distinctly better than it was. Given that the work was meant to be completed in October last year it would be quite good for my emotional well-being if it was finished before October of this year, however.

Telly stuff: Caught up on Leverage in a massive splurge and it was glorious! I don't feel like the show ever dipped in quality or anything, but this season has been really fantastic. They've made me cry at three separate episodes this year and I don't think Leverage has ever made me cry before. All the Parker and Hardison stuff is making me flail around like a flaily thing, as has the Nate and Sophie stuff but for different reasons, and Eliot is still the most adorable killing machine ever. And everyone wants to hug Hardison all the time. As well they should.


Went to see a screening of the first episode of series 2 of The Killing (the Danish version, not the AMC remake) and a Q&A with Sofie Gråbøl and Piv Bernth hosted by Emma Kennedy. It was, unsurprisingly, amazeballs. Going to be a very annoying wait until November for more episodes. Sofie Gråbøl is so ridiculously gorgeous in person, and very funny. And Emma Kennedy is every bit the Forbrydelsen fangirl that she seemed on twitter (the pronunciation was explained to the audience as "Ferb-noise of person puking-son".). And in series two Sarah Lund has a new jumper. It's very exciting.

Cross stitch o' doom progress: Also very exciting. So exciting in fact that I'm putting the pics under a cut from now on until it's done. Which might still be ages away, but it's coming along very nicely. Am still rather suspicious about that.

Pics of progress... )


Aug. 8th, 2011 05:13 pm
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First of all, my thoughts are with all my London peeps - hope you're all safe and sound and un-looted. *hugs*

My own life is being a tad unfun at the moment. Were I able to look at it objectively, I'm sure I'd actually be quite impressed at the world for the varied and imaginative ways it has come up with to frustrate and upset me, but as it is I'm just generally grumpy. In order to spare you all the boredom of reading me moan about my life I'd usually just picspam my blues away but I've got about a bazillion (well, eight actually) half compiled picspams on the go and am unsure which one I should focus on with my time that I really ought to be spending doing more productive things. But as my flist are fantastic enablers of wasting time on the internet, I thought I'd ask you which you'd rather see. So here are some very random themes I have been contemplating.

[Poll #1768097]
Despite all my woe, my cross stitch seems to be going very well indeed. I am deeply suspicious of it. I'm sure it has some cunning plan to annoy me tucked up its sleeve...

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Oh, LJ. You poor beleaguered thing. It'd be nice if you could hold things together for longer than about 15 minutes at a time. Maybe this time it's back for the long haul. I feel uninformed and deprived of pretty things without my flist, it's a tragedy.

I'm trying to recreate as much of my flist as possible over on dreamwidth, if you're there and I haven't found you yet, please leave me a nudge in the right direction, or add me yourself - [personal profile] anonymityblaize. I think LJ will remain my primary internet home for the time being, but I want to be prepared to jump ship if that becomes necessary.

And I have dreamwidth codes if anyone needs them, just ask. Anon commenting should be on for this post if you're having trouble staying logged in.

I had thoughts on stuff that came out of comic con, but, other than some serious flailing over Community casting news, I seem to have forgotten it all since I could last make LJ bend to my will.

I also have thoughts on the news but given that there are many people on facebook and twitter saying things about Norway, Hackgate, Amy Winehouse, and/or Somalia that are making me want to get a bit punchy I'm going to keep those opinions to myself and hopefully avoid all fist fights, literal or otherwise.

Finally saw the final Harry Potter film, and cried through most of it, as I expected I would. On the whole I think it was fantastic - I just wish the early movies could have been less craptastic so that I could have a dvd marathon one day. I suppose at least they got all the casting right - those kids have grown up remarkably well. Neville was always my favourite in the books and I think I might have started a riot in the cinema if they had messed up Neville's BAMF moment, but instead they actually managed to make movie!Neville even more badass than book!Neville which was all kinds of fantastic for me. And dammit, Matthew Lewis, stop making me feel like a total perv. Most Triumphant Emergence From Puberty indeed. And Rickman was amazing, as always. And McGonagall! Oh, Dame Maggie you are a national treasure. Sorry, my thoughts are somewhat disconnected apparently. Short version - loved it, even though I have been deeply critical of the movies up until now.

And here's some more cross stitch progress. I am rather excited now that Arthur is mostly done, and you can even see most of the guy falling away behind him. And I've reached both the right and left hand edges now. It's moving on quite quickly. Hurrah!


One more pic from earlier in the week... )

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I have begun the Inception cross stitch of doom!

I am excited! But also terrified!

I am clearly an masochist. Look at the sheer ridiculousness of the sixteen (sixteen!) pages of the pattern.

inception pattern

And here's what I managed to stitch on the first day. I appear to have begun with the area underneath Arthur's crotch. Seems inappropriately appropriate.

inception day one 20 06 11


In utterly unrelated news I would like to tell you about my new hero: Greg from Glasgow Cineworld.

I went to see X-Men First Class again (still awesome, thoughts still percolating) and when I arrived at the screen I encountered a lone Cineworld employee throwing 31 (I kid you not, I counted them) teenagers out of a screening of Kung-Fu Panda 2. He gave them a magnificent speech about how they should be acting like the young adults they were and marched them from the building ignoring their whining and their attempts to throw each other under the bus so that they might be allowed to stay. Already impressed with this lone protector of cinema-going etiquette I wandered in to take my seat and was slightly perturbed by the large number of teens and unaccompanied kids already there. But I shouldn't have worried as ten minutes later while the adverts were playing, my hero strode into our screen and walked straight up to the large group of teens who had commandeered the entire back section. He was very polite to them and told them he didn't want to tar all teenagers with the same brush, but that he had just removed a large number of people from one screen for talking, using their phones and causing a mess, and he was perfectly prepared to do it again. That last bit was still polite but had a definite bite of threat to it. He then insisted on watching them turn their phones off, and wandered down to the front of the screen where a smaller, but still numerous group of quieter tweens/younger teens sat. He gave them the same speech, with the addition that he was sure they were going to be well behaved, but that it wouldn't be fair to talk to the older teens and not say the same things to them. He then moved to the centre of the screen and loudly introduced himself to the entire audience and explained that he intended for all customers to have a enjoyable cinema experience and would gladly throw anyone out who was spoiling it for others and we were to come out and ask for him to be sent to our screen if there were any problems.

What followed was one of my favourite cinema experiences in ages. The audience was noisy in the all the right ways (laughing at the funny bits, ooh-ing at the exciting bits, generally going mental for the cameo with the swearing bit) but not in any of the bad ways. Every now and again some kid or other would start talking or using their phone and within moments one of their friends would hiss at them to stop ("I'm nae getting chucked out cos of youse" was my favourite). Greg had essentially created a situation where the teenagers were policing each others' behaviour. And it was good. I think I love him.

(Also, as my eavesdropping on the way out showed me, even teenage lads from Glasgow think that Charles and Erik are very very gay for one another.)

Somewhat relatedly, I feel the need to make a picspam of Michael Fassbender wearing hats. I'm just warning you now. It could be epic.

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Mwah ha ha hah!

Mine is an evil laugh for I am nearly finished with this project! I have bested the great cross stitch of doom once more. I spent so long being really frustrated by it that I didn't notice until last night how close to the end I really am. The finish line is in sight!

I'm so close to finished, in fact, that this is the last pic I'm going to post until she is done and cleaned and pressed and framed, and ready to be presented to the world.

And then I'm going to start mithering about what my next cross stitch project will be...

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I haz my cross stitching mojo back! Hoorah! And huzzah! And other exclamations of joy!

Don't know why, don't know how, but it's just suddenly become much easier, and progress is much, much faster. And I've barely even cussed her out in days! Being able to take some of the guidelines out, because certain bits are complete, was a major psychological boost I think. I'll definitely have it finished by Christmas now I'm sure. Not quite ready to bust out the "nearly finished" tag, but almost!


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This week has been very strange, but mostly in a good way.

Saw John Barrowman (Barrowmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! *shakes fist at sky*) in concert on Wednesday, which was all kinds of fabulous. It was cheesy as all get out, of course, but in a wonderful way. To hear him sing in person was a fantastic experience, but what really surprised me was how I could have listened to him tell his showbiz anecdotes all night long. The man could have a career in stand up if he wanted! (Although this feeling may have been intensified by him using his Glaswegian accent for most of the show, and the extra cheekiness of a home town gig.) And I really like the way he has his support act on for two short sets in the middle of each act, rather than as a warm up act. Also, Wonder Woman/Spiderman mash-up. Really.

Then Friday was Take That ticket day. Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffffffffffffffffffggggggggggggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. That was ridiculous. I have never had to work so hard in my life to get someone to take my money. Total capitalism fail. You'd think Ticketmaster of all things might be somewhat prepared for the onslaught of people wanting tickets. (Although, fair enough, selling over a million tickets in one day is pretty huge.) But I succeeded (after four bloody hours) and all is well with the world!

And I think I have finally hit the home stretch with my Serenity cross stitch. Swearing levels are decreased, accomplishment levels are increasing. I'm starting to like her again! Hurrah!

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Progress: Still slow, but moving at least.

Sanity: Hanging in there.

Times stabbed self with needle this week: Only twice.

Times flung across the room in despair: Just the once.

Profanities uttered whilst cross stitching: All of them. Many times.

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I think it's fair to say that I have seriously lost momentum with this project. Progress is sloooooo-ooooow. I will not list the things I blame for this, for fear of sounding like a broken record. But one of the best things about this blog is that I can look back at previous large cross stitch projects and know that I always do this. It flies along really fast and easy, and then it gets hard and I start anthropomorphizing colours and threads and getting into arguments with things inanimate, and then somehow, somewhere, I find my sanity and reach the home stretch and it starts getting easier. And then when I finish, I love the project and seem to forget the moments where I nearly tore it apart. So hopefully that third stage will kick in soon. And at least this time I have outside influences to blame rather than just shrieking about how pale colours are evil.

Here's how Serenity looks today:


And here's a close up where you can actually tell that I've started putting in some of the darker colours:


And while I'm here, my TLDR bag got featured in a green and purple themed treasury over at etsy. I'd always encourage y'all to check these kind of things out cos there are so many amazing crafters and artists on etsy (so much better than me!) and you never know what you might find over there!
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Aaarrgh. It's been just over a month since I last posted on Serenity's progress. And there's not actually been that much.

It would seem that no matter how much I love the subject, or feel like I'm enjoying the project, there will always be a point where one of my cross stitches of doom just starts to annoy me and makes me want to be violent toward it. I am currently blaming my sore shoulder issues and the new shiny fandom of distraction for my lack of progress, but it won't be long until I start taking it out on Serenity herself and fling her across the room in despair.

Bloody hell, I'm a melodramatic cross stitcher, aren't I? Shall shut up now...

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Still having slightly weird shoulder issues, but Serenity seems to be coming along fine, if a little slower than I'd like. Don't know if I should stop doing all crafts for a few days to give it a rest (that may drive me slightly crazy) or whether I should go get a massage or something.

Also I found about a dozen stitches in the starboard engine that are all placed one row below where they ought to be. Have yet to work out whether I could just stitch over them or if I'll have to cut them out, but I remain remarkably sanguine about it. I'll fix it at some point, I just can't be mithered right now. Seems a better attitude than my usual mania!

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Oh, LJ, how I have abandoned you of late. I really do mean to post more often. Anyway...

Took a week or so off stitching Serenity as I'd hurt my shoulder due to poor crafting and computer-using posture . But thanks to some wonderful family members and a handily timed birthday, I now have a kneeling chair so I can't slouch at the computer and a graphics tablet so I don't end up with what I refer to as "mouse claw". Both are taking some getting used to but my body seems grateful for the change.

And now that I've gotten back into my stitching rhythm Serenity is really starting to look like a spaceship!

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It's all going so well! And so fast! I am afeared of the moment it all goes horribly wrong. Admittedly she is about half the size of my Enterprise cross stitch, so you would hope it'd be quicker and easier than that one. But I am using many of the exact same thread colours (yup, my waste-not-want-not philosophy extends even to thread) so I may experience just as much angst before it's done. Aaaaargh. Why do I feel the need to turn every craft project into a battle? Bah. But she is looking pretty. Woot!

Is there such a thing as crafting-bipolar-ness?



Two days ago:

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Despite my fears she's really starting to come along nicely now. And no unpleasant unstitching situations since my unfortunate jinxing in my last post. It could still come back to bite me in the arse at any point though!

Me and the macro setting on my camera are getting better acquainted, so the colours are more accurately represented, but the focus has gone a little less, well, focused. I'll get a tripod at some point and everything should look much better. It seems like for every new crafty or artsy skill I learn, it just opens up a new area of things I need to investigate. It's like falling down the rabbit hole.

Here's how Serenity looks today:


And here's how she looked earlier in the week )
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Eleven of the twenty colours are in there now, and some of them you can even tell apart! The blue part in the top left is the light of Serenity's port engine (if that makes any sense to anyone). I'm starting to see the shape of her, which is quite exciting to experience this early on. And I've only had one incident so far that required the unpicking of stitches and copious swearing. It's all going ridiculously well thus far.

I really shouldn't have said that, should I?


Pictures of previous progress... )
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"We live in a space ship, dear."
Day One of stitching Serenity.
There's four different colours in there so far. Honest. Me and pale colours look set to resume our grudge match. But she's smaller and therefore this should be less head-hurty than the Enterprise.

dayone serenity

One day soon she ought to look like this:

serenitypattern copy


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