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Hoorah! Hurray! And most definitely cool, cool, cool. I have missed it so much.

So it seems appropriate to post a little thing I made myself a while back, which was inspired by this moment;

I added this to my favourite grey hoodie:

time hoodie 2

Some more pics under the cut... )


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After I made my own geekiest lamp in all of geekdom a friend of mine (the very friend who lent me his Enterprise D blueprints) commissioned me to make him a table lamp with an Enterprise design. Took me ages to find a lamp I could customise and then ages again to actually decide which bit of the ship to put on it, but I really like what I ended up with, so maybe all that time was worth it! Here's how it turned out:

Help Japan

Mar. 14th, 2011 03:01 pm
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I'm taking part in the [ profile] help_japan fandom auctions. I'm offering two small cross stitch badges or one large cross stitch badge, and also a 6" x 8" framed cross stitch sampler. Each item would be custom designed with the winning bidders' input.

If either of those sound interesting to you then please go bid, and if they don't please go visit the art and artistry post, the audio work post, the food post, the graphics post, the fic post, or the interesting stuff post (crafts, jewelry, memorabilia, gift cards etc.) where I'm sure you'll find something that catches your eye. Even the smallest donations can make a difference - go help! And please spread the word!
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Firstly, my thoughts go out to everyone affected by the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan and the Pacific basin. I hope that all my flisties in the region, and all your loved ones, are safe and sound. I haven't seen a fandom auction and/or help resource go up yet but I'm sure there will be something soon. Right now the only helpful links I can think to post are Google's People Finder and the Red Cross Blog.

ETA: That link is for the UK arm of the Red Cross, try the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies site.

Son of ETA: Fandom is awesome - hie thee hence to [ profile] help_japan 

This sentence is an abrupt-change-of-tone buffer.

So, today's crafty post. I had this floor lamp that I loved very much, but some of the panels had been damaged over the years, so I decided to cut all the panels out, replace the ones that were too badly ripped and salvage the ones that weren't. Maybe I'd add some small embellishments, I thought. Then it turned into an epic stencil project that took up all my crafts-for-me time throughout January and February. And then I discovered that it's really hard to take pictures of an item that is itself a source of light. Especially since when the lamp is off (or I tried to use the camera flash) you can't actually see any of the designs - it just looks like panels of plain paper. So this post has taken quite a while to get organised!

Because it's for me, it's a bit messy in places and I tried some techniques that I won't try again. But I actually quite like how it turned out, overall. I'm definitely going to try to use some of these ideas again for smaller table lamps I can sell, but that'll require quite a lot of research and planning!

The biggest problem I had with taking photos was the difference between the Bat signal panels and the other ones. With the naked eye there isn't as big a contrast as there are in these pics.


Loads more pics under the cut! )
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In an attempt to reclaim my blogging mojo, here be a whole bunch of recent(ish) custom order crafts that I haven't posted yet.

Things like this:


And this:

100211 3
And many more!
More crafty stuff... )

And I'm featured in a new treasury over at etsy, which you can check out over here!

Real Life continues to be composed mainly of stress and grumpiness, but  the internet has been bringing me much joy of late (mainly in the form of Misha Collins and the fact that I've given in and dived head first into Hawaii five-o fandom) and I'm off to see the Trocks tonight so I am a very happy bunny today.
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I can hardly believe that it is the time to be doing this already. Where did this year go?

Anyhow, if you think that any of my one-of-a-kind geeky crafts would make a good Christmas present (or a Winter-celebration-of-your-choice gift) this is your warning to get your orders in soon!

The last dates for delivery before Christmas are -

Standard Parcels within UK: Wednesday 15th December

Airmail Parcels to Western Europe: Monday 13th December 2010

Airmail Parcels to Eastern Europe, USA and Canada: Friday 10th December 2010

Airmail Parcels to South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia  and New Zealand: Monday 6th December 2010

So if you want to purchase any listed item as is from my etsy store or my folksy shop, please do so at least one or two days before the last date for your location.

If you'd like a custom order, or you want something personalized, please order before the end of November, and remember the more complicated the order, the more time I'll need to complete it! Photos of all my crafty creations are on Flickr and I can relist or remake any items not currently up in my stores. Please feel free to get in touch with any queries.

Just to make this post a little more interesting, here's a t-shirt I've just listed and a sweatshirt I customised for myself.

a 013    a 009 

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This idea has definitively obsessed my brain! It even has its own tag and its own Flickr set now. That's a little bit odd.

But, this is quite possibly my favourite thing I've done in ages. It's probably quite daft, but it actually made me laugh out loud when I thought of it. It took forever and I'm never doing it like this again (next week I'm hoping to find time to try out four different methods of making these), but I really, really love it.

And see, Trek fandom! I have not abandoned you at all, despite Inception fandom wanting ALL OF MY BRAINSPACE!

Teasery teaser today, for I'm rather proud of this.

Clicky click click )

ETA : A professionally printed version of this t-shirt is now available at
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This idea could definitely get very addictive. But the way I'm doing it is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrryy time consuming*, and therefore clearly not a sensible thing to continue with in this manner, as I very much doubt people would pay $150 or something equally ridiculous for t-shirts like these. I'm looking into cafepress right now and am also going to experiment with t-shirt transfer stuff.

But for now, some words for Buffy and/or Princess Bride fans.

effulgent8    0 031

*I'm making these by hand with guidelines and fabric paint applied with a cocktail stick. On average it takes me about two minutes to do each letter. It's ridiculous.

Tomorrow I'll post my favourite of the bunch, even though it took me FOUR BLOODY DAYS. It was worth it though. ETA: Ta da!

Son of ETA: The effulgent t-shirt is now listed here!
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Well, I did indeed decide to add "darling" to my "specificity" t-shirt. (Of course I did, I have no idea why I thought I might not.)

I have also let my imagination run away with me on many other definition shirts, which I'll post over the next few days, once I'm done swearing at photoshop. (I seem to spend an inordinate amount of my time arguing with technology.)

So now this:


has this on the back:

0 019

More pics under the cut )

In completely unrelated news, there is a creeping creeper who creeps working on our building. He keeps choosing the oddest places on the scaffolding to stop for a break, and stares through the window while I am trying to work. If he does it again tomorrow there will be yelling and stroppy closing of curtains. Blech.

And also unrelatedly, why did no-one tell me how good Misfits was? I just mainlined the whole first series in two days. I think I may hate the E4 trailer people because it didn't look like the sort of thing I would like, but I was spectacularly wrong about that. It was fantastic, funny, twisted and really, really good. And it made me rant again about what a waste of potential Heroes was, because in just 6 episodes, Misfits managed to do right what Heroes couldn't manage in four years. But the upside of being late to this party is that I only have to wait a month or so for season two. Hurrah! Now to go hunt down Misfits fandom...
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Yeah, so. Inception has totally taken over my brain and invaded my crafting time. So this happened.

totems4   totems back

Loads of pics behind the cut )
I'm nearly done adding "darling" to the specificity t-shirt, along with another couple of definition shirts which I ought to post soon.
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This is part two of my tutorial. Part one can be found here.  I've made my stencil and am ready to turn it into this t-shirt:

enterprise D 2

more tutorial pics )

pics of the finished product )

If you've got any questions, please feel free to ask.
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A while ago I started experimenting with two-tone stencils for t-shirt designs. I made a Flight of the Conchords tee, and then made an Enterprise one. So when I embarked upon a t-shirt with the Enterprise D on it, I figured it was time for another tutorial post, since the bleached-out t-shirt design tutorial went down quite well.

I'm going to do this in two parts - this post is about turning an image into the stencil, then the second part will be about putting that design onto a t-shirt.

So, let's find out how I made this:


(See, Star Trek fandom, I haven't entirely abandoned you for Inception!)

Lots of images behind the cut )

If you've got any questions, please feel free to ask.
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And so it begins. I've started making Inception-inspired crafts. This may well end up being more of an epic obsession than Star Trek t-shirts. And since I'm not even over that obsession, I really shouldn't be adding another one. Anyway...

This was made, believe it or not, pretty much free hand. I had some guidelines on it in dressmakers' chalk, and then made it with fabric paint and a cocktail stick, because none of my brushes were fine enough to do the lettering properly.


More pics under the cut )

I can't believe that this is something I haven't thought to do before. I'm seriously considering putting the dictionary definition of "darling" on the back of the t-shirt. Should I?

I'm also going to expand this idea to some of my other fandoms. Only one I've definitely decided on so far is to do a Buffy-themed "effulgent" t-shirt. Give me some ideas for others!
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A few recently(ish) completed custom orders. Some BSG nerdiness, some more phaser pants, and some wings on sleeves.

frak1           st4


More pics... )
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Oooh, lookit! I've managed to go a whole four posts without mentioning that which stole my brain!

Today's crafty offerings are a little strange for me, in that they're not inspired by any specific fandom, but instead come from my general obsession with these here interwebs, and, well, my general obsessiveness.

Picture 131     hyperbole3

By the way, I'm still working on the two-tone stencil tutorial I promised to do ages ago - it should be up soon (if your definition of "soon" is fairly flexible). ETA: Up now!

More pics under the cut... )

Also, if you liked the Gaga cover I linked to yesterday, then be sure to check out their Justin Timberlake one too - it's even more nerdily awesome!

ETA: TLDR t-shirt and bag both listed at etsy now.
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The majority of the available processing power in my brain remains beholden to Inception. Apparently this movie is the world's most resilient parasite. I've now seen it twice and a fairly epic reaction post essay is percolating in my brain, but this is not that post yet. This post is the crafty stuff I would have posted last week if Nolan hadn't stolen my brain space.

Previews (Yes, I am still obsessed with the Hipstamatic app, yes, I bought all the additional lenses and films.):

Picture 227  Picture 221

More pics under the cut )ETA: Marv t-shirt and Rassilon bag now listed at etsy.
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After my first foray into two-tone stencils I decided to try something a little more complicated. Which then turned out to be a great deal more complicated. I never learn, apparently.

I decided I needed a t-shirt with the Enterprise sweeping majestically across it, as you do. The first hurdle came when I discovered that photoshop won't print a large image over multiple pages without a fight. (Thank goodness I'm related to a graphic designer.) Once that was dealt with this, of course, resulted in a very large and very delicate stencil, which, of course, the cat wanted to attack. So once I had rescued the stencil from furry, clawy doom it would all be plain sailing, right? Wrong. Grey fabric paint seems to be an endangered species, so I had to mix that colour myself. And matching the second stencil up proved to be quite annoying. (To the extent that it became a stencil made of five separate, overlapping pieces.) And I hurt my arm by holding it too tense to try and get perfect lines. And... And.. I'll stop moaning now.

In the end, as ever, it turned out really quite pretty. It would seem that I have some sort of ridiculous need to hate a project whilst actually doing it, in order for it to turn out well. I'm not sure that's a good thing. But my Enterprise t-shirt is beautiful and I love her! So nyeh.


click for more pics! )Many more photos here (I went even more snap-happy than usual with this one!)

If anyone would like me to do a tutorial on this sort of thing (like I did for "bleached-out" t-shirt designs) please let me know and I'd be happy to oblige!
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Saw Flight of the Conchords live about a month ago (almost exactly a month ago in fact) and for some reason it's taken me this long to post about it properly. I fail at prompt internet-usage. Anyway. It was, unsurprisingly, a hilarious and highly entertaining evening. The boys were looking particularly yummy, and the songs sounded fantastic. Many more instruments on stage than I had expected (and some that didn't get used - they don't follow their own set list much from what I can tell. I'm pretty sure we got an unplanned rendition of Albi, and Jemaine was constantly mouthing song titles at Bret, who either would nod or look at him like he was a madman.)

Highlights of the gig:
  • Heckler: “Where’s Mel?” Jermaine: “She’s fictional. So she’s hanging out with Bart Simpson and... Taggart." (cue huge cheer from the crowd as Scottish crowds do when you mention anything remotely Scottish.)
  • Three new songs. Three! (Fave moment: "I said, 'I don't have any I.D. on me / Who even carries I.D. in 1353?!' / 'I maketh not the rules,' quoth he.")
  • Jenny! Woo! I love that song.
  • Sparkly jumpsuits.
  • Tiny piano!
  • The New Zealand orchestra. His name is Matt. He does odd jobs (but not strange tasks).
  • Three part audience singalong to Epileptic Dogs.
  • Many other things that have fallen out of my brain at this moment in time.
Ever-so-slight disappointments of the evening:
  • No Bus Driver's Song. Denied yet again.
  • No keytar. (But there were instruments up there I could not identify for the life of me.)
My cheeks hurt from laughing by the end of the night. And the crowd was on fine form. Not too much random heckling. Found a few good youtube clips of the show - so here's kilt towels and a very different version of Sugalumps.

And of course I had to go in a homemade Conchords t-shirt. Who would I be if I didn't? This was my first attempt at a two-tone print. It required two stencils, which didn't end up matching as precisely as required, so it was a slightly aggravating process. I think I ended up making t-shirt!Jemaine look far grumpier than he did in the original photo. But it's something I'm going to keep experimenting with.


More pics under the cut )

And even more pics here if you're interested.

Bowser Bag

Feb. 11th, 2010 03:05 pm
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Below the cut are many pictures of a Mario-themed market bag, and some recently made Mario badges that haven't hit the blog yet.

So, what did this get turned into?


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As may be quite obvious, I have been quite obsessed with making Star Trek crafts of late. At some point I will wean myself onto other fandoms and obsessions. In fact, pretty soon I will be asking for the wisdom of my internet friends to help me decide what the next cross stitch of head-melting-ly biggness will be.

But for now I present to you some nu-Trek uniforms that I would totally wear as a Halloween costume if I were doing the dressing up thing this year. But I'm not. So goodness only knows why I made them. Hopefully someone will want them!


science2 st3

Some more (quite large) pics behind the cut )

And you can see even more pics here.


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