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Exactly 16,752 stitches, approximately 66 metres of thread, and four months have gone into this 42cm by 20cm piece of loveliness.

It's very pleasing to have finished a project and actually still like it. Goodness only knows what craziness I'll put myself through next. But for now at least I know that I like this ship. It's exciting!

A wee preview:

enterprise 2

More pics (some very large) behind the cut! )

And as this is the first time I've used my new mood theme I'll take this opportunity to credit: [ profile] saxa246.
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Nearly there... Oh so nearly there....

Brain melty...

eyes squigly....

I clearly am not good at the end game of large cross stitch projects. Will attempt to borrow a better camera for pictures when it's finished as these just aren't coming out well at all. Both nacelles are done though, so I should focus on the happy that is that.

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I used to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this old blogging malarkey, but now I'm getting to quite enjoy it. Mostly because every time I start to post an Enterprise update I feel like I haven't done much of late, but then I check my last post on the subject and see just how much more is filled in. It's quite encouraging. But I still think the last few weeks of any large project is my achilles' heel. The beginning is just so much more fun. Shapes appearing as if from nowhere seems so much more satisfying than filling in the details. However, I am allowing myself to add dark colours now and I've made my feelings on pale colours pretty plain by now (I know, why on earth would I think an almost entirely pale design wouldn't drive me mad? I am a fool to myself, that's why.).

Excitingness of the week comes courtesy of having completely completed the port nacelle. I took out all the guidelines there since I don't need them anymore and I'm rather pleased with how it looks.

Picture time!

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I appear to have lost some of the momentum I had previously with this project, but there's not that much further to go now. I trundle on. I may even allow myself to do some dark colours soon and I always like them much better than the pale bastards.

Oh dear. I appear to be anthropomorphizing individual stitches in a craft project again. That might not be a good sign...

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Aug. 3rd, 2009 05:47 pm
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Wheee! You can actually tell there's more than one colour in there now. Just barely, but still, it's exciting enough for me.

She's looking real purty. I am a happy stitcher right now.

Still plenty of stitching to go though!

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I cannot believe that a pun that terrible had not occurred to me yet. It's Dad-joke levels of awful/awesome. Awfsome?

And so we encounter the nacelles part of the experience. You can see the width of them now, but not the length - it still has quite a ways back to go! (I swear nuTrek Enterprise has longer nacelles than the old one but I haven't investigated this properly yet.) 

Having done this much I must downgrade my estimated time til completion. It's going way faster than I had thought and I could even be finished by September at this rate, although I'll bet on October for now just in case it all goes horribly awry.

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Stitchety, stitch, stitch. Ho hum, few things to say really, other than it's ticking along nicely. Should be finished by October or November at this rate. I'm a little concerned that the colours aren't looking quite as distinct as they should, but maybe colours blending into each other is better than them contrasting too dramatically.

Shortly after I took this picture I started out onto the nacelles, in order to save my sanity and to keep liking this project, so the next update should look quite different.

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Cracking on at a fair pace again this week. (Have recovered from the brilliant depressingness that was Torchwood, but have a suggestion for the Beeb; all harrowing programming should be followed by a half hour on BBC3 of puppies chasing their own tails and kittens falling over. It would help me cope no end. Maybe lolcats should have their own TV station.)

The entire shape and structure of the saucer section is there now, and I'm really pleased with how it looks. I know this picture isn't of the greatest quality but I swear there are 4 different colours in there, and not a one of them is white. As of today I'm still working on filling in the lone "one here, and one here, oh and one over there" type stitches, but I may make a start on the nacelles quite soon. I want to keep myself enjoying this project for as long as possible!

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Brain killed by Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Russell T Davies is an evil genius.

Somehow managed to do some stitching this week between sobbing and yelling at the telly like a crazy person.

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I really need to get a Trek icon. But there are so many good ones out there - how to pick? Do I want a fan-girly one? Or one of the Enterprise? And who gets jettisoned from my current icon set? I probably don't need three Flight of the Conchords ones, but which one to lose? Such difficult geeky choices to make...

Again I'm failing to update my progress here as much as I meant to. But the progress is strong and I am actually really enjoying this project. Clearly this is empirical proof (if proof were needed) that Star Trek is better than Heroes. Got quite a kick the other day out of realizing that NCC-17 and a wee smidgen of 0 and 1 are starting to make themselves clear. I like this ship. It's exciting!



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I really have neglected the daily picture taking of late so there's just the one picture today, and it makes it look like I've leapt ahead (insert your own lame warp speed pun here, it'll be less terrible than mine) when actually it's over a week's worth of work.

The threat of a new conflict with pale colours seems to have waned somewhat. Either I did actually learn something from the last cross stitch of doom, or this project is easier. Either way, I'm not complaining and feel it's going to turn out great. The shape of the top down view of the saucer section is really starting to come together. It's quite exciting being this positive about one of the bigger projects for a change!

More than one person has commented on the similarity between the guidelines and the design of the holodeck when a programme isn't running. I clearly run with the geekiest of crowds. Tis awesome!

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So, as it turns out, my new enemy may be pale greys and blues. At least I'm consistant in the hatred of pale colours. There are 30 colours involved in this project and most of them fall under the axis of bluey grey paleness. Including over 40 metres worth of one colour alone. So far I've stitched three colours in and I can barely tell them apart without squinting. Apparently I have learnt nothing from the frustration of previous projects!

Pictures of  a few days worth of stitching await behind the cut.

Make it so... )

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Time to embark on another big-ass project, this time a cross-stitch of the new Enterprise. Lessons have been learnt from the epicness that was my Peter Petrelli cross stitch - no pinks and no beiges, the pattern has been printed on a ginormous scale, and I have put in a ludicrous amount of guide stitches. And I am stitching on black aida instead of even thinking about stitching in the entirety of space. So I should stay saner this time around. Should. Hopefully this one won't take six months.

Pics of the computer-generated simulation of the completed project and day one of stitching (technically day 3 of the project overall as it took me two days to sort the pattern and the guide stitches) below the cut.

Engage... )


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