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So, I totally failed to post these pics of my finished Leslie Knope cross stitch on Friday, but here I am now. I am still suffering from cultural over stimulus (otherwise known as the curse of "too many awesome things") and I don't think I'm going to calm down any time soon seeing as I'm already bouncing off the walls from the excitement of seeing the Avengers tomorrow. I am beyond giddy.

But I'll try to keep calm long enough to share Leslie with the world. I can't remember right now how big the stitched design is but the frame is an A4 one to give you some context. There's just the four colours of thread and she took a little over 3 weeks to stitch. If anyone wants the pattern just let me know and I'll edit it in. There should be a Ron Swanson piece to go with it sometime soon I hope! (If my current levels of squee don't cause me to spontaneously combust!) (This post has too many exclamation points!!!11!!!eleventy!!)

So here she is! (!!!)

vote knope 1

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And here's a handy slideshow of her progression from pattern to finished. (Or you can just check out the flickr album or look back through this project's tag.)

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It's finally time for me to unveil my completed Inception cross stitch! I am terribly excited about showing this off, and I hope other people like it as much as I do!

I began thinking about this project around this time last year, but didn't start stitching until towards the end of June. It took me a long time before I was happy with any of the umpty jillion patterns I tried and discarded. I noodled around with several screengrabs and whatnot of the hotel corridor fight for quite sometime before settling on doing the Arthur poster image, mainly because it had a wider range of colours than using a scene directly from the movie. I was finished the actual stitching part by the middle of November so it would seem that I keep taking around five months to do one of these cross stitches o' doom, regardless of the size of the project. (For reference, Arthur is over twice the size and contains over three times the number of stitches as my stitched Serenity, and almost double the stitches of the Enterprise one.)

At no point did I get frustrated with this project, which is a novelty to me. Not even a minor pout or kerfuffle. I can't decide if that's the reason this has been my favourite project so far, or if it is genuinely the best thing I've made. I've certainly never stitched better. The stitches and the tension are much more uniform across the piece than I've ever achieved in the past.

Here come the stats! The stitched design measures 22cm by 29cm. It contains 31,108 stitches from 25 different colours of thread. I used nearly 150 metres of those threads, and almost 50 meters of that is the very dark navy that dominates the piece.

So. Yeah. This happened.

Many more pics, and larger ones too, can be found here.

(BTW, does this count as fanart? I mean, I know it does, but could I post it to inception comms as fanart? And if so, which ones should I post it to? I am excited to show it off, but confused as to where it would be welcome. I am a bear of very little brain sometimes.)

Right, now I'm off to check my totem so I know I didn't make this beauty in a dream...

ETA: Pattern now available here.

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So, nearly six months, 8,165 stitches, and 32.1 metres of 20 different colours of thread later, my Serenity cross stitch is completed.

Despite being considerably smaller than either Peter or the Enterprise, this particular Cross Stitch of Doom has somehow caused me more stress than both of them combined! But she's turned out rather beautiful and I'm quite a bit proud.

"Love keeps her in the air when she ought to fall down... tells you she's hurting before she keels."

serenity framed 1
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More pictures to be found here, and you can look back on the various ups and (many, many) downs of my progress here.

Onwards! To the next gigantic project!

Bowser Bag

Feb. 11th, 2010 03:05 pm
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Below the cut are many pictures of a Mario-themed market bag, and some recently made Mario badges that haven't hit the blog yet.

So, what did this get turned into?


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Exactly 16,752 stitches, approximately 66 metres of thread, and four months have gone into this 42cm by 20cm piece of loveliness.

It's very pleasing to have finished a project and actually still like it. Goodness only knows what craziness I'll put myself through next. But for now at least I know that I like this ship. It's exciting!

A wee preview:

enterprise 2

More pics (some very large) behind the cut! )

And as this is the first time I've used my new mood theme I'll take this opportunity to credit: [ profile] saxa246.
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Have finally got around to getting some better pictures of my Peter cross stitch. The facts and figures of how and what, but no answer to why, can be found here, and his entire saga of creation is detailed earlier in this blog. And so, without further ado, onto some pics of this bastard beauty.

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Six months ago I, in a fit of madness, decided to turn Tim Sale's painting of Peter Petreli from Heroes into a cross stitched piece. To make the nearly 30cm by 30cm piece I used over 118 metres of thread in 29 different colours, and stitched 29,925 stitches. It probably took somewhere in the region of 300 hours to finish.

It seems somewhat anticlimactic posting this now that a whole month has passed since it was completed. But post I shall. The delay is due to me wanting better pictures of the completed project, but this will have to do for now and I shall edit to add other photos as and when they appear.

And so, without further ado...

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