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Hello all! I had a few weeks where I couldn't do much interetting due to boring reasons and then I went and discovered I'd gotten some sort blogging stage fright. It's all a bit odd. So I'm easing myself back into the swing of things with a picspam because that cures all ills. Going to catch up with replying to comments and posting the stuff I've been making lately over the next few days.

So without further ado, here's some* rather gorgeous people wearing some lovely hats. Enjoy.

*By some I mean 68 pics and gifs. Proceed with caution!


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A few years ago Mister Blaize and I made a decision to get those nifty Cineworld unlimited cards. It's turned out to be a very smart decision financially, considering how many movies we go see. But it does occasionally lead to crazypants decisions like going to the cinema three times in the space of a week, the same week as we also went to see a Cirque du Soleil show. So my brain entirely melted from cultural over stimulus and I had to hide with a duvet over my head.

They were four very different experiences though, and I feel like I ought to be able to write a post on each one, but my blogging-fu has weakened due to lack of use of late, so the 100 things challenge is a very well timed bandwagon for me to jump upon. I think I'm going to do 100 things that I get ridiculously overenthusiastic about, and break it down into tens - 10 songs, 10 books , 10 movies etc. etc. Join me, won't you?

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So, some brief thoughts on my week of too many things, as a warm up exercise.

Cirque's Alegria was as stunning as Cirque shows always are. Especially a pair of female contortionists who were so flipping bendy I sometimes was confused about what body part was where. On the cinema front, Headhunters was totally not what I was expecting, in a totally good way. It's a Norwegian thriller co-starring that dude who plays Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones with that name I can't spell and can't be arsed to google right now. If you like a good art-crime/chase movie then see it if you can. Battleship on the other hand, I'd avoid like the plague. It makes the Transformer movies look like masterpieces. It really is as bad as the reviews are saying. I love me some Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgaard and it wasn't even worth it for them. Rihanna (Riannha? Rhianna? Another name I can't be done with spell checking.) was the best thing about this movie, and put in a performance actually resembling a human being, unlike any one else, which was really weird. Also, this a movie about ships that doesn't actually understand how water works which is beyond distracting. I went in with low expectations and was still disappointed, that is how bad this film is. I suffered, you shouldn't have to. And then at the other end of the spectrum was Cabin in the Woods - probably the most fun I've had in the cinema in a good long while. It wasn't as scary as I'd expected (I went in pretty blind, which is how I'd recommend seeing it - the less you know the more fun it is, I would imagine) but it more than made up for it in demented creativeness and a joyful reveling in horror movie tropes and cliches. I'll shut up about it now lest I end up in spoiler territory. Though I will add that I now reeeeeeally want Hollywood to wake up and cast Fran Kranz in more things. Although I do think that of a lot of Whedon alums.

I've been lax in posting pics of my Leslie Knope cross stitch, but I have managed to stick to taking the pictures every day. So here's a huge clump of them all in one. Should have her all finished and framed and ready to post tomorrow, which feels very appropriate with Parks & Rec being back tonight. I'm very excited - it's the first time since I started watching Parks that it and Community have been on at the same time. So I'll probably have another overload from awesome - It's terrible; I'm turning into some Victorian lady with the vapours. At this rate I'll explode by the time the Avengers have assembled! Anyway, here's some Leslie pics: Lots of pics under the cut... )

And finally, in this post of ill-fitting-together things, the Magic Mike trailer. I am simultaneously mocking it and also thinking it looks awesome. And I can already anticipate how absolutely ridiculous its fandom will be.

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Me, At Some Nebulous Time In The Past: I become aware of an actor called Channing Tatum. He was quite good in Stop Loss, but he was awful in GI Joe. Admittedly, everyone and everything was awful in GI Joe.* But the salient fact is that I form an opinion on Channing Tatum, and that opinion is that he has a stupid face.


Me, A Few Months Ago: I go see Haywire and enjoy it tremendously. I have lots to say on the subject of how much I like Gina Carano, and it turns out I really enjoyed watching Channing Tatum's stupid face get punched by a hot girl. Later when reading more about Haywire, I find out that Channing Tatum and his stupid face are making another film with Soderberg about his actual facts past as a stripper, featuring a whole bunch of hot actors. I am both confused and intrigued. I put the matter from my mind.


Me, Three Weeks Ago: Channing Tatum still has a stupid face. I am looking for something to watch and the Eagle is available on the anytime+ and lots of people on my flist wrote fic about that movie, so I'm sure I can put up with Channing Tatum's stupid face for the length of the movie.


Me, Three Weeks Minus the Length of the Movie Ago: Channing Tatum's face remains stupid and it's a bit weird being a Scottish person watching a movie about the Romans being generally terrified of my ancestors, but I really liked that. Maybe I should hunt down some of that fic, and be less judgemental of Channing Tatum and his stupid face in the future...


Me, Two Weeks Ago: “Channing Tatum and his stupid face were in a stupid dance movie? I love stupid dance movies! Maybe I should check that out...”


Me, One Week and Three Days Ago: My friend lends me Step Up.** I watch Step Up. It was a stupid dance movie in all the best ways. And it would appear that while his face is quite stupid, the rest of Channing Tatum moves in ways very pleasing to the eye. Suddenly the whole stripper thing makes a great deal of sense.


Me, Less Than A Week Ago: I go see 21 Jump Street. I laugh considerably more than I expected. And I find, that somehow, inexplicably, I have totally become a Channing Tatum fangirl despite his stupid face.


Me, Last Night: *Find all the Channing Tatum tumblrs!* I <3 his stupid faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!


It is a very odd life, this fangirl thing.


*I'm still going to see the GI Joe sequel though. Because I am a glutton for punishment, and they’ve added the Rock and Adrienne Palicki to the cast. I am easily swayed by the most random of things.

**By my friend I mean the internet.


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