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My attempt to be a more outgoing person on the internet hit a rough patch and I backslid into lurkerdom again. I'm annoyed at myself for letting my social anxiety infect my online life, but I'm even more annoyed by how much stuff is old news now that I never got around to commenting on. Avengers, TDKR, the Olympics, the Paralympics, Brave, Leverage, Doctor Who, the fact that I find myself swept along with a great swathe of fandom into having feelings about freaking Teen Wolf - these are all topics I'd usually be sharing my opinions on, but it all feels like it's far too late now. Internet time is like dog years or something.

But I'm determined to keep trying to kick this lurking habit. So here's a very organized attempt at shaming myself into doing a whole bunch of stuff I've been putting off out of some weirdly misplaced stage fright.

Things I need to post here:
  • Exciting stuff about my Forbrydelsen cross stitch
  • Ron Swanson cross stitch & the pattern if anyone wants it
  • SHIELD and Hawkeye t-shirts
  • Batman sweatshirt
  • Community cross stitches and their patterns
  • Start on the 100 things posts (approximately eleven million years after averyone else finished theirs)
  • Mama Blaize's latest piece of awesomeness
  • Tardis t-shirt
  • The t-shirts I call my "internet menagerie"
  • Post another picspam (I think next up on the schedule should be "James Macavoy inexplicably climbs things" or possibly a picspam of hugging, I forget which. Or may just end up doing another smoking picspam, or one of hot wet men, beacause apparently I have about a bajillion pics waiting around for sequels to those!)
  • Start commenting on people's journals again (I miss you all and am so sorry I've not been saying anything!)
  • The armour hoodie I am working on just now that will probably be finished by the time I have posted all these darn things!
Things I need to do elsewhere on the interets:
  • Put some stuff in my tumblr queue that isn't just reblogs
  • List some cross stitch patterns on etsy, and put up a listing for custom cross stitch patterns and custom cross stitching
  • Actually tweet instead of just lurking
  • Update places I keep forgetting about like blogger and facebook
  • Finish some more t-shirts designs and upload them to cafe press
  • Make a hairdresser's appointment so I don't have to phone the salon
  • Work out what service you need to use if you need to get an old paper driving license updated to a photocard, but you also need to change your name and your address at the same time
  • Catch up on replying to comments and messages
Extra bonus bullet point that is a side effect of both these lists:
  • Take decent pictures of things that are finished but as yet are sadly unphotographed and shared
They are actually longer lists than I had anticipated. Oh well. I have publicly admitted my failings as a denizen of fandom and the internet at large and can only endeavour to do better in the future! Onwards! Excelsior! Have a gorgeous gif as an apology for all this moaning!


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I appear to have some sort of home delivery curse. We had a sofa take nearly 3 months to turn up. Food delivery folk need to call us for directions every time we order, because google maps doesn't know our street exists, most sat nav systems direct deliveries up the lane, which is only a means of access to our building on foot, and some ordinance survey maps have our street name spelt wrong (oddly, this never confuses postmen or courier services). And now the new laptop I have ordered isn't coming on the day it was meant to be delivered for a totally unknown reason because the message they left asked me to call them back on a phone number that is not actually a valid phone number. And no one else seems to have any record of my order. Aaaaargh.

So I'm falling back on my old coping mechanism - a random picspam of hot boys.

Hello, boys )

Yum. That made me feel much better.

ETA: *pets LJ on the head* Poor LJ. Maybe one day some overenthusiastic fangirls will take down Putin just to make you stable once more.

ETA2: Apologies for momentary cut failage! *hits html with hammers*
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So. When a grown adult finds herself running away from her life to go hide at her parents' house for a week then it is time for her to admit she has a problem.

And I can no longer hide behind my belief that things can't be that bad if I'm not moaning about it on the internet when, in fact, I allude to all the stuff that is making me whinge in nearly every post. So full disclosure time - tales of my inability to acknowledge depression in the present tense, my feelings about my home turning on me, and my desire to murder all the builders.

Feel free to skip my tl;dr of woe and angst )

On the upside of life, I saw X-Men First Class and it was every bit as flail-inducing as everyone had said. It gave me FEELINGS. And many thoughts. Some of which I shall post soon (probably when I have seen it again because I so need to see it again). For now I'll just perpetrate a drive by gif dump before I run away to spend the rest of my life watching McAvoy/Fassbender interviews on youtube. Such a chore...

gotta love an insta-fandom... )

Also, Community fen, please help a girl out - where does this pic come from and are there more? Because, WANT.

NSFW if your boss won't approve of girls in lingerie spanking each other )

Also, also, I am giving tumblr another try (as it provided me with most of today's pics!). Tell me who I should be following!


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