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Everyone's seen Kristen Bell having the world's most adorable emotional breakdown, yes?

Well, if you haven't...

And in honour of that adorableness, have a picspam of cute people and cute things. Cos we can always do with some cuteness.

No apologies for teeth-melting sweetness under the cut )

P.S. I will get around to all those picspams of hottness I promised at some point soon!

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Having another very weird week.

Today is Day 365 of my tenement building's renovation hell. A renovation hell that was supposed to take six months. They are currently claiming it will be finished in June but I refuse to believe anything they say anymore. I'm trying to stay upbeat about it all but sometimes I just feel like murdering all the builders. Le sigh.

And then the fact that my geeky lamp went halfway around the internet and back was awesome and also a bit strange in that I am now completely insecure about the next craft project, the next blog post, the next whatever, and have retreated from the internet somewhat. Which is a bizarre response to people being really nice. I am messed up in the head.

In lighter news, this may be of interest to any other fans of the Wire and/or Victoriana out there. ETA: That site's servers are clearly having their arses handed to them after so many people have linked to it. Here's a gawker article about it, and my favourite page under the cut.

Mr Moreland and Mr McNulty on the hunt. )

And in even lighter news, kittens make me happy, so, here, have some kittens:


And, finally:

Don't forget - bidding ends on the [ profile] help_japan  auctions on Thursday the 31st. And, if I do say so myself, both of my offerings are still a total bargain right now! Have a look around - there's loads of amazing stuff on offer. Also, my fellow Inception fen should check out [info]knowmydark's post here because I am far too lazy to compile something similar right now!
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Feeling a bit blue today. The obvious solution - trawl tumblr and google images looking at pretty things and then make a picspam. Hurrah!

pretty people post )

Feel free to picspam me as you see fit!


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