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Well, I have survived 2011, so huzzah. 2012 really has to be an improvement I think. Although, the scary (but sometimes hilariously named) storms we've been having have at least proven that the work that has thus far been completed on our building have definitely returned us to water-proof and draft-proof status. Which has been beyond brilliant. No floods or freezes in my home this winter! So positivity is my watchword for 2012. Either "positivity" or "bloody hell there are too many awesome movies I wanna see". One or the other shall be my watchword for 2012.

Christmas was lovely if a bit busy. I don't think we'll try to do three cities in the space of a week this year. Certainly not by train anyhow. But I saw most of the family, ate a lot of great food, and got some fantastic gifts, a few of which I'll share in my next post. But for today I would just like to show off how marvelously chill I can be when I try my very best.

I received this gift from my sis-in-law:

pressie of doom

And I succeeded in not murderising a single person present. Yay, me! \o/

I was marvelously pleased with my zen-like exterior. I shall even be a grateful and un-wasteful person and use these products. Can you wear glitter body gel ironically? I'm certainly going to try.


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